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Sean Dyche reacts to that hilarious John McGinn argument claims

Sean Dyche reacts to that hilarious John McGinn argument claims which emerged and went viral over social media earlier this week.

A few weeks back, McGinn was caught putting in a late challenge on one of Burnley’s players and understandably the Clarets manager Dyche wasn’t best pleased.

He began barking complaints from the touchline, in only that deep gravelly voice can, and McGinn sharply dismissed Dyche’s protests.

McGinn told him (Dyche) to: “Shut up.”

Dyche said: “You’ve been in the Prem one year and you think your big time now telling me to shut up?”

McGinn hit back superbly, simply saying: “You’ve been in the prem for 6 years and you’re still wearing that shit coat, you big prick.”

Burnley boss Sean Dyche has since had his same via talkSPORT and revealed he did make ‘a couple of remarks’ during their exchange at Turf Moor last month.

Words were exchanged between the duo during Burnley’s win against Villa, and it’s what was apparently said that has caught the attention of many.

Dyche wouldn’t confirm nor deny that McGinn made the hilarious joke about his coat but he did send this message to the Villa midfielder:

“There were a couple of things said between us,” said Sean Dyche on John McGinn. “But what goes on the pitch, stays on the pitch. It was nothing untoward. It was friendly fire.

“I worked with his brother down at Watford. Steven, he was a really good player. Very unfortunate with injuries. I was remarking on that. He made a couple of remarks.

“But honestly, they used to be standard. It makes a story now. It’s bizarre. It was nothing untoward. It was just light-hearted fun. I got no problem with that. Trust me. No issue with that.

“By the way, if he allegedly said that because I am not going to say that he did or didn’t, it’s a very nice coat I would have him know. And I haven’t had it for six years!”

What a bizarre week it’s been for Burnley, and though results have been like a rollercoaster ride, they haven’t failed to give people a laugh.

Just before they were beaten 2-0 by Bournemouth in the FA Cup, they nearly got themselves disqualified.

The Premier League outfit were nine minutes away from getting kicked out of the competition ahead of their fifth round tie.

Sean Dyche had a relatively strong line-up for the cup clash – and included left-back Erik Pieters in his starting 11.

However what they failed to somehow realise is that the player had already picked up a yellow card in each of the previous two rounds of the FA Cup, this then meant he was suspended for the game against the Cherries.

Incredibly, it was only after Burnley were alerted to the error by BBC Radio Solent Sport reporter Kris Temple that they made a drastic late change to the starting line-up, replacing Pieters with Anthony Driscoll-Glennon just before kick-off.

Speaking about the incident, BT Sport commentator Paul Dempsey said: “It was a very late change to the Burnley team selection tonight.

“We’re all very indebted to out stats man, Joel Miller, who correctly pointed out that he believed Erik Pieters, named in the original team, was in fact suspended for this game.

“The consequences of that for Burnley could have been very severe.

“Driscoll-Glennon went onto the team sheet after our reporter, Natalie Quirk, made the enquiry of Burnley.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Dyche also gave one of the most funniest press conferences in ages ahead of their game against Manchester City.

The 49-year-old was speaking last on Wednesday night when things took a seriously wacky turn.

“Has anyone ever told you that you look like Mick Hucknall?” a journalist asked.

The ever-charismatic Dyche then proceeds to give arguably the greatest speech in press conference history.

“Apparently, I look very much like Chris Evans too. I can’t see it personally speaking but apparently I do,” begins the Kettering-born manager. “That’s a fair point you make.

“Lockdown is really hard, boring, so we’re just having a natter, just trying to show some humanity in the world…you ask me a silly question, I give you a silly answer and we may as well not bore the world to death.

“We’re raising ourselves to ‘lookalikeys’, ‘lookalikeys’ make the world go round. Have you never sat in the pub, though that feels like a distant memory, with your mates and just found lookalikes? It’s the best fun you’ll ever have…

Dyche continued, saying: “Have you ever seen the kids film Up? You know the little man with the glasses? I swear to you, we were playing away at Sunderland and a live, human version of that man was there.

“I was nudging the lads to look and they were crying, it was the best ‘lookalikey’ I’ve ever had. It was literally the guy. I even wanted to get a selfie…

“If you want to get to the depth of real reporting, go round the Premier League and ask all the Premier League managers if they play the ‘lookalikey’ game?’

“And if they give you a boring answer, we’ll drive down and we’ll slap them with a wet fish. Everyone should play ‘lookalikeys’.

“Much more fun than you asking me whether we’re going to play a 4-4-2…”

Watch it for yourself by clicking play below…

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