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Sean Connery was offered £25 a week contract by Premier League club

Actor Sean Connery, who sadly passed away at the age of 90 at the weekend, was offered £25 a week contract by a Premier League club.

The James Bond film star managed to impressed Sir Matt Busby so much in a practice game bizarrely with actors that the Manchester United chief once asked him to join the club.

However, Connery, who was once a 6ft 2in right-winger, ended up turning down The Theatre of Dreams in a bid to make it big in the world of acting – as he felt he was too old at 23 years of age to take up a playing career.

According to reports, he had also caught the eye of scouts while playing for amateur Edinburgh side Bonnyrigg Rose, and once went on trial with Scottish League One side East Fife.

Busby noticed Connery’s impressive football skills in a match that took place back in a 1953 match in Manchester with fellow cast members of a musical he appeared in.

And Sir Sean admitted Busby’s offer shook him but not deterred from acting.

“I really wanted to accept it because I loved football. But I realised an elite footballer begins his decline at the age of 30. At that time I was 23. In the end I decided to become an actor, something that turned out to be one of the most intelligent things I have ever done”, Sean Connery said at the time.

Fair to say, he went and smashed it after keeping to his promise.

Connery played Bond seven times, also winning an Oscar for The Untouchables, as one of Britain’s most famous movie names.

But as a proud Scotsman, what might have happened if he had been contacted by one of the top clubs north of the border? .. let’s say Celtic – an approach that some have suggested happened.

Fortunately, Connery himself cleared up the hypothetical dilemma.

He once said: “I played for Bonnyrigg Rose, and I was offered a trial by East Fife. That’s the truth. Celtic, no.”

Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic dedicated a touching message to him: “A rainbow falls on to New Dundas Park following the sad announcement of probably our most famous footballer & one of the most iconic Scots of all time. We would like to offer our deepest condolences to his family. RIP Sean”.

12 years ago, the Record revealed how he ditched his childhood team, Celtic, for rivals Rangers in his adult life.

Connery revealed how much of a he got a hard time from Hoops fans after switching his allegiance to the Ibrox outfit.

This was after he met and became close friends with the Rangers chairman, David Murray.

Connery said: “Football was a great passion of mine while I was growing up.

“My father introduced me to Celtic, and we played football in what we called the back green which was, in fact, made of concrete.

“I have maintained my love of football. I went away from it when I was really busy on films, and then I really got back into it when I was involved in Celtic, and I remember helping with the Jock Stein benefit game.”

But he joked about the stick he faces since switching sides to Rangers.

Connery said: “I changed my allegiance with David Murray.

“I met him when I got the freedom of the city here and immediately we had chemistry.

“We enjoyed each other’s company – he’s an amazing chap and we’ve stayed very, very good friends since.”

He added, to laughter from the crowd: “And I get spat on if I go to Parkhead.”

Sean Connery’s hilarious exchange with Paul Gascoigne resurfaced on social media.

Here is the full transcript as they came together in front of the Ibrox dugout.

Connery: “Welcome to Ibrox.”

Gascoigne: “Thanks, yeah, my sister met you in France.”

Connery: “That’s right, yeah.

Gascoigne: “You’re bigger than I thought!

Connery: “Always! Always!

Gascoigne: “Do you come to a lot of the games? Any tips for us?”

Connery: “Well, you’ll get a lot of rub up here. That’s part of the deal, I think, taking care of that. You will have a lot of them giving you a lot of rabbit.”

Gascoigne: “A lot of rabbit, yeah?”

Connery: “Yeah, but you can handle that!”

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