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Ryan Reynolds shares his experience of attending Wrexham’s defeat at Maidenhead

Ryan Reynolds shares his experience of attending Wrexham’s defeat at Maidenhead on Tuesday night, surprising spectators by turning up.

The Hollywood star, and his fellow actor and co-owner Rob McElhenney, swapped the glamour of Hollywood for an autumnal yet mild evening in Berkshire.

However, the match didn’t follow the script as they may have hoped as 10-man Wrexham were beaten 3-2 in the National League by Maidenhead United at the York Road stadium.

Despite the result, Deadpool actor Reynolds, 45, appearing to enjoy his first taste of British football, sharing pictures from the National League game with his more than 39 million Instagram followers.

He wrote alongside the pictures, which have got over 700,000 likes: “Football is a beautiful, heartbreaking, soul-deadening, evil and gorgeous game and I’m never sleeping again.”

When asked about last night’s disappointing loss at Maidenhead United, McElhenney said: “It was disappointing but I was impressed with the fight shown by the team. When Hosannah was sent off we looked in dire straits, but they came back and fought.”

“It wasn’t the result we all wanted, but I liked the fight shown.”

Ryan Reynolds was equally impressed by his first National League game, he said: “It was so exciting, I almost had a nervous breakdown.”

Wrexham fan Andy Gilpin said he was “gobsmacked” to see the Hollywood owners at York Road and that their appearance had “given supporters a boost”.

“We had an inkling that they may have shown up today but we didn’t actually think that might happen until we saw them in the stand,” Mr Gilpin told the PA news agency.

“Obviously that gave everyone a big boost – they’re there, you can see them, they were waving to the fans.

“We knew they were in the area and we knew they’d landed about six hours ago but we thought this probably would be a game too far for them, then we saw a lot of stewards rushing around just before the kick-off and then the rumour came round that ‘yeah they’re here’.

“There’s media hype and then there’s showing up at Maidenhead away which isn’t the sort of Hollywood entrance really, it’s a very low-key ground, and to see two Hollywood stars there in the middle of the home stand, we were just gobsmacked you know.

“It’s quite a statement to come here to Maidenhead away and fair play to them for doing that.

“For them to come here – it shows that they mean business.

“I didn’t expect them to be here, I thought they would keep it for Torquay where they’d have a red carpet entrance and to see them here was just amazing.

“I went down and took a very blurry photo of two people waving to someone and to be honest it gave us all a great boost, it was really great to see them.”

The following day, Wednesday, the duo arrived at The Racecourse Ground and had photos when meeting with the club’s supporters.

Fans have since given their reaction as Ryan Reynolds shares his experience of attending Wrexham’s defeat at Maidenhead…

@caleb_pumford: Absolutely surreal 🔴😍

@RayofSunshinex6: No Biggie, just Mac and Deadpool out for a pint..

@JDenton_: Things I didn’t expect to see in my life: Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney watching Wrexham away at Maidenhead United on a Tuesday night in late October.

@m_w890: We’re the luckiest club in the world

@Welshj0sh: Holy shit it wasn’t a dream after all

@jamesrussell997: Hahaha what the fuck i can’t believe this is real

@LewisRWalsh: The idea of Ryan Reynolds spending his Tuesday night in Maidenhead watching Wrexham get played off the park is very very funny

@mattrichards91: I hope Ryan is sipping a nice hot Bovril

@JarvoB: Just remember lads, it won’t all be the dizzy heights of Maidenhead on a Tuesday October evening #glamourclub #hollywood

@clarechids: Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds are currently at Maidenhead v Wrexham. What a sentence I never ever expected to say.

@mikerexum: Fucking creased Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have done Maidenhead away on a Tuesday night. We’re deffo living in a Sims 3 expansion pack.

@Connor93026558: Fair play to them being here, great to see them. Just a shame the players once again and the management let us down on the pitch.

@MattyMason_1908: Knowing that Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have travelled miles and miles to watch Wrexham for the first time in the flesh and are seeing them 2-0 down with 10 men against part time Maidenhead is why non league football is unmatched 🤣

@Darren1878nsno: Ryan Reynolds and rob mcelhenney doing Maidenhead away on a cold Tuesday night haha, mad

@wrexhamcarl: Madness – first game watching from a bus shelter with a like warm brew got to love the National League!

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