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Sean Dyche speaks on reports Everton face further points deduction; Man City trial date set

Manager Sean Dyche speaks on reports this week that Everton face a further points deduction while the date for the Man City trial is set.

The Everton boss sat in front of the media on Thursday ahead of the team’s clash with Nottingham Forest in the Premier League on Saturday.

His side are hoping to get back to winning ways after suffering a blow on Sunday against Manchester United having lost 3-0 and find themselves five points from safety.

They are where they are today because of the 10-point deduction the club received a fortnight ago.

Dyche was asked about it, as well as the club’s appeal against the ruling and more matters relating to the game at the City Ground.

Sean Dyche commented on reports of a further points deduction, as per Liverpool Echo: “Well, I certainly haven’t been told any other than what’s happened so far.

“I think we were stunned, I think football was stunned by the outcome of the ten points, so who knows what comes next?

“Not just for ourselves, for many others, I would imagine, because the way it’s sounding from the noise out there is that it’s not just about us, there’ll be others looked at, possibly over time, we’ll have to wait and see.

“So the fact of the last situation recently and everyone, including myself, then, who knows what comes next?

“So we’ve just got to be ready for what comes next the best we can.

“How does it impact again, though, you and the group?

“Does it add any other layer of uncertainty as to what you need to do between now and the end?

“No, you definitely can’t go on ifs, buts and maybes the recent facts of what’s happened are fact at this time, so I think that we park that and move forward, but we’re not going to start worrying about if, buts and maybes.

“It’s going to be more about the factual side of what’s gone on so far.

“The biggest thing for me is that it doesn’t change the fact of the matter.

“When I got here, we had to win more games, that was quite obvious, and that doesn’t change regardless of all the noise, all the ups and downs of what goes on and I’ve clearly spoken to the players about that to remind them.

“We’ve agreed that is the focus, it has to be the focus, it always was and always will be. We’ve got to win games and now obviously that’s just been enhanced currently because of the 10 points that have disappeared.”

On the players’ response to points deduction: ‘I don’t think bad news is going to effect them necessarily, this group is used to bad news.

“The outside focus has been negative for a couple of seasons so I don’t think bad news is going to affect them. The focus is still there as a group.

“The response in the performance against Man United was pleasing.”

On the difficulty of the position Everton are in: “It’s been difficult since I got here for varying reasons, so this is just another difficulty.

“We’ve done well on the road, changed that storyline, now we’ve got the change the home storyline and THE storyline.

“The feel about Everton Football Club, the team, what we can achieve, it was changing and then now after the situation with the 10 points it’s changed again. We’ve just got to be flexible and win more games.”

Meanwhile, Man City and the Premier League agree a date for the long awaited trial in front of an independent panel in arguably the biggest hearing in the history of football.

The Premier League charged Man City of 115 alleged breaches of financial regulations in February after opening an investigation in 2018. 

While things all rather hush hush, Mail Sport report that a date has been initially scheduled for the late autumn of 2024, with a potential end to it all possibly not until the end of next season – which will be when Man City boss Pep Guardiola‘s current contract is due to expire.

The report adds that we are at the point now that statements are being taken from witnesses until next spring.

Should it all go as planned, a verdict would be likely around the summer of 2025, but further delays are possibly

Delays, however, may well push the proceedings back further, with City possibly seeking further avenues, but won’t be able to go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, where they successfully had their UEFA-delivered Champions League ban overturned.

This is how fans reacted as Sean Dyche speaks on reports Everton could face a further points deduction as well as the Man City trial date set…


@ScottCTomo88: Not even arsed now. The club has been ran into the ground hasn’t it, fully fucked. Footy is only going one way too – sad really

@mspickles19: We’re f**ked aren’t we? 😭

@Richlloyd1984: Just relegate us I’m done with this.

@EFCxMorgan: Can’t write it can you 😂

@stetansley: FFS are we having a laugh… 🤦‍♂️

@yo_mikey_: Well about time

@jamesc_422: Just put us out of our misery already

@davecobblerlee: At this point I’m that pi🤬ed off with the league I’d rather be out of it #corrupt. Seriously I don’t want us to go down but just tired of them trying to force us out the league

@TurpoEFC: Go for the @premierleague and they’ll give you another points deduction…

@TOFFEEBLUECAST: The @premierleague can’t keep playing around with a team during a season like this!! 😡😡😡 Surely the information isn’t new and if anything wrong the stuff should’ve all been dealt with together.

@notJoth: Can’t be arsed. Just ridiculous now.

@ElliotB1878: Happy Thursday


@OBrollachain2: So these cunts are deciding when the trial starts? Is this for real? So they’ll have the option to agree to the outcome too? If Everton’s 1 charge is equal to 10 points deduction, then these 115 charges better be at least the same times 115!!

@LFC4LIFENET: I need this on TV, so everything is fair & transparent. This is a OJ Simpson, Oscar Pistorius, Depp v. Heard type moment. We’ve seen Mark Zuckerberg, Tony Blair etc have inquests broadcasted. Everyone deserves to see this, for the good of the game & transparency. Get it on TV

@bigkehoesy: “Man City have agreed a date” have you ever heard anything more mental in your life. They are getting done for Fraud they shouldnt be deciding anything. Everton wacked with 10pt deduction in a matter of months this is already going on years and now Man City has agreed a date 🤣🤣

@robbo32: They’ve agreed a date!?!?….does that mean they’ve spent the last year doctoring their books and they’re now ready for scrutiny 🤷‍♂️

@VinnyCooney1: Agreed a date? F me they should be told AND it should have been done ages ago!

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