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‘Scummy as it gets’ – Stafford Town fume as player gets black eye after being elbowed in face

Stafford Town took to social media to fume as a player of theirs gets a black eye after being elbowed in the face on Saturday afternoon.

Abbey Hulton United’s Joshua Bristow received marching orders in the 88th minute for what he did to Thomas Duffy, who had only come off the bench on the 85th minute, but the incident meant he was unable to continue.

Abbey Hulton finished the game with 9-men, having seen Bristow sent off, and then keeper Zak Hill was also red carded for booting the ball at Duffy while he is receiving treatment.

The poor fella, Abbey Hulton really had it in for Thomas Duffy and he was only on the pitch for 3 minutes.

Stafford Town said in a tweet: “I held back with my words on this incident yesterday as I wanted to watch it back before calling it out. But this is as scummy as it gets!

“The words I really want to use would get me a serious fine and this account banned, but you can probably work out what they are.”

They added another video of a different incident in the same game, tweeting: “It wasn’t the only incident of the day. This one not as severe and went unseen by the officials, but a punch non the less.”

Stafford Town manager @adamwall7 wrote: “Great away win. In a horrible game.

“Will say in a day and age where referees get hammered, today’s ref was excellent in ridiculously difficult circumstances.

“Comfortable win from a footballing point of view. Proud of our lads for sticking together!

“Massive disgrace. I hope the league and the fa deal with this incident as harshly as it deserves.

“Came to me in the bar. ‘Hope your lads ok. I didn’t mean it’. Video is clear as it can be that he did mean it.”

The sent off player, Josh Bristow, responded having seen the video, tweeting: “Been sent off twice in 8 years playing at this level it is not me as a person I’ve made a bad judgement with my forearm trying to block the run as my legs had gone and couldn’t track the run which I’ve apologised for, sums you up as a club trying to out me like that 👍🏻”

Stafford Town moved back into the top half of the North West Counties League Division One South table by securing a convincing 4-1 triumph against Abbey Hulton United, who were vying for a playoff spot.

Patryk Mazurkiewicz initiated the scoring during the middle of the first half, and Scott Wilding extended their lead just five minutes into the second half.

Although Josh Bristow provided a glimmer of hope for Hulton with a goal in the 60th minute, late goals from Sean Kinsella and Josh Wilson embellished the visitors’ dominant victory.

This victory marks the first win in four matches for Adam Wall’s team, who have now defeated this opponent four times this season across all competitions.

Abbey Hulton 1-0 – Patryk Mazurkiewicz (25)
Stafford 1-1 – Joshua Bristow (60)
Stafford 2-1 – Scott Wilding (50)
Stafford 3-1 – Sean Kinsella (81)
Stafford 4-1 – Joshua Wilson (90+5)

Attendance: 62

Abbey Hulton – Starting XI
Zak Hill, Thomas Braithwaite, Luke Lewis, Joe Lewis, Joshua Bristow, Sam Wytcherley, Bradley Wilson, Jack Gumbley, Jayden Shepherd, Matthew Ward, Charlie Milczarek-Grocott

Courtney Franklyn, Callum Woolrich, Callum Griffiths, Aiden Lloyd

Stafford Town – Starting XI
Adam Jenkins, Charlie Young, Scott Wilding, Taylor Draper, Matthew Dudley, Samuel Scott, Benjamin Herrington, Reece Nunn, Patryk Mazurkiewicz, Max Van Der Laan, Matthew Hearsey

Sean Kinsella, Craig Bannister, Thomas Duffy, Joshua Wilson, James Sutton

This is what other Twitter users said with Stafford Town taking to fume as their player gets a black eye after being elbowed in the face…

@ConnorLeek11: Absolutely no chance that was just blocking the run 😂 should try a different sport if you reckon thats accidental. Everyone thats played watches that knowing you knew exactly what you were doing

@Jayph96: Couldn’t get the ball so thought you’d get the man instead. Video proves it’s intentional. Not even looking at anything other than Duffy. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@zece7: Blocking the run by jumping up and elbowing in the face? Shouldn’t play football again if you have that mentality.

@RobG57794390: You can’t defend that. Piss poor.

@dylanwoodshill: Very delusional mate 😂

@AidanP93: If you are “just blocking the run” you don’t jump a few feet off the pitch with your elbow 🤣 you knew exactly what you were doing.

@Jayph96: Vile @HultonUtd, fucking vile.

@paragaz: Shocking wally. The FA need to seriously look at themselves if they don’t haul this bloke through the coals

@BlueBoyzNetwork: Vile!

@callum_wood8: They sound a lovely bunch 🤣 up the town

@longliveaze: Needs a big fat ban he does

@ForeverAYellow: proper dirty going in with the elbow like that, proper feel for duffy for how he was treated by the opposition. disgusting that from abbey hulton, hope they’re embarrassed of their actions

@joelewis96: Just blocked the run. Not much in it

@dr_smithy: With his elbow

@joelewis96: Forearm

@Jayph96: Knew exactly what he was doing by elbowing him in the face.

@joelewis96: He hasn’t got it in him, it’s unfortunate but talk about making a mountain out of a molehill

@Jayph96: There’s blocking a run, but there’s blocking a run with your elbow at force.. 🤷🏻‍♂️. Funny when incidents like this happen it’s always ‘he’s not that type of player’ ‘he’s not got it in him’ 😂

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