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Scunthorpe provide statement regarding their future at Glanford Park

Scunthorpe United provide a statement regarding their future at Glanford Park and it’s good news after making some progress.

The Iron have exchanged contracts with former owner Peter Swann to buy back their their home, a huge move in the right direction, while a welcome boost to morale at the club.

In October, ex-board member Michelle Harness took over the National League North outfit after David Hilton, who bought the club from Swann in January earlier this year, withdrew all funding.

As per BBC Sport, the club would play their home matches before a deal was agreed with Swann, but now have their fingers crossed to have the deal for Glanford Park to be complete by the end of November.

Scunthorpe currently sit third in the table, sitting one point behind the league leaders Tamworth, who themselves are having quite the season back in the sixth tier since 2017/18.


Scunthorpe United is delighted to confirm that contracts have been exchanged, as planned, for the ongoing purchase of Glanford Park.

The Board of Directors have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, having secured the immediate future of the club in October, with discussions progressing positively since the club’s last statement to meet the target of mid-November.

The club anticipate that completion will be towards the back end of November.

An update directly from the Board…

As a Board of Directors, we are ecstatic to announce that we have exchanged contracts for the purchase of Glanford Park.

The monumental effort from all involved, both in this process, and to keep the club running on a day-to-day basis, has not gone unnoticed, and we express our unwavering gratitude for the support which has been a driving force behind these positive outcomes.

As said previously though, this is when the hard work truly does start. The club has overcome a number of obstacles, bumps in the road, and issues surrounding our future, but we now need the ongoing support of all of our supporters, local businesses and the community to make this a success and get this great club firmly back on track.

Over the past couple of months, we have seen how much this football club means to everyone. It is integral to the town, and everyone had rallied round to ensure we have a future. This needs to continue. Whether it’s attending games, purchasing from the shop, signing up to our lottery, or supporting the club in another way, every little bit of backing is pivotal for our future.

We extend that level of importance to local businesses, and the local community. In the coming weeks and months, we will be actively engaging with a number of local businesses. We want as many to be part of our plans as possible, and urge any that are interested in showing a level of support, big or small, to get in touch with us.

Moving forward, our focus is to continue to tackle our extreme levels of debt that have been inherited. Good progress has been made to conquer a number of these, but we need support from everyone to continue moving in the right direction.

As a Board of Directors, we acknowledge there is work yet to be done, but we remain confident in the positive trajectory set in motion. We extend our thanks, once more, to all those that have played a role in this milestone achievement.

We’ve said it before. This is your club. Let’s make sure our future is bright.

Twitter users gave their reaction as Scunthorpe provide statement regarding their future at Glanford Park…

@capsnbovril: Thank you so much to EVERYONE involved, NGL I couldn’t see it coming. You’ve all stuck your necks out and saved something that at one point looked unsavable. A monumental moment in our history. Now for us all to do our bit, United as one! 💜💙

@ForestBoffin: Great news, have been following what’s been happening to you guys.

@exilediron: Hopefully it will soon have a sponsors name to bring in extra income

@nick021260: Solid news. Well done all

@BrandonBWFC2022: Unreal news that to be fair

@Ceeks89: This is major! Incredible work done by all those involved. The good news just keeps on coming! #UTI

@tom992hill: This is mega! Enables us to make our own money and try become sustainable. Soon as things settle the iron bar was extending and revamping could make so much money money in their, match days and function room UTI!

@KadynSUFC: 🏡 is where the ❤️ is. United We Stand. #UTI #IRON

@nickadams3497: Bloody marvellous! Some stella work must’ve gone on behind the scenes to secure this👏🏼

@SUFC_DRE: Amazing 🤩 What an emotional ride it’s been the last few months but this is an incredible outcome. Words cannot express enough gratitude to everyone involved in making this happen. Now, let’s win this bloody league!! #Iron #UTI #GlanfordPark #ScunthorpeAreMassive

@DeanHarrison76: Well done to everyone involved in getting this done…actually feels a bit emotional reading this as it finally now looks like the direction of travel for this club is moving firmly in the right direction #UTI

@beetsunited74: Brilliant news! what an effort to make this happen. #UTMFI

@iron_matt84: Amazing and a massive well done to all involved getting this done. MASSIVE! UTI 👊

@tom992hill: Well done and thank you to everyone involved! UTI!

@decking_murr: What Michelle Harness and Co have done for this club in a short space of time is nothing short of sensational. Best news we’ve had since ever.

@Greeny5o1: Without any shadow of a doubt, the greatest achievement and most monumental signing for this club in many many years.. Thank you to all at @SUFCOfficial who have made this happen. It’s now down to the townsfolk to get out and support OUR football club! #ScunthorpeTillIDie 💙💜

@LukeMcCabe16: One of the first things the independent regulator needs to do is make it impossible for a club to be separated from its ground. No matter what the person who sells it says it is always significantly damaging to a club and only in one persons best interests.

@1500club: Massive thank you to Mrs Harness for saving the club UTI

@Ironarmyhd: Great work by all involved. Now it’s up to us as fans, a community and town to get behind the club. Let’s build on the good work done already #UTI

@sufc_mike: Massive news! Great work by all of those involved. We’ve got our club back!

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