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Sean Dyche opens up on Dele Alli after balloon photos as Simon Jordan unleashes scathing rant

Sean Dyche opens up on Dele Alli after those balloon photos as as Simon Jordan unleashes a scathing rant aimed at the footballer.

Sean Dyche gave an update about Dele Alli, currently on loan to Turkish club Besiktas, after the midfielder’s return to the Toffees for injury rehabilitation.

Besiktas manager Senol Gunes has claimed that Alli did not return to Istanbul in this year ‘because of the rain’.

Alli’s team denied this, and now Dyche is being questioned about the situation.


“He’s not here,” the ex-Burnley boss said. “Obviously, he’s got an injury that will keep him out for some time.

“That needs to be dealt with and some of the stuff that’s been reported…”

Photos did the rounds online and in newspapers of Alli with a balloon in his mouth – allegedly inhaling nitrous oxide.

Dyche continued: “He’s 26, he knows like most footballers there’s certain things they should be doing and shouldn’t be doing.

“There seems to be this myth when they say ‘what’s the manager doing…’ About what? About following them round every minute of every day they live their lives?

“You can only guide people with what you think is good for them and eventually players have choices, so we recommend they make good choices, of course.

“But behind that he’s factually injured, he’s come back with a proper injury that’s going to take some time to get sorted out, so he’ll use that period wisely I hope.”

When asked if he had spoken to Alli, Dyche added: “I have. I just feel that he needs to get his injury right and then we’ll take it from there.

“It’s not going to be like a week, it’s going to be a number of weeks.”

Meanwhile, Dele Alli’s career as a top level footballer is done, Simon Jordan believes, while questioning if Dyche can even help revitalise the player’s career.

Jordan feels Alli has wasted his potential after being such a promising player.

Speaking on his talkSPORT One 2 One show, Jordan said: “I don’t know. Dele Alli, for two or three years now, has wasted everybody’s time. His own, his employers’, his teammates’.

“He’s gone from being a player that I always felt was overhyped. I used to have debates with [former Man United playmaker] Gordon Strachan – I would bow to Gordon’s knowledge every single day of the week – but Gordon talked to me about how he was the best no.10 in Europe.

“Now, that may well have been a decent argument at the time when he was flying back in 2018, but he’s a shadow of himself and he’s chosen this path. He’s chosen this path beyond documentaries like ‘All or Nothing’ where you get to see a laughing, gurning idiot being told by his manager that he doesn’t train very well.

“You get to see someone turning up at Everton on a move which was a downward move in terms of there was no real fee involved. That was the valuation of him and he turns up on a pitch looking like a refugee as I said before.

“An escapee is a better word, from Pirates of the Caribbean, without any form of understanding of the fact he’s going to play for one of the big Premier League clubs and perhaps he should turn up looking like someone who respects the environment he’s in.

“And then it manifests itself on the pitch. I’ve seen people like Karl Robinson, who was his manager at MK Dons, getting quite cross with the media underlying observations about Dele and his performances.

“But the fact of the matter is, this kid has taken two years of his life for whatever reason, even three, flushed them down the toilet. He can’t even get a game when he’s playing overseas and is now back to Everton.”

Jordan is unsure if the boss will be able to get him back to his best: “I don’t know, Dyche might get a tune out of him.

“Dyche has the capacity to be able to get people facing the right way, he’ll have a very different experience with Dyche than maybe some of the other managers he has played with and for. My gut feel is he’s done.

“He’s done certainly at a big club level, he’s back to Everton by default because of the nature I suspect of the loan and the agreement that they’ve got in place and whatever has happened over where he was at Besiktas.

“But, what a waste of time, what a waste of an opportunity, what a waste of talent. I never thought he was at the level that people built him up to but it’s a damn sight better then he is now.

“Maybe, maybe he can restart the engines, but it’s been a long time for him to be in neutral, or even in park. So for him to put it back in drive again, I don’t know, I don’t think so.

“I just think that it’s a tale of too much money for too little achievements, and too many distractions, and they’ll come and take their toll.

“I think there’ll come a point with Alli where he’ll look back and think, ‘What an opportunity I missed’. Maybe he’ll grasp the nettle, I don’t think so. I think his time is done.”

Alli, who scored in England’s quarter-final victory over Sweden, was one of the stars at the 2018 World Cup.

But fast forward a few years, and Alli only has three goals this season in 17 appearances with Everton and Besiktas.

The Toffees’ contract is due to expire this summer. It remains to be determined where he will take his career next.

This is what fans said while Sean Dyche opens up on Dele Alli after those balloon photos as Simon Jordan unleashes a scathing rant at the player…

@che1717: Be back at MK Dons within a couple of seasons.

@clarrrkin_: Very VERY rare Simon W

@Gtc1Co: Simon bern saying this for the last few years! This is the problem when the young guys get crazy money so young! There should be a cap in wages until they hit 24 then the money can flow in keep them hungry to make it big

@Oxford_Sparky: Dele has clearly been done for 2-3yrs. The hunger has obviously left him. I thought at the time that Everton were taking a ridiculous gamble in signing him. He’s finished as a player in the UK, maybe MLS or Saudi awaits for him.

@neilshippers: How on earth was he overhyped? At one stage he would have got into virtually any side in the world. He was different class

@yorkshireman09: I’ve said before, he acts like he just doesn’t love the game anymore and plays like he’s just there for the sake of it. Maybe he needs time away from the game altogether to get his head right mentally

@Markafc87: Dyche would really help dele career. It’s not nice seeing 26 year old throw away a carwer don’t care for spurs links this kid was once on top of world and playing for England and playing well.

@jimboagogo: Love this from Sean. Seems to be a popular perception that Dele is just pissing around getting dropped etc. Like how Dyche goes out of his way to stress he’s injured

@jamleeroberts: Dyche could be the man to get through to Dele. Tell him his support network is not right for him because it clearly isn’t. His management and agents have clearly not been looking out for Dele the human but instead their bank balances.

@StonesThrow_W12: Just a classic example of a player that tasted the luxury of being a footballer, and could no longer be arsed to be a footballer. You can’t hate it, a lot of people would do the same, just an absolute bag load of wasted potential

@RealisticMagpie: Can’t help but feel if Sean Dyche can’t get Dele Alli back, then no one can

@GlynPatten: Hopefully this is a manager who can sort him out and get him back to what most football supporters know how good he can be

@lowe_gav: That’s the difference between a good manager (like him) & an away with the fairest manager. Im sure he will get him “some way” back to his former self #dele

@JP__267: Hopefully, for his benefit, Dele can get something from Dyche. If Sean Dyche can’t get his career back on track, then nobody can.

@FplRonarid9: Sensible words. There is a player in there still somewhere. Dyche could be good for him (if they’ve not already given up on him)

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