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Ryan Reynolds states first thing he and Rob McElhenney will do when in Wrexham

Ryan Reynolds states what will be the first thing he and Rob McElhenney will do when they arrive in Wrexham potentially in August.

The Hollywood actor, who completed a takeover of the club with his famous pal in February, says he is excited to visit the town.

They haven’t been able to get to the town or it’s stadium due to the pandemic, with travelling over banned, however that might just soon be lifted.

The Deadpool star and co-owner of Wrexham, Ryan, says he wants to absorb what the club and town has to offer when he is finally able to visit, and no doubt we could see big crowds turn up upon their arrival.

After all, they’ve done so much already, helping members of their community and no doubt will be a welcome boost to their businesses with everyone buzzing, as LeaderLive report.

Charity and emergency frontline workers in Wrexham were treated to a private screening / first look of Ryan Reynolds’ new film on Tuesday evening.

Speaking about this with ITV News, Ryan said that “it’s the least [he] could do” for the community.

The Canadian actor said: “I’m mortified that I haven’t been able to get to Wrexham because of obvious restrictions with travel right now and all throughout the last year.”

He added: “So anytime I can kind of reach out to [the community] and do something, I am happy to do it.

“Our work in Wrexham has as much to do with the football club as it does with the community that surrounds it. It’s been really exciting and it’s been a lot of fun.”

It could be as soon as the 19th of August when they come to town, with the National League season to begin on the 21st as Wrexham host Yeovil Town.

The date comes from a cryptic tweet which was posted by Aviation American Gin, saying to it’s followers to save the date.

In an interview with Sky News, the Canadian actor said: “I think the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to go to The Racecourse and just spend some time on the ground and just kind of try to absorb as much of the legacy as we can of the club and Wrexham.

“And then we’re going to jump into the community as much as we can.”

The 44-year-old actor added: “I’m excited just to be in the town and experience all that the town has to offer.

“There’s such a rich history in Wrexham, and there’s such a legacy of adoration and love for this club. We feel that the community and the club are intertwined. We’re excited about hopefully raising the profile of both.””

Both Reynolds and McElhenney are set to appear in an access-all-areas docu-series all on the club, called Welcome To Wrexham, following the highs and lows of their first two seasons.

Reynolds, 44, said he is not bad at football (soccer) but it didn’t sound like he’ll be showing off to the players any time soon.

“My football skills are all right,” he says. “I mean, I played for, I don’t know, 10 years as a kid. I don’t even pretend to be anywhere near the level of the players in the club or even just your average, everyday, you know, human being in Wales.

“I wouldn’t put my skills up against anyone, but I love it. Yeah, I definitely love it. I’m excited to see the club go.”

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As Ryan Reynolds states the first thing he and Rob McElhenney will do when in Wrexham, fans have reacted on his latest interview…

@rickyj555: I wish him and the club every success

@MartinJawsBrody: Still find this surreal

@STR0NGE: i love the idea of Ryan bastard Reynolds staying in a Travelodge in Wrexham and walking over to Spoons in the morning for £1.99 pint

@Addickt3d: It doesnt feel right watching a serious interview with Ryan Reynolds – Feels like he’s going to come out with a joke comment at some stage 🤣

@Paulie27_: Ryan Reynolds is excited to get to Wrexham. Haha has anyone told him it’s full of spice smoking zombies 😂

@thatmandonny: Only bought them to meet bootlegger

@charfieldblue: I’ll be honest. I’ve always enjoyed his performances, but the way he delivers that line “I’m just looking forward to being in the Town”, superb, simply superb. If he doesn’t get an Oscar for that there’s something wrong.

@CallumCarsonWLC: ‘I’m excited to just be in the town’. I lived 10 miles from Wrexham for over a decade and not once could I say I was ‘excited to just be in the town’ 😂😂 Fair play, Ryan la.

@MattPidd: Some were sceptical about Ryan & Rob but you can see it & hear it when they speak about what they want to achieve at Wrexham they genuinely mean it. Fair play to them

@torneleesamuels: Bet he can’t wait to meet Ceri Gayle and her sons best things to come out of Wrexham

@EvansMFC: So random listening to Ryan Reynolds saying he’s itching to get to the racecourse to watch a game

@RLawther94: I wish we had an owner like him. Understands exactly what a football club can do for an area and a community #whufc

@Treeny93: First bloke in history who’s ever been excited to be in Wrexham.

@_JSH17: Can’t wait for them to come across their first spice head and fuck off back to America

@JayGilmartin: He’s gonna think he’s in a scene of the walking dead once he has a walk through the town centre

@stiggaroo: I just don’t get this, it just seems so bizarre

@TheWelshEwe: I’ll put the kettle on Ryan 😂😂😂

@VivaLuisReid: “I can’t wait to visit the town” Do what we done mate and stay in Chester. Believe me 🥴

@iamVilla: Has he ever been to Wrexham? It’s a shit hole. 😂

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