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Sean Dyche responds on Everton ‘in crisis’ claims with Jamie Carragher calling them ‘worst run club’

Sean Dyche responds on claims that Everton are ‘in crisis’ with Jamie Carragher causing a stir online calling them the ‘worst run club’.

The Toffees boss played down talk of such crisis following the team’s poor start to the season, adding that it is far too early to be making judgements after only two games.

Everton have lost their first two matches of the new Premier League campaign, which was a narrow 1-0 defeat to Fulham on the opening day and a more convincing 4-0 thrashing at the hands of Aston Villa last week.

Should they lose their opening three games of a league campaign, it would be the first time it has happened since the 1990/91 season, and moral is low once again with a relegation battle expected.

However, Dyche feels a positive result is all it takes to change everything and hopes his side can claim all the points when they face Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday, before facing Doncaster in midweek for a cup clash, then it’s Sheffield United in the league next week.

“To be honest ever since I got here, everybody’s talked about us ‘needing a lift’ and words get thrown around like ‘crisis’, all these bad noises and negatives,” the Everton manager said.

“It’s just the way Everton’s been for a number of months — years even. So it’s our job to change the story. It always starts on the pitch, with me and the team changing the rhetoric.

“We haven’t done that yet this season but we’re two games in. You can’t measure a season on two games, particularly after playing so well against Fulham, but you don’t get the win and it changes the story yet again. You win that and the story is a different one.

“It doesn’t really impact [us] in the sense that I know [what] the realities of the parameters are from a player point of view, signing them and working in the market,” Dyche said.

“There are so many checks for deals at Premier League clubs or any company and investor — they don’t get done in a day or week. That is an ongoing view from the business side and I don’t get involved.

“We know we have to work hard in the market, find ways of creating deals because we don’t have a pot of gold. I knew that from when I got the job and have been working diligently with [Director of Football] Kevin Thelwell, scouts and various contacts to try and find the right players that can fit in and make us stronger.”

Dyche also spoke on the heavy defeat to Villa, saying it was “collective down day” with each of his players failed to turn up and lacked the necessary “edge and fight” needed to compete in the division.

“I reminded them after the game [against Villa] the challenge last season was considerable,” he said. “They were really tough games to play in at the end of last season but we came through it. That’s got to be something that becomes engrained in you.

“They have got the fight, spirit, desire and quality to look after themselves and I said to them that ‘a very short while ago, you were going through some really tough games and intense pressure and came through it’”.

To make things worse, striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin will miss the Wolves game after suffering a facial injury and will see a specialist about the issue on Friday, while winger Alex Iwobi has been ruled out for a few weeks with a hamstring problem.

Meanwhile, Jamie Carragher @Carra23 says: “I called Everton ‘the worst run club in the country’ over 12 months ago, they continue to prove me right.

“Everton v Wolves already feels like a must win for the blues.”

Here’s what Twitter users said as Sean Dyche responds on Everton ‘in crisis’ claims with Jamie Carragher calling them the ‘worst run club’…


@ChrisBr64479814: And what exactly are we building …a championship team 🤔

@ImperialMince: But it’s not a crisis after two games. This is a crisis of more than two seasons (much more if we’re being honest). The apathy and contempt this club and its fans are dealt with by the ownership is just criminal.

@davawhit78: Building my arse

@martinc77680943: its is a crisis if we lose tmrw. they’ll (wolves) be down there with us at the end of the season. no points, no goals from the first 3 games – 2 of which at home will be a crisis.

@DragonWales: It’s not 2 games though is it. It’s 5+ years this has been ‘building’. Just say what you see and what you’re doing to address it. I’d have far more respect for that.

@cjmarston: It is a crisis if you’ve not scored, let in 5 and looked pretty impotent. It is a crisis if your top striker is out and there’s literally no one who can take his place. It is a crisis if the manager CANT EVEN SEE THAT MICHAEL KEANE HAS A HUGELY NEGATIVE EFFECT ON THE TEAM!! PANIC

@Mark53779049: Not two games tho is it , been gettin convincingly twatted for 3 yrs, Saturday massive

@ianfarrant01: Maybe I’m wrong but it’s not just two games it’s a continuation of the same issues we had last season with the same group of players. Let’s just hope we see more performances like the Fulham game than we do the villa game.


@fan_southend1: @Carra23 embarrassing yourself here. Southend have had 18 winding up hearings at the high court in close to a decade, been under embargo for 11 months, and more in the past three years, players been on strike, academy closed without telling anyone and asset stripped to the bones!

@TnsCov: Google Southend United you melt there are more than 20 clubs in England Leicester Southampton and Leeds didn’t just fall into the Bermuda Triangle in may 🤦🏻‍♂️

@jordandavies09: Don’t double down on this when there’s clubs like Southend going through the mire. Say ‘worst run club in the premier league’ if that’s what you mean. Otherwise don’t wilfully ignore other leagues

@jameswelham: May I introduce you to Southend United Football Club, Jamie?

@D_Feakins: There is football outside of the Prem@Carra23. Try looking at Southend’s plight…

@Trunk_Muzik: Ate, Southend fans are just glad they don’t support the established prem side with a new stadium on the way.

@KetchleyShane: Get your head out of the clouds stand back back and realise the Premier league is not the only league in this country. The worst run club is Southend United. No argument you bring will make anyone feel different. Do some research come back and then tell everyone this is the case

@tommy_white111: Southend United need to find a buyer in 40 days otherwise they’ll become insolvent and fold as a football club, but yeah you keep harping on about Everton👍🏻

@calcio_joe: Country is bigger than 20 clubs in Prem. Southend situation makes this laughable

@Jones616Kevin: Come to a game at Roots Hall, speak to fans of Southend United, local journalists, staff who went unpaid for 4 months during a cost of living crisis. Ask what it’s like supporting a team with potentially 40 days left in existence. I’d love to support Everton in comparison…

@harrisufc: May wish to look outside the Top League for a change and look at a club, further down, now on minus 4 points after starting the week looking at promotion, with just 15 players being able to be signed, we are facing relegation battle. That’s a worse run club Jamie ! #MartinOut

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