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Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham talk exciting friendly prospects for Wrexham

Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham talk exciting friendly prospects for Wrexham as the club look to claim a playoff place with the season’s end near.

The club currently sit 9th in the table going into Saturday’s games (15 May), and are just one points from catching FC Halifax Town who occupy the last spot.

Wrexham have seen increased publicity and expectation this season after seeing Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney take over the club, making a £2million investment, and that pressure has really increase after the duo offered a £250,000 bonus to the players if they achieve promotion.

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Either securing it, or failing to do so, we look set for some big changes this summer, and there is slight optimism that the Welsh outfit could be set for a friendly with David Beckham’s Inter Miami FC.

If a social media conversation between Reynolds and the former Three Lions international are anything to go by, it might happen. Stranger things have gone ahead after all.

The Deadpool star sent an Instagram message to Beckham and his associated eyewear company thanking them for a pair of new sunglasses, and asked if Inter Miami would be up for a friendly with Reynolds’ Wrexham.

Reynolds wrote: “Thanks David Beckham Eyewear for another pair of my favourite shades. How ’bout a friendly with Wrexham and Inter Miami?”

Beckham replied: There’s more of those where they came from for the winner. “Where are we playing? Miami or Wrexham??”

Reynolds also sent a personalised Wrexham shirt to Beckham, with the former midfielder taking to Instagram to show his 66 million followers his latest item to add to the football collection: the club’s red V-neck jersey complete with ‘Beckham’ and the number 7 on the back.

It was accompanied with six bottles of Aviation American Gin, whose company is co-owned by Reynolds.

Sharing footage, Beckham said: “So I arrive home to a very lovely gift, Aviation American Gin, from one football legend to another. Happy birthday, Becky! RR.

“Loving my personalised Wrexham shirt. Thank you very much, man. Ryan – amazing.”

Fans gave their reaction as Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham talk exciting friendly prospects for Wrexham…

@TheJones90: Don’t bother, we’ll come to you.

@neilhay3s: Ok guys assuming no COVID restrictions, how many fans could you bring to us. We will fill a side at your ground.

@CezMan2: Only if you’re prepared to be beaten 😉

@JasonJskelly: Jesus christ the Lord ❤

@rjonesyo: Aye go on!

@TomWFL1: Oh fuck off, fuck the fuck off. Yasssss, we’re fucking massive mate.

@Andy_Wrex: Can you get @WXM_Lager in Miami ?

@CariadFfisio: Party in the city when the heat is on. All night on the piss to the break of dawn….

@RoadMold: You feckin knows it. And Youngy and Jordan will do you, old style, Becksy, you beautiful old stager.

@onefortheroad22: Half of Wrexham will be up for it….

@MrNovember__: Becks has been a fan ever since he watched Kieron Durkan put Wrexham 1 up at Old Trafford from the bench

@Jasongriffwxm98: Someone say miami away 👀🍻

@williamsdylan00: Causal away day in Miami sounds like a plan 🍻

@aled174: We’ll try and fit you in our busy pre-season schedule of playing Cefn Druids, Telford and Salford Under 21’s six times.

@WelshLad247: From going to King’s Lynn away to miami away. Crazy crazy times

@lowri_lowri: Absolutely yes!!!

@Veyseylaaa: Bring the likes of Matuidi over here 😂😂 Be great seeing him at the racecourse even though he’s near the end of his career. Been a top player

@TheBobBank: Enjoy the ride @Wrexham_AFC fans, you deserve some luck

@jamiewxmfc: This is one hundred percent on isn’t it

@ChicagoTafia: Reckon a friendly against @ChicagoFire should be on the cards, double header with @chicagoredstars vs. @WrexhamAFCWomen

@Karlchilli: What is going on? 🤯🤯

@Mally_93: Hahahahaha imagine

@Ajones92: 100% up for a week in Miami

@tmdxv_: Go on then

@capaled: Oh boi and so it begins 😎😁🔴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇨🇦🇺🇸 #WxmAFC

@dando1201: The 2020s are getting crazier every day

Meanwhile, Wrexham’s other joint-owner Rob McElhenney has gone viral with an incredible speech and others are being urged to take note.

In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, Hollywood actor McElhenney has once again earned respect for his views on being an owner.

In the interview, presenter Chris Stark brings up the subject of owners and the “very impassioned” debate on those at the top following the European Super League situation.

He then asks McElhenney if he feels “more of a burden” seeing how the European Super League has played out – which brought a perfect response from the American.

McElhenney says: “No, not necessarily and I think a lot of it is because of the approach.

“The word ‘owner’ as it pertains to a football club, makes no sense to me. I don’t understand how I, an American who was born in 1977 in Philadelphia, could own a football club that was born in the middle 1800’s in Wrexham, Wales.

“It doesn’t make any sense. The way that I approach it is that we are stewards of the club. I like the title ‘chairman’ much better than I like the title owner because I truly can’t own that. The town owns that.

“Our job is to come in as chairmen and to help facilitate the success so that the town can continue to flourish, the team can continue to flourish – and they can have success long after we are gone and there are new chair people that take over.”

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