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Sean Dyche confirms Burnley filed report to FA over Alioski and McNeil incident

Sean Dyche confirms to the media that Burnley have filed a report to the FA over an incident between Ezgjan Alioski and Dwight McNeil.

In Burnley’s 4-0 defeat to Leeds, McNeil appeared to lean over Alioski, who was on the ground at the time, and say something to the Whites ace, which sparked a reaction.

Alioski put his hands to his ears while sticking his tongue out, making some odd faces at the player during the second-half on Saturday afternoon.

He then approached the referee and appeared to say, ‘did you hear what he said to me?’

Referee Graham Scott had a word with Dyche and Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa on the touchline at Turf Moor and also Burnley captain Ben Mee and Whites skipper Luke Ayling about the incident.

It is unclear what was said between the pair on the pitch.

In his post-match press conference, Burnley manager Dyche said: “A report has come into the referee and that will be passed on to the FA.

“One of our players made the report and I was there to be a witness to the report, not the incident.

“The report has been made with the referee and that’s where it will stay for now.”

McNeil was judged on social media to have spat at Alioksi when he was down on the ground. Here’s a video from the Premier League game captured by viewers…

Meanwhile, Bielsa admitted he had not seen the reaction from Alioski, speaking in his post-match interview: “I didn’t see that there was an incident between the two.

“If there was a gesture I didn’t see it.

“I saw there was a dispute but I didn’t think it was too different to what usually happens within a game.

“I would prefer the referee makes this public. I apologise [for not fully answering the question].”

Leeds took the lead just before half-time through Mateusz Klich, before goals from Jack Harrison and a double from Rodrigo made it a comfortable afternoon for Bielsa’s side.

Player ratings

Burnley: Peacock-Farrell (6), Lowton (6), Tarkowski (7), Mee (6), Taylor (6), Brownhill (5), Cork (5), Westwood (4), McNeil (5), Vydra (6), Wood (5).

Subs used: Rodriguez (5), Barnes (5), Gudmundsson (6).

Leeds: Meslier (7), Ayling (6), Struijk (7), Llorente (6), Alioski (7), Phillips (7), Raphinha (6), Klich (7), Dallas (7), Harrison (8), Bamford (6).

Subs used: Rodrigo (8), Roberts (6), Poveda (6).

Man of the match: Jack Harrison

Burnley boss Sean Dyche told BT Sport: “It’s only harsh in that they were clinical. The game panned out as we expected, they want to make it like a basketball match, we started well and stopped that.

“Then we allow a goal that’s to their liking, they get two in front and we have golden chances – you can’t miss them. They’re a side that do concede as well as score, and they took their chances, we didn’t.

“It’s hard to ask a lot more of my players, they’ve given a lot to the cause this season and there was a big result in an emotional game on Monday. I was probably expecting us to be more off it, physically, than we were.”

Leeds head coach Marcelo Bielsa told BT Sport: “In the first half we kept going until we managed to score, defended well, in the second half we didn’t defend as well but we were efficient and had chances at goal.

“Against big spaces it’s easier to attack, and when the opponent is losing they take more risks, but as you can see we conceded chances in the second half that we didn’t in the first.

“Rodrigo drops deep a bit more than Bamford, in the beginning of the second half we needed to link the defence with the attack more.”

Fans reacted after seeing Sean Dyche confirms Burnley have filed report to the FA over the Alioski and McNeil incident…

@Chr15PG: “Mr Alioski pulled a face at me and it upset me”

@NoelMcCoy2: I actually cringed when I read this, then laughed, then cringed again, then laughed a little less, then thought oh my.

@LJP97105987: The worst thing about this whole incident is the spitting from McNeil, but no-one seems to be reporting that…

@ThassosF: We all hate Leeds and everything, but Burnley must be taking the piss, right? There’s no way this is serious.

@SteveJBradley: Totally understandable why a Burnley player might misinterpret a childish gesture by Alioski as racism. Their manager Sean Dyche misinterpreted a 4-0 home dicking as a pretty even game. Shit club in a shit town…

@ArmleyWhite: Sadly, this ridiculous claim that Alioski antics are racist by McNeil and dickhead Dyche only serve to diminish real racism!! Infantile, of course, racist, not on your life. #BURLEE

@SporcoLeeds: So Dyche complains about Alioski making faces after his players have been fouling, cheating and shithousing all game, purlease! #LUFC

@martinjcook84: Clearly more to come in this but this proves nothing. He could be trying to cover his own back or something genuinely could have been said. At this point we simply don’t know. That’s the truth at this point

@EthanFromOnline: No smoke without fire. McNeil clearly wound up and went into Alioski unnecessarily. Dychey took him off shorty after too.

@__AMV__: Spotted this at the time, makes you wonder what he said with the ref speaking to managers like he did.

@ju_no1: Hopefully he said ‘get up off the floor you horrible, cheating c*nt’.

@Ellis__utc: I’m a burnley fan and although I think alioski is a gigantic cock womble, mcneil shouldn’t have spat and the racist remark seems to be bollocks

@smith_ingham: Alioski as usual plays the clown by pulling a silly face. Even the BT commentators found it funny. Nothing racist just a child being a child. Would people have been happier if he had squared up to McNeill, or worse

@ChrisMcnally74: Absolutely disgusting behaviour from Alioski… he should be forced to miss at least 1 playtime

@Marctolson1: Dear FA, He was pulling funny faces at us, Regards , Burnley Wetwipes

@mattstokes110: What has football come to 🤦🏻‍♂️

@RobertS66021134: Yes looks extremely threatening 😂 seems like Mr McNeil spat at Alioski on the floor..

@sidunderwood75: Ahhhhh not fucking racist , he’s pulling a face ffs . The world has gone soft

@ChrisFretwell1: 🤣🤣🤣 how can you report someone for pulling a daft face. No wonder Man United keep Phil Jones locked away

@Jamestweddell: Genuinely embarrassed for Burnley over this 😂 Dwight McNeil must be soft as fuck..

@wilksxlufc: well this needs to be looked at then. #lufc

@no1brede: McNeil being hooked immediately after this incident doesn’t actually look good for McNeil either.

@GoingOnStruijk: Spotted this at the time,dont think this is the end of it

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