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Ryan Reynolds told off by reporter for swearing during Wrexham press conference

Ryan Reynolds ended up getting told off by a reporter for swearing during a live stream press conference on his first visit at Wrexham.

The Hollywood A-Lister was given a slap on the wrist live on air as they spoke with the media at the Racecourse Ground earlier in the week.

Reynolds, along with Rob McElhenney completed their stunning takeover of the National League club last year, with the promise to invest at least £2million… for now.

The pair made the trip to Wales for the first time since acquiring the Red Dragons, speaking to the assembled press on the terraces of the famous old ground.

Howeber in the middle of outlining their lofty ambitions for the club, the Deadpool star Reynolds dropped an F-bomb, not realising the interview was being given live.

“We just want to set up the structure for the club to continue long after we’re dead,” McElhenney explained, before his co-owner replied with his response: “Unless there’s a meteor, in which case we’re all f*****.”

Reynolds was then quickly told to mind his language, with ITV forced to apologise leaving the 45 year old Canadian to quickly add: “No! I had no idea, I’m sorry.”

Despite his slip of the tongue, Reynolds had no issue with saying exactly how ambitious he and McElhenney will be at the helm, hoping to build an infrastructure that will eventually see them climb to the top flight.

“No one has gone from our league all the way up to the Premier League but some clubs have gone from the National League to the Championship,” McElhenney said.

“So we’re obviously going to try and go above that.

“Maybe this is just my own naivety, but what I would say to Humphrey [Ker, club director and comedian] ‘if the way that the system works couldn’t we theoretically get to the Premier League?’

“He sort of laughed and said, ‘Well yes, but that would never happen.’ And I don’t understand why.

“We clearly have the structure and system potentially to allow us to grow at that scale. Why not dream big?”

Reynolds added: “If you don’t think like that then I don’t think you will ever go there, so why not.”

Reynolds once again said the aim was to make the club “more global than it is” and said the priority was to “expand and grow the club in every way we can”.

The pair made their much-awaited first appearance at a Wrexham game on Tuesday night at Maidenhead United’s York Road, which the Dragons lost 3-2 and McElhenney described the experience as “intense”.

“That was the first time we’d seen them live and unfortunately it didn’t turn out the way we were hoping,” McElhenney added.

“But just to see the club fight back like that was really inspiring.”

Maidenhead went 2-0 up before Wrexham’s Bryce Hosannah was sent-off in the 31st minute, but despite going down to 10-men down the visitors drew level before succumbing to a late goal.

Reynolds added: “Being at a football game like that and being as invested as we are was absolute torture.

“I loved every second of it but it certainly had its moments of agony. I loved watching the club out there and for a moment it was pretty damn exciting and they really showed their stuff, particularly in the second half.

“I just can’t wait for Saturday, it’s going to be exciting.”

Torquay United will be Wrexham’s opponents on Saturday for the owners’ first home game and McElhenney said the welcome they had already received had been “incredible”.

Reynolds said they had spent time “over a few drinks” with supporters at The Turf Hotel, the pub next to the ground where the club was formed in 1864, where they had a “no-holds-barred chat”.

He also reiterated that involving the community was at the heart of their decision to buy the club.

“The fact that the club has been around for 160 years and will be around for another 160 years is really important to us,” McElhenney said.

“We want to win right now while we’re alive and we also want to set up the structure for the club to continue long after.”

Before addressing the media, McElhenney and Reynolds had earlier met manager Phil Parkinson and some of the players during a training session at the Racecourse Stadium.

Reynolds said spending time with the staff and players had been “invaluable” and were hoping to spend more time with the first-team squad over the coming days.

Both the Deadpool star and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator McElhenney also took penalties, with varied success from the spot.

Reynolds’ effort struck the crossbar while his co-owner scored.

Since then, fans have reacted on the moment Ryan Reynolds was told off by a reporter for swearing during the Wrexham press conference…

@nathaliemdavies: What a legend

@nickmadden91: It’s an expensive bit of fun. I’d be worried these guys aren’t taking it serious

@cbradshaw1984: I’m sorry but I love this. It’s a sign that’s he’s just being himself and not spouting a load a bs

@ilyryanreynolds: LOL the immediate regret kills me😭

@BraisdellLiam: Absolutely love them me 😂😂😂

@joshparr00: My chairman

@Marcothomas1: Absolutely loving this , we are so fortunate to have these 2 as our owners, they get us and want what is best for the town and the club in equal measure @RMcElhenney @VancityReynolds

@dodgewrexham: Ryan has took to wrexham well 😂

@aimeejade_96: Hahahahaha great job Ryan

@karlembo: 😂 Don’t worry it’s only live on itv Ryan… 😂

@NathanHarris98: God they are class hahaha

@kieran182: This is my new favourite

@_TheBone_EFC: Fucking amazing 🤣🤣

@rhys_willow: Absolutely hilarious 😂😂 @VancityReynolds

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