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Sean Dyche plans to look into Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s lifestyle, what car he drives and his mattress

Sean Dyche plans to look into Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s lifestyle, what car he drives and his mattress to get to the bottom of injury issues.

The new Everton boss is determined to get striker Dominic Calvert Lewin fully fit, but the 25-year old has not featured in 28 of the Blues’ 60 Premier League matches.

Due to a persistent reoccurring issue, he was unable to participate in Saturday’s crunch relegation clash against Leeds.

Everton struggled to score goals this term, with the England international missing the majority.

Dyche will examine Calvert–Lewin’s entire medical history and lifestyle in order to get him back.

“I’ve got to learn about his history, his physiological history,” Dyche told The Times. “I’ve got to learn what his body will and won’t take, which is what we are trying to do.

“We’re speaking to him, the medics, the sports scientists, looking at the stats, training programmes, distance covered, high-speed running, how many kilometres in a week, what’s his diet like, what’s his lifestyle like, what car does he drive, what mattress does he use, how many hours does he sleep a night? That’s learning about people.

“The biggest learning is what is in here [Dyche tapped his head] and that’s the hard part. I can’t do it all one-on-one but I’ll get all the information I can.”

He goes further to say: “I don’t think he’s been properly fit throughout this situation because of his own will and demand to keep playing.

“Some players don’t realise until afterwards that they’ve put so much demand on themselves and they weren’t quite ready. We have to align the process of getting the injury right and him completely right so that he doesn’t break down and he can keep going.”

talkSPORT’s Simon Jordan wondered if Calvert-Lewin did enough to not get injured, saying: “There are certain players that I believe, and it’s easy for me to say as a former owner, it might be seen to be slightly disrespectful and can come across and reprimand me if I’m wrong.

“That quite like being injured or quite happy to be injured and quite comfortable with being injured .And there’s a psychological approach to overcome an adversity, and I’m not sure that Dominic Calvert-Lewin isn’t one of those that will late being injured.

“Well, maybe not quite like he’s quite accepting of being injured, rather than pushing back and saying, I’ll overcome this adversity, I’m going to make sure because psychologically, people can be injured in their minds as much as they can be physically injured.

“And so when someone gets a tweak or an injury, they don’t want to overcome it, they want to succumb to it.

“And I wonder if he’s the antidote.

“I mean, what Sean Dyche is trying to do is get a tune out of this kid because he knows that he’s, he ain’t got anything else.”

Here’s how Twitter users reacted as Sean Dyche plans to look into Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s lifestyle, what car he drives and his mattress…

@wenger_forever: DCL is literally always injured I swear 😂

@willgmfc: horrible news. if only there was this thing that occurred, let’s say once or twice a season, that gave teams a set amount of time to obtain players that play in positions they need to fill. a sort of “window” if you will

Moshiri out
Kenwright out
Baxendale out
Sharp out
Ingles out

@LeChevalierNo1r: Glad we signed that striker we were promised in the January window

@Joseph75172069: If we stay up… it’s going to be a miracle , how can this board do this to us

@thecraiggordon: We all saw this sadly in the summer. Summer attacking Recruitment was woeful and they let strikers out on loan. The Jan window was no better. As it is we will go down as we have no attacking threat …. Absolute failure by Thelwell and the board

@WattAWildWorld: So many people misreading physiological here. 😬 Is that based on their own psychological preconceptions I wonder? 🤔😉

@Type_O_Purple: Great. Our Premier League survival now hinges on Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s mattress 😂😂

@PELee1953: Injured yet participated in Euros. Returned with that. Not fit to start, he did. Suffered another injury. Out for most of the season, returned nowhere near fit. Last few games he was. He is either more susceptible to certain injuries, he wasn’t for years, or he’s poorly managed.

@TheDone_82: Its mad how many physios and experts we have in our fanbase and on here, without even having a session with the injured player….magic, bet they are all smashing it in the medical profession…..

@darwinbluegirl: The snide comments about Dom’s clothes, etc are absolutely pathetic & bordering homophobic!!😡 What he wears (especially for his MODELLING contracts, an extra ££ source y’know, like TV punditry 🙄) has no bearing at all on his footballing abilities. They’re just clothes! #GrowUp

@Barryhu38468007: Practically every player who has a major injury will find they end up with a series of minor injuries afterwards, the body over compensates and gets thrown out of balance somehow.

@Marcus_1878: Tbh them new Rolls Royce seats are a nightmare until youv done 20k in them. Theres a thing called “tough love” think Dyche is all over it. Some players can play thru pain, Coleman,Richarlison Godfey etc others Saha Mina DCL cant play with the slightest niggle its 💯 psychological

@GJLooker: Some of these comments are a disgrace to the club, lads played through injuries in the past, giving his all to the club. This is how you treat him, utterly shameful.

@RaymonBluington: He’s a multi millionaire who can retire now save his body the hassle and model full time. Meanwhile our club is on the cusp of possibly sinking further down the league’s due to lack of resources by which time he will be long gone injured for some other club.

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