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Salford come under fire as fans hit out at job application with ‘disgusting’ wages

Salford City come under fire as fans hit out at the League Two club over a job application with ‘disgusting’ wages revealed.

The League Two side say they are looking at bringing in a full-time Academy Goalkeeping Coach as they plot to expand our youth programme.

However, after taking a look at the job description and application form, Salford didn’t get the response they were hoping for. 


Salford City is looking to recruit a full-time Academy Goalkeeping Coach as we continue to expand our youth programme!

This role will play a key part working closely alongside the Academy Head of Coaching and coaching staff to implement and deliver an elite goalkeeping coaching programme for our U9s to U18s.

Job Description: Academy GK Coach Job Description – June 23
Application Form: Salford City Job Application Template
The application form is a Word document that can be downloaded.

Part of your key duties will be to supervise and assist in the delivery of coaching sessions to players throughout the Academy; plan, prepare and deliver coaching sessions  across the Academy in tandem with the Club philosophy and coaching syllabus; and support lead Foundation and Youth Development Phase coaches with the logistics for all training sessions, fixtures, tournaments and Academy events.

The ideal candidate must have an FA Goalkeeping Coaching B licence and a UEFA B licence, and will have a strong background in an Academy setting with experience of developing young players in an elite environment; will be a great communicator; and be extremely organised and methodical.

To apply, please complete an Application Form and email to careers@salfordcityfc.co.uk with a Cover Letter explaining what is special about you, what you can bring to the Club and why you want the position. CVs will only be accepted if an application form is filled in also. The window for applications is open until 4pm on Wednesday 5th July 2023.

As mentioned, Salford come under fire as fans hit out at the club over their job application with ‘disgusting’ wages…

@Ashh1390: 23 grand wow, don’t think you’re getting all that experience for that lads.

@samyates_24: Can’t @GNev2 do it seeing how much he bangs on about how easy goalkeeping is!

@jamiet1709: Worse than minimum wage

@chrissycnufc92: Great to see the massive Labour advocate @GNev2 paying a proper wage 👏👏👏👏👏 proper showing these tories how to go on 😂😂😂

@DCFCChristopher: Lol 23k are you taking the piss? Costs probably 5k get the badges

@wxm14cc: Jesus Christ! I nearly pay that for my staff to wrap chips!!

@LTFC_Col77: That’d about £11 an hour @GNev2 piss poor

@sstretchh83: Paper rounds pay more 🤦‍♂️

@RedAlexCrewe: I earned more than this 20 years ago in a basic logistics job. Football is absolutely fucked if the coaching staff are being paid a year what some of the first team will be earning a month.

@RBSeanDye: £11.50 an hour for those demands is shameful. Often coaches will spend far more time than they’re paid for planning and learning on the side too. Stop shafting coaches!

@TheRydoggFB: This is a joke. I’m a grassroots coach, I’ve already spent over £1000 on various badges and I’ve not even touched any UEFA licenses. 23k is absolutely nothing these days in any line of work. 23k for a 6 day a week job and 55+ hours 🤢🗑️

@Matt05082152: Thought we got a fashion guru onboard that home kits absolutely toilet

@gazzerbell: £23k @GNev2 man of the people 😩

@PabloAnon010: This is a disgrace @GNev2 how do you genuinely think that a GK coach with all the experience required would do this job for peanuts? Again, another club undermining such a pivotal role.

@Rss_Prk: The Premier League need to immediately prevent Salford getting a new GK coach until they investigate why BBC Dragon @GNev2 can’t pay a qualified employee more than £23k a year in a cost of living crisis.

@RodJones1960: £11 an hour, it’s barely above national living wage 😂😂.

@hbotterill19: For all that Gary Nev shouts about wages etc he pays a shite one.

@noboydy73: @GNev2 you want someone to guide youngsters and hopefully produce players that will cost you thousands and you value that at 23 grand ..your a shambles bloke

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