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Salford City give update on plans to swap stadiums and launch campaign with ticket prices changed

Salford City have took to give an update on plans to swap stadiums and launch a campaign with ticket prices changed for two matches.

About a year ago, rugby outfit Salford Red Devils confirmed they had been involved in ‘positive discussions’ over a potential stadium swap with the League Two club.

It emerged that CosCos, the joint venture that owned the AJ Bell Stadium formed by Salford Council and Peel holdings, were in discussions to sell up.

The deal would have see the Ammies move in to join Sale Sharks, and the Salford Red Devils relocated to the football team’s Moor Land ground, Peninsula Stadium in Kersal.

However, a sudden change means Salford City will now not be able to move to that stadium, with the recently re-developed Peninsula Stadium having to be their home for the time being, as much as those at the top of the club want to move elsewhere.


We would like to provide an update on our proposed move to the AJ Bell Stadium.

As supporters are all aware we have been in talks with Salford City Council for 18 months to purchase the AJ Bell Stadium.

However, we were informed in the last two weeks by Salford City Council that they will now purchase the Stadium outright and that we wouldn’t be considered.

Whilst this news came as a surprise to us, we will continue to monitor closely the progression of the purchase, but at this moment our immediate future is to remain at The Peninsula Stadium.

There will be no further comment from the Club.

And this news comes after reducing admission prices for their January matches against Northampton Town and Sutton United to £5.

They said: “The cost of living crisis is harming communities across the country, and in Salford in particular, with households and families having to make unprecedented choices and sacrifices.

“Leisure time with family and friends shouldn’t have to be one of those, and we want to help so that families and friends can continue to enjoy time together without having to make a choice between basic amenities or utilities and personal enjoyment.

“Our first commitment to this is to set ticket prices for our two January home fixtures in League Two at just £5 for a Standard ticket and £2 for Under-16s, meaning a typical family can enjoy a few hours out of the house together for less than £15.

“This offer is available to away supporters of Northampton Town and Sutton United too, and we have only been unable to include Walsall because tickets were already on sale for the original fixture scheduled in December.

“Match tickets are on general sale for home supporters in all home areas of the ground from 10am, and can be purchased either online or in person at the ticket office. Click here to see the latest ticket office opening hours.

“Please note there is a £1.20 booking fee per ticket for tickets purchased online. You can either print the tickets off, or scan the QR code at the turnstiles on a suitable mobile device.

“We have a limited number of wheelchair bays at The Peninsula Stadium, in the North and South Stands, for home and away supporters. To reserve a space please visit the ticket office, or email  tickets@salfordcityfc.co.ukCarers are admitted free of charge, alongside a person with a disability paying the age appropriate rate. Proof of entitlement may be required.

“Advance tickets are on sale until 10:45am on matchday for Northampton, and 1:15pm on matchday for Sutton, and seated tickets must be purchased before these times. The West Stand terrace has a turnstile available for on-the-day admission which is cash only, and subject to availability.

“We recommend purchasing tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

“Away tickets have been sent to Northampton and Sutton to go on sale via their channels, any on-the-day admission for away supporters will be dependant on pre-sales numbers. If there is on-the-day admission at the away end it’s a cash-only turnstile for the East Stand.”

This is what fans had to say as Salford City give an update on plans to swap stadiums and launch a campaign with ticket prices changed…


@craigclarky: This is brilliant, well done 👏

@dunky_cc: Fantastic 👏 @BristolCity could learn a thing or 2 about ‘reasonable’ pricing….

@BroughtonM7: Superb 😊🦁 #WeAreSalford

@Matt_Severn: Class act that well done

@DShamen: Salford have never ever had a stadium or crowd of that size. It has nothing to do with Salford City. Only thing it has to do with Salford full stop is that Lowry was born there.

@ryangriffin89: A football club without it’s community is nothing. All credit to Salford City. Gestures like this will never be forgotten by a generation.

@Burrow89846311: a bit OTT. As a former Bury FC fan we reduced the price to £15 and crowds increased by about 1000. Yet we still lost £50k a week. It ok Salford doing this gesture but they are losing £90k a week. The problem is that SCFC were late to the FL party in a highly competitive area

@AndyCiderMan: Also disguised as ‘shit no one comes to watch us so we better do something about it’. You are part of the problem Neville and co.

@FansAgainstVAR_: Nice idea. But I guess clubs without billionaire owners simply can’t afford to do this – but I applaud the action.

@NatVanChudleigh: Meanwhile @AFCWimbledon charge an absolutely DISGUSTING £27 on the day (or £25 in advance) for away fans in the same division. £25/27. For fourth tier football. Disgraceful.

@LR7seven: Well done @SalfordCityFC 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@FMheathen: Well played @SalfordCityFC absolutely brilliant gesture in the current circumstances 👏


@piko_6: Hahaha unlucky @GNev2

@GLphotoMCR: Thank goodness we’re staying put! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

@TheAmmiesZone: FROM THE FANS………….. WE’RE NOT GOING TO THE AJ, WE DON’T WANT TO GO. We would only go if we Reached the EFL Championship or if we started growing our fanbase more and more and more, but we don’t want go there, not yet. Probably around 2025/26 when we have a better fanbase 🦁

@RJP_LEARNS: Sadly, your club’s attempt to dislodge Salford Red Devils and get into bed with a rugby Union club from Cheshire has probably alienated a lot of potential supporters – myself included. Massive own goal and a PR disaster from your owners.

@LJA_53: Scenes on toast

@EdwardK54212196: You’re not gonna get any more fans there either way 🤣

@cwrobinson_: Why did Gary back the wrong horse here? A joint bid with @SalfordDevils would surely made more sense to both clubs, the city and the Council. The stadium could then have finally been home to both cities two professional sports clubs. Madness.

@RCFH1986: Good, you would lose half your fan base playing there.

@RJP_LEARNS: Things you love to see….. I’ve always supported #MUFC (this lot were practically Sunday League when I was a kid) but I’d have adopted my hometown team as a ‘second club’ had it not been for this episode. Definite sour taste in the mouth over this. #salford

@cockcroft_conor: Not sure what they’re crying about, can’t fill the tinpot stadium never mind the AJ Bell 🤣

@HitmanHandle: 🖕 neville

@MitchellIvy_: Unfortunate for Salford. However whoever become the new United owners they should be all over this – moving the academy and women’s teams away from Leigh should be high up the to do list and the AJ Bell is a great spot.

@Wez2k: Hopefully this is a good sign for @SalfordDevils

@Nathanarcher99: Neville taking an L, love to see it 😍

@BroughtonM7: @SalfordCouncil just wondering when found the money for this ? As a few months back the council wanted out after subsidising the place for years ? Whats changed ? 🤔 does that mean my council tax is funding the place again ??

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