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Seats thrown by fighting Millwall fans | Gary Rowett angry at ‘clear foul’ for Norwich goal

Seats were thrown by fighting Millwall fans while Gary Rowett was left angry at a ‘clear foul’ for the second Norwich City goal on Friday.

An incident in the stands marred the Canaries’ 2-0 Championship victory over Millwall as police and stewards were forced to intervene.

A handful of missiles – including SEATS – were thrown as closely-packed supporters lashed out in the Carrow Road stands.

Booing could be heard by the majority, aimed towards those who were causing trouble before peace was restored after security staff formed a dividing wall.

One fan was seen with his fingers placed over a steward’s face amid angry shoving while reports say a female member of security was left horrified as she was caught in the middle of the shoving.

A number of small objects appeared to be chucked as violence and chanting continued, but most supporters looked on stunned by the behaviour.

This all took place in a game that USA’s Josh Sargent hit a 50th minute opener and neatly slotted home a second, only adding to the frustrations of those in the away end.

Millwall boss Gary Rowett felt Sargent had impeded Scott Malone in the build-up, but apart from that, he knew his Lions side were largely outplayed.

Canaries keeper Tim Krul had little to do throughout the match, except tipping a long-ranger from Millwall sub Andreas Voglsammer onto the bar late on.

Rowett spoke more on the issue with Sargent’s second, which saw him battling with Danny McNamara and Scott Malone in the build-up – the ball being worked back to the Canaries frontman for him to finish past Bartosz Bialkowski.

“In my opinion there is a clear foul for the second goal,” Rowett told Sky Sports. “Sargent jumps over Danny McNamara, stops him being able to play the ball. I know there is not massive amounts [of contact] and then he almost falls on the back of Scottie Malone.

“You see lots of moments where there is a little bit of contact, like late on with Hanley and he falls to the ground and he gets a free-kick two yards in front of the officials. My argument with that is that Robert said he saw it clearly but Dean, the fourth official, was two yards away. They have to help each other out. That cost us the second goal and it makes the game very, very difficult to chase.

“That’s the frustration – when you have worked so hard all week and travelled all the miles we’ve travelled – you’re just asking to get the right moments. I couldn’t argue that Norwich didn’t deserve to win the game. They were excellent. But that’s where you need the officials to step up and their quality to be good. In that moment, that wasn’t clear enough decision-making for me.”

Asked if he felt his side were still in the game at 1-0 down, and having fought back from trailing 2-0 in their previous two Championship fixtures, Rowett said: “Of course you do.

“At some point occasionally you have to go behind away from home and chase the game in the last minutes. At a place like this you can’t go too gung-ho early on. One-nil is an absolutely crucial scoreline. We can put big Jake Cooper on, we can put our forwards on. You saw how close Vogey comes with a shot late on and there are some moments in there, Benik has a chance. The game is always alive at 1-0.

“People are human, I understand not everyone is going to get the right decisions, but this new rule of we’re allowing contact now – that’s great, but a foul is still a foul whether there is contact or not.

“There was a clear foul in front of the bench and that should’ve been given as a foul. Norwich probably might still go on and win the game 1-0. But it just gives us a really different outlook on the last 10 minutes.”

Millwall, who now have eight days until they play again at home to Reading, were in South Wales on Tuesday and stayed overnight to help their preparation for the trip to Norfolk.

“I knew it might take an effect, as the game went on we just started to fatigue a little bit with the ones who started,” said Rowett. “You can’t do a five hour journey to Swansea, then a five-hour journey back, then a four-hour journey to Norwich. The reality is the games Tuesday and Friday have put an extra physical toll.

“Norwich had two home games, the advantage physically is to them. They still moved the ball well and do lots of good things – they are an excellent side under Dean. We need the breather. I can’t actually be critical of my players tonight, they gave everything in a week that was tough. To keep fighting and keep going against two good opponents, I’m actually really proud of the team.

“If we play like that, in large spells, I think we’ll come away with plenty of points.”

Dean Smith was delighted with the team performance in Friday’s 2-0 win at home to Millwall.

“Really pleased for him to get a brace,” Smith said. “It was a really good performance from all the lads to be fair. As well as Josh scoring the two goals, I’m really pleased that we kept the clean sheet.

“We gave them one big chance from a set-piece, we knew they were dangerous, but that’s pretty much all they had throughout the game. They made it difficult for us, we couldn’t find our spare man in the first half of the game and we spoke about, certainly on our right hand side, for the likes of Danel and Dowell to come inside and link up a little bit more with Sarge.

“We ended up getting a goal that way and with Onel’s direct threat, we wanted him to stay wider on the other side. We were knocking on the door a lot in the first half without creating the big chances, but really good goals, both of them.

“Sarge worked so hard to earn the second one and what a delightful little pass from Dowell as well and what quality he’s got.

“I’ve said before Sarge is a good player. He works extremely hard and he went and earned that chance for himself. He put them under pressure right from kick-off in the first half, charging them down.

“That’s what you need and it’s good because he can go down both channels and what great competition it is for Teemu now. It’s really pleasing for us as a football club that we’ve got good players within the squad and some not even playing or even on the bench.”

At the back, Andrew Omobamidele looked cool, calm and composed throughout the full 90 minutes.

“They got the ball forward quite quickly at times and he had a bit of a battle, certainly in the first half and I thought he came out the winner within that individual battle,” Smith said.

“I thought he was good in the second half as well. Against a team that are physical, I felt he handled that really well. Him and Grant, who probably made more headers in the first five minutes than he has done for the rest of the season, together today against a strong team – Benik Afobe and Honeyman are strong runners and they dealt with that well.

“It’s great that we’re unbeaten at Carrow Road and our supporters can see how hard we’re working. That’s the thing that pleased me most – the work ethic. We kept knocking on the door and it didn’t quite happen for us in the first half, but we kept winning the ball back as quickly as we could and then took our chances.”

Next up, Norwich return to Carrow Road to host AFC Bournemouth in the Carabao Cup on Tuesday night, and the first round of the competition gave a chance for the likes of Liam Gibbs and Danel Sinani to impress the head coach.

“That’s why it’s important to have the squad,” he said. “We need a strong squad here and it feels like we’re halfway through it already but there are still 41 games to go, but we’re really looking forward to it.

“There’s a buoyant dressing room now and I’m talking no different now to what I was at the start of the season, but the fact is we’ve got wins now.”

Twitter users gave their thoughts on seats being thrown by fighting Millwall fans while Gary Rowett was left angry at a ‘clear foul’ for the second Norwich goal…

@dannyregjackson: You love to see it

@Leencfc22: Millwall fans throwing chairs at the family stand 🤢

@lstarlingphoto: Ripped seats out, did nazi salutes, disgraceful. All should be banned & arrested.

@Alice_Jane92: Just to confirm what we all knew already but Millwall fans are absolute scum

@robertsjsmith: Sitting next to the Millwall fans last night was an absolute delight! 🙄😂

@KBez11: The amount of stick Millwall fans give Norwich fans all season, that must hurt tonight 😂😂

@ManInTheStands9: Shame about the contribution from a section of the Millwall fans in chucking seats and bottles into what is essentially a family stand. #ncfc

@harryHPpalmer; Millwall fans were shit but it was entertaining seeing them throwing chairs about 🙃🤦‍♂️🤣

@connormilli01: Millwall fans gotta be the biggest embarrassment in the league, no noise and getting battered

@ArcanePirate: Millwall fans fucking embarrassing themselves though throwing seats and fighting stewards and old bill trying to get at the casuals and day trippers in the South Stand… what you gonna do big fella? spark out little 9yo Stacey at her first game! proper hard man – Grow up. #NCFC

@thecraftyjoiner: Gary Rowett thinks that’s a foul by Sargent, bit rich coming from him 😂

@Ginger_Canary: It really wasn’t 😂

@SmiffyMillwall: It really was. Clipped his leg which caused him to trip. If that was the other way round you’d say the say thing so don’t.

@bignatedizzle: Wasn’t a foul though was it!

@MarkMitch70: And it was a foul on Sargent just before as he was being pulled back

@jncfc26: Had it been the other way round you would have said there was no foul 🤷🏻‍♂️

@GLeeder1: Bollocks Rowett, Sargent bullied his way past 2 of your defenders..

@JamesFinbow: Rowett getting annoyed about that? Nothing in it.

@Sargesbackheel: Barely any contact defo not a foul

@ScottThaxton: A bit like his player jumped into Sargent a few seconds before?

@MatterzHD: Bit lucky they did not get a red card early on in the first half so 🤷‍♂️

@mitsastives: Or a second yellow for Wallace in the second half

@GarryHines4: Gary Rowett. Football is not for you. Foul? Not a chance. All that driving in a luxury coach to games. Oh dear. Try driving 3 hours and doing a proper days work then driving home again. Toughen up son

@TheNoveltyAct: Gary Rowett talking nonsense there. Even if there was no allowance for extra contact this season, that was never a foul from Josh Sergeant in the lead up to Norwich’s second goal.

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