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Sam Allardyce hits out at Michail Antonio for “disgusting” comments after West Ham game

Sam Allardyce hits out at Michail Antonio for some “disgusting” comments the player had said after the game against West Ham on Wednesday.

The departing West Brom manager was fuming at the Hammers player for what he said about the boss after they played one another on Wednesday.

Allardyce said he heard Antonio criticising his style of play after the Baggies were defeated 3-1.

The match had plenty emotion before it was revealed that Allardyce would step down from his role.

He was appointed as manager in December, replacing Slaven Bilic, and his aim was to keep the club in the Premier League.

Allardyce said: “Michail Antonio’s statement before I came out here saying we just have big men who play down the channel. He insulted me and my team.

“I know he’s a nice lad but it’s disgusting what he said.

“I think he should go back and watch the game and see how we really played. Our front two are 5ft 10 and 5ft 9 so I don’t know what big men he saw running in the channel.”

Allardyce spoke about being labelled a short-term manager and revealed more of what he overheard Antonio saying.

“I haven’t been more than that for the last six to seven years because it’s all you lot talk about. Just like Michail Antonio said, ‘it’s Sam, we’re long ball. It’s Sam, the way we play.’

“It is a load of crap and it always has been a load of crap because I’ve never played the same at any club I’ve been at and if you thought that was long ball today then somebody is deluded.”

The boss added he did play long ball against Liverpool as he knew it would rattle the Reds, who he said were lucky to have beaten West Brom.

West Ham are in pole position to qualify for the Europa League after the win; Declan Rice missed an early penalty before Matheus Periera put the hosts ahead; but late goals from Angelo Ogbonna and Michail Antonio secured victory.

West Brom boss Sam Allardyce: “For me it is a long-term prospect for somebody more than me. I am as you always say a man that comes and saves a club, a man who is short term. I am happy with that. That is my life for the last few years. I think it needs someone to take the club by the scruff of the net and take them up. I thank the club for the opportunity to stay and I’d like to thank the fans cheering us on tonight.

“I haven’t been more than that [a firefighter] for the last six or seven years because that is all you lot talk about. If you thought that was long ball today, then somebody is deluded.

“I have made that decision, a very difficult decision to make on the basis of what West Brom. I didn’t expect to come here to be talking about this, I expected to come here talking to you with a chance of staying up with a game or two to go. I am my own man. That is who I am. Very generous and very flattered they wanted me to stay.”

West Ham boss David Moyes: “We played well in recent games, we didn’t play well tonight but we got the goals we needed.”

On a point against Southampton on Sunday securing Europa league football: “It sounds great. I am quite calm about it because I know we have to still go and earn it.

“Overall, we have earned it this year but we have a bit to do yet and hopefully we can get over the line.”

Fans reacted as Sam Allardyce hits out at Michail Antonio for the “disgusting” comments after the West Ham game…

@LFC_Luke1: man just got relegated but wants credit lmaooo

@2vabwptb: He wants credit because his team does in fact perform well and do compete

@ArchieHE1: Hardly “disgusting” as Big Sam put it

@ikeiscool1986: I feel sorry for this guy sometimes don’t think he gets the credit. Look at what he did for Bolton and where they are now, did good jobs at Blackburn & West Ham, saved Crystal Palace & 8th place finish with Everton

@sadikshurie2: He just got relegated and he’s talking about getting the credit he deserves

@MickyMarsh69: Cry. Hated his “style of football” at West Ham I was glad to see back of him

@__Borgy__: No offence but West Brom had 52% possession, higher accurate passes and a slightly higher pass success percentage. Therefore Moyes plays worse football than Big Sam, No??

@james44991244: He’s angry cause KFC round the corner closed @ 22:00

@curtis1604: Credit? For what? For being exposed as a crook, getting sacked from the England job after one game and still blagging three Premier League jobs since? Sooner he’s out of football, the better.

@WestHamSteven: Unfortunately Sam showed his true colours tonight! West Brom are a classy club who are better off without him. I wish you well and hope you come back up next year

@tomster36: Antonio bantering off Allardyce is one of my season highlights and better be on the DVD. 😂

@GFThompson7: Any club that gives him a job deserves everything they get. One horrendous individual him, the fella was sacked for taking bungs and is always on the moral high ground!

@luke_millichamp: It’s funny how all the big six fans in here are bashing him saying his anti football but having watched every game under him I’ve not once seen anything like the Pulis style. Simply proves not one of the people in these comments have even watched us play. Idiots

@San1892: Hes just pissed off as he always misses last orders at the chippy when they play midweek….

@MSBurkey: He’s right. Doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Always plays the most effective tactics based on the players he’s got – rarely long ball.

@1joegriffith: WBA have been decent under him, playing good football. Reckon if he had the whole season with them, they would have stayed up!

@bobclark56: Just listened to the full after match interview with Sam Allardyce after the game , calling Antonio “ disgusting “ for saying “we all know how Sam plays “ Antonio is right whats disgusting about the truth ? Allardyce is a bitter man 😂⚒😂⚒

@bensmithppc: Sam Allardyce having a go at Antonio for saying it how it is, and then mentions that exact thing. The man will never recover from what happened with England.

@CrosbyReds: Oh my god I actually thought about 30 seconds in there he was gonna cry 🤣🤣

@bradley_998: Ahahahahah inject it. Fuck off you fat miserable bastard

@el_mansfield: “If you thought that was long ball today then someone is deluded.” West Brom have the second highest long ball rate in the Premier League at 18% (62 long balls per game). They attempted 60 long balls against West Ham, for a long ball rate just shy of 18%. Sam loves some good BS

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