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Scunthorpe players blast ‘worst decision ever’ with goal disallowed in defeat at Spennymoor

Scunthorpe United players blast ‘worst decision ever’ with their goal disallowed in defeat at Spennymoor Town on Tuesday night.

Corey McKeown’s second half goal secured a seventh straight victory for the Moors as Scunny went home reeling at how they came away from The Brewery Field with nothing.

The Iron went into this game on the back of a three-game winning run, but were aggrieved that they did take some reward back to Lincolnshire.

On the 47th minute, Scunthorpe tweeted: “DISALLOWED GOAL! Whitehall’s effort crashes the bar, Butterfield runs in, the ball drops in. Butterfield is nowhere near the goalkeeper but the referee gives a foul. He also cautions Butterfield for dissent. Shocking decision.”

Before adding a minute later: “Another terrible decision from the referee. A clear Iron throw in front of the dugout but he gives it to Spennymoor. Corbett puts the ball down and he gets a yellow card. No words.”

Spennymoor said of the controversial moment: “Scunthorpe come close as Brad James pushes Jacob Butterfield’s shot on to the bar and then a free kick is given to Moors as the visitors force the rebound home and it remains goalless.”

Scunthorpe boss Jimmy Dean was also red carded after the final whistle for wanting answers.

Then on 56 minutes, the hosts took the lead with the ball snatched before being slotted home by McKeown.

With just over 10 minutes remaining, Boyce smashed a powerful volley off the bar from a corner with there a sense that Scunthorpe fans knew it wasn’t going to be their night.

McKeown had a chance to level it on the break only for his shot to be deflected just over the bar.

Moors: James, Ledger, Mbeka, Pollock, Staunton, Dolan, Ross, Greenfield (Fletcher 84), Ramshaw, McKeown, Taylor (Harris 61).

Subs not used: Liddle, Gallacher, Chimalilo.

Booked: McKeown (42)

Scunthorpe United: Fitzsimons, Ogle, Kouogun, Boyce, Denton, Clunan (Elliott 77), Roberts (McAlinden 66), Scales, Butterfield, Corbett (Sembie-Ferris 66), Whitehall.

Subs not used: Pugh, Clarke.

Booked: Whitehall (27), Butterfield (47), Sembie-Ferris (49), Clunan (65), Boyce (90)

Referee: Shaun Taylor

Attendance: 1,357 (157 Scunthorpe United)

Andy Butler gave his post-match thoughts: Obviously a goal is disallowed for, I don’t see a foul in it being really honest, but no laps of concentration and the back cost us and that’s where its come down to. So the game defining moment is that disallowed goal.

Interviewer: Danny Whitehall crashes one off the bar. It appears as though the keepers punched the ball in the net. How did you see it.

Butler: Exactly that sometimes you go bite your tongue and obviously think about what you say. But I don’t think anyone in the ground saw that a foul. I think referee’s actually embarrassed. He actually said to our players, embarrassed by the decision we had to stand by. So yeah, the other game defining moments where that happened, even for the build up for their goal, there’s a foul on Jacob Butterfield. But no, obviously lapse of concentration has killed us. But again, Ross has made two fantastic saves after that as well. So we can’t blame Ross for everything. We take it on the chin, move forward. Got some tough games till now to play right, but we’ve got a squad, staff that will play right.

Interviewer: Ross obviously has that capability and he’s been so successful with what he does. I suppose it’s just one of those. It happens, doesn’t it?

Butler: It does happen. Again, Ross has got out of sticky situations numerous times this year so no one’s going to quite think of it. Ross obviously knows its a mistake but again, we’re all in it together and no one’s going to single down with all of my mistakes. There’s some big games now to cement our place in the playoffs and we’ll work hard to get through them and obviously still get promotion [from the National League North].

Interviewer: When you dress it down and take out the external factors. A lot of chances tonight, probably disappointing not to score.

Butler: Yeah, I thought we started quite well on the front four. A couple of off chances from corners and obviously we’ve had crossbar crashes, twice goal experiences so we created chances. Just wasn’t something we can look at. Some of we can work on, but we’ve got a good bunch of players. It does mean a lot to them. We took the dialogue and performance as a one off. Hopefully fans can see that after that we did right a few wrongs in that game as a staff and as a club and as a team. We stick together and back each other. Now for the playoffs it’s going to be tough because some good teams in that playoffs, but again, we’ve got to make sure that we are a home team and make sure we’re ready for that.

Interviewer: Obviously that result tonight probably condemns us to the playoffs, I suppose, and puts the first place completely out of reach. How frustrating is that considering the decisions, really?

Butler: Yeah. We’ve had a few decisions along the way this season for. Being brutally honest. There’s been a few decisions that haven’t gone our way. Goals allowed at Blyth, goal disallowed here. We’ve had a few bit decisions and it does mount up. But again, we can’t always blame that. Now we’ve got to make sure we look ourselves, make sure we do things right, approach it right. We have got some big games to come. We still need everyone on board to get a promotion. I say we probably are out of the title running, but still could be a couple of twists and turn. Don’t know, but realistically it probably is. But again, we’ve got to get momentum to win the playoffs as well. So we’ve still got to focus on ourselves and make sure performance is right.

Interviewer: Obviously second in the league. Just need to pick up that momentum. I suppose if we play like that tonight, we’ll pick up points, won’t we?

Butler: Yeah. I think if we play like that more, we’ll win more games. We’ll lose. I say we have worked on a few things. We have get crossed in the box. Danny Whitehall was excellent today. On another day we do score and we do score two or three and we win the game. But it also comes down to the contentious goal. So that’ll be the talking point. And like I say, fans can make what they want of it, but I’ve seen the replay and there’s not one touch on it. I think everyone in the grounds isn’t. So again, I know we’re saying it’s contentious, but really it’s an easy decision to make. It’s not a difficult one.

Interviewer: Obviously Jimmy’s not studied this evening because he was sent off after the final whistle. Show some light on that one.

Butler: Obviously the gaffer’s got a right to ask questions. If referee doesn’t give an answer and stands as silent, then what would we do? I think there’s got to be a bit of communication from referee. I don’t think he’s a record. He just stood his ground. He’s not swore, he’s not calling any foul language. Referee was. I think the referee was quite easy to get card out. Anyway. We’ll go about respect for referees and players. It’s got to be both ways as well, because we need to have repercussions for bad decisions as well. Does the referee now go away and find out that he’s not made the right decision? What happens there doesn’t affect him. It affects us with three points. So that has to be looked at, I think, in future. But no, Gaff is obviously emotionally charged and he wants answers and rightly so, because performance can’t be justified.

Interviewer: Obviously, seeing him in the tunnel there. He’s distraught, isn’t he, really?

Butler: He is. Yeah, he is. And that’s what it means. People don’t see that side. He’s an emotionally charged person who loves managing Scunthorpe United. He says it every interview. It’s a pleasure to manage and represent his club, which you see him day to day. It does mean a lot to him. A lot of people see that from the outside. You see his passion when he wins game, you see his frustration when he lose game. So he has got it all. And like I say, he’s not an angry man like that. But when you become end of the wrong decisions like that, sometimes it just comes to end of its server and we’re all in that together. And we are, like I say, we’re all in together now to push forward these players.

Interviewer: And just finally, obviously twice these fans have had to travel up, up here great tonight, weren’t they?

Butler: They were, yeah. They always are, were behind us and hopefully they can see the same things we’re seeing. I thought it was pretty decent performance today and I think they did as well, the players afterwards. So we appreciate that. Yeah. And like I say, we know that we’ve done okay today, but we haven’t got a result. And the fans hopefully see that as well. And I say they’re all in it together with us and we thank them for travelling back up here after obviously abandonment last time. So thank you to them and hopefully put on a performance for Friday.

This is how fans reacted as Scunthorpe players blast the ‘worst decision ever’ with goal disallowed in defeat at Spennymoor…

@mgell1s: There’s an agenda against Scunthorpe United in the National League North. Please draw your attention to exhibit 34262. #UTI

@MychajlukWayne: Omg that’s a shocker

@Max_Bell_11: Scunthorpe’s goal being disallowed here is honestly the worst decision I have seen in 25 years of watching football. The Iron were robbed tonight. Dean and the players have my full support

@dxnrzx: Someone genuinely needs to check what the referee was taking before the game because that’s the worst decision I’ve ever seen in football in 27 years of me living on this planet! We’re fucking hated in this league, I swear #UTI

@MJD139210: All referees / officials are licensed and governed under the same rules, the league needs to investigate this and action needs taking. Corrupt @TheVanaramaNL @FA_PGMOL what would happen if this was in the prem? Answer that

@nickadams3497: I am starting to wonder if there’s an agenda against us going up this year…

@aidanmccartney: People love to moan about PL refs – try supporting a club in the National League North 💩

@PhilipMichael91: We must have more disallowed legitimate goals than anyone else in the league by a country mile!

@Pandapoops84: @FA_PGMOL @thevanaramaNL another bent ref in a bent league. The only explanation is that they want to keep us down for crowd numbers and the interest our story generates. 🤬

@BrynGosling: This is absolutely shocking, robbed again!!!

@AidanWilko_1717: I don’t understand how that is disallowed. Is beyond embarrassing

@quakerman2: That referee is corrupt without a doubt. He should be questioned by the authorities how he can disallow this.

@CalSUFC15: Jesus christ running out of words.

@MJD139210: Need answers from the league that’s beyond belief

@Aryan9725: Jesus fucking Christ I’m done.

@benjiemufc: Come on @TheVanaramaNL sort your refs out shocking every week

@harryparker____: Fuck me

@AlfieUTI: Really can’t comprehend how bad it is mate

@Darren_Reevell: Well that was bizarre, I cannot see a single thing wrong with that!

@PhilSpencerCFC: Wow, we all have some incredible refereeing performances to talk about at this level but this is right up there 🫣

@C_Stephen15: Gonna keep happening till we put an official complaint in.. Match fixing as clear as you’ll ever see

@Jarvo_2005: This genuinely needs looking into by somebody at the fa, it’s abysmal someone who thinks that a foul should not be refereeing at any level full stop


@tcl1703: Legit looks corrupt seeing that….

@TEBickley: Oh my days. This is such a shocking decision! What does he think he has seen here?? One of the poorest refereeing displays I’ve seen so far this season!

@Lancsiron: How has the referee disallowed that?

@RickHornsby3: Tell me there’s not an agenda against us this season please. This is the worst I’ve ever ever seen

@ironbru_net: Another one for the dossier.

@EloiseNicholls9: Sort this shit out @Vanarama every single week 😡

@iron_bxs: Referees are allowed to make mistakes but that is an abnormal decision

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