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Sacked League Two player faces jail after admitting child sexual assault

One particular sacked League Two player faces jail after shockingly admitting and pleading guilty to child sexual assault.

22 year old Tyrell Robinson, who started his career at Arsenal, was sacked after The Sun alerted bosses at the club of what he was up to.

In the meantime, he has been delivering packages for Amazon, though they were recently contacted and made aware of his antics, getting exposed as a convicted paedophile.

Robinson admitted sex with a 14 year old girl and sharing indecent images of a child in June. He is yet to be sentenced but faces time in prison.

Tyrell, of South Ockendon, Essex, was sacked by Bradford City after his arrest in August 2018.

He pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual activity with a child in August 2018, and making and distributing an indecent image of a child via Snapchat when he appeared at Bradford Crown Court.

He worked for Bryanston, a firm which delivers for Amazon, but an inquiry has been launched into how background checks failed.

A source said: “As a driver there’s a chance you will come into contact with children.

“I think parents will be very disturbed to see this man has been working and delivering goods despite admitting to being a paedophile.”

Amazon said: “We always require the companies we work with to conduct comprehensive background checks.”

A statement from delivery company Bryanston added: “We carry out background checks on all drivers.

“We are investigating the circumstances behind this matter but can confirm he will no longer be delivering parcels on our behalf.”

Robinson was held by Cheshire Police at Moss Rose, the home of League Two strugglers Macclesfield Town on Tuesday the 14th of August 2018, before going on to be sacked.

Bradford issued a statement in February, which read: “Bradford City Football Club has parted company with Tyrell Robinson.

“This comes after West Yorkshire Police confirmed charges had been brought against Robinson, following his arrest in August 2018.

“Robinson has been dismissed from the remainder of his contract on grounds of committing gross misconduct.

“The club will be making no further comment on the matter.”

Robinson denied a further charge of distributing an indecent photograph of a child in December 2017 and the court heard the prosecution would not proceed with that charge.

Judge Jonathan Rose told him: “You must not assume that the fact that I’m adjourning sentence and granting you bail is to mean that any particular sentence will be imposed upon you.

“All options will be open to the judge who deals with your case, and that will very much include the possibility of a prison sentence.”

He was ordered to sign the sex offenders register before he left court.

A second defendant, Korrie Berman, 21, from Essex, pleaded not guilty to five charges of engaging in penetrative sexual activity with a child.

He will go on trial on 12 April next year.

He has been described by Bradford City Head of Recruitment Greg Abbott as having “bags of pace” and being “a strong, athletic kid with a great desire to prove everybody wrong”.

Primarily a left winger, Robinson was also occasionally used by then Bradford City manager Stuart McCall as a left back.

Fans reacted as the sacked League Two player faces jail after admitting child sexual assault…

@Johndovey9: Beware paedophile Tyrell Robinson. Do these companies not do security check ? Or are they happy to employ any sex case

@DavidLeanLeano: Please put bail conditions in place to stop people arrested then while being investigated or sentenced being able to access children in any circumstances

@Kylekel65530498: Shouldn’t have been let out, should have been held on remand now he can go do it again and probably already has to be fair

@ChairCon: Horrific

@wayneforster11: Disgusting

@madsquirrelnut: Hope he likes porridge?

@DanielL78758830: F’kin nonce. You’re a footballer, take your pick!

@flyy_steve: 14!!! Whyyyy…..????? Nonce case! If he dont go prison then the poor girl and her family have been seriously let down.

@scoobysnacks215: Dirty bastard – lock him up, castrate him & throw away the key.

@latdft9: What a waste of a career.

@Jokeavon: Fair chance he wont even see inside a prison cell.

@warwick_1988: As fans all we can ask is why? We would give our all to be in that privileged position and to just throw it away

@Chrisrhodespoke: Sounds like he was a Nonce before we even signed him

@markbooie: It grates me when people say , ” he had a bright future ” what a waste of talent ” . what about the girls lives they’ve ruined between them . Disgraceful

@jonny_egg: Stupid boy with so much talent

@clifford_nick: What a idiot

@ForeverAYellow: Echo all that has already been said, disgusting. Not only completely ruined his life, his career etc but more importantly the girl’s too. He’s just thrown it all away.

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