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Roy Keane’s moment of TV gold goes viral with Jermain Defoe looking shocked live on air

Roy Keane’s moment of TV gold goes viral with Jermain Defoe looking shocked live on air when talking about Manchester United on Saturday.

The Irishman decided to weigh in on the Red Devils’ loss to Liverpool last weekend which saw Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s defence concede five goals to their bitter rivals.

The result left the Norwegian’s job up in the air as fans called for the manager to be sacked following the dismal drubbing.


Roy Keane voiced his disgust at United’s performance as he took aim at Harry Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, and Luke Shaw – before Ole’s side went on to win 3-0 at Tottenham, a much needed Premier League victory.

When asked about United’s reaction to the result Keane said: “They need a reaction. They need to show some character.

“They have some talented players, particularly going forward. But a lot of the players defensively, the two in midfield, obviously huge question marks over the two lads in midfield.

“But individual performances… Maguire and Shaw last week, they were a disgrace.

“An absolute disgrace to the club. And these are established international footballers.”

However, it was Wan-Bissaka that drew the brunt of Keane’s criticism: “Wan-Bissaka – I don’t even think [Crystal] Palace would take him back now.

“He’s not good enough for Manchester United. No feel for the ball. No decision making.

“But what Manchester United have always had over the years, no matter talented players, is players with character and personalities.

“I don’t see it with this group.”

Keane then turned his attention to Maguire: “I heard Maguire talking during the week. He was like a robot.

“He was like, ‘Apologies to the fans…’ There was no emotion behind it.

“And these guys are on the back of good European Championships for England.

“They have turned up before for big matches. But recently… and Shaw has fallen back into his old habits a few years ago.”

Keane continued: “I’m fed up with his chat after games with people apologising.

“Harry Maguire talking about ‘we need to come together as a group’.

“No, you need to sort your game out. If you’re going to be the leader of that group then you need to get the basics right. You need to do your own job.

“People keep saying that he might not be fit. Might not be fit? He gave away a goal against Leicester a few weeks ago. It’s nothing to do with fitness. It’s just a lack of professionalism.

“He’s not doing his job properly. So I’m intrigued to see United today. They have talented players at the top end of the pitch, as good as any team, but midfield and in defence lately, you do worry.”


And of course Roy Keane also went in on Spurs and their woeful performance…

Twitter users reacted as Roy Keane’s moment of TV gold goes viral with Jermain Defoe looking shocked live on air…

@julesa2902: Got to love Roy, always good value

@ColmD1987: one of the first things Maguire said in his interview was “I’m here because I have to be”…absolutely embarrassing, as captain of United he should have wanted to do that interview and apologise to the fans with heart…shirking responsibilities isn’t captain material

@DangeAVFC: And this is with a week to calm down…. He should have been in the studio last weekend

@Stewie_Villa: Keane speaks the truth. Spot on. Neville can’t/won’t criticise his mate Ole. That’s the difference. Mess of a club.

@brightygaz1: He’s 💯 right after a poor performance players or their social media teams rattle off these statements which they think is acceptable maybe it would be if it was a one off shocking game but it happens too often now at United

@Keane16Ben: What would we do to have a young Keano on that pitch, I think he’d kick our players more then theirs

@TheRealGSR_7: I said last week I really hope they have Keane in the studio for this game….he didn’t let me down 😂😂😂🥳

@carl_aldred: How can you not love Roy Keane

@slattsmachine: We missed out on an all time classic last week if this is what it is like 6 days later.

@philquinlan: He’s 100% correct…

@ruairid2002: Keane is 100% correct to call out the bs. Things are too PC and there’s a fear to offend with other pundits. Best to call it like it is

@Padveleven: Absolute box office haha

@richyroo74: Roy Keane tries way too hard to be Roy Keane. Not everything you say needs to have an ‘impact’ you know. Terrible “expert”…

@Medinho72584872: Roy Keane was spot on. We’re tired of their worthless apologies. The best way to apologize to the fans, is to give them outstanding performance and good results.

@totalcristiano: Roy Keane is a really good pundit, one of the few that speak sense more often than not.

@TrxpleM: Watching that video of roy keane ripping maguire really made my day 😂. When someone on twitter or youtube does it , its abuse. But when roy keane does it , its “spitting facts” because he is an ex player 🙄. We’ve been saying this for years. Maguire is not a real captain.

@LFC_mnm: Roy Keane’s impression of Maguire is tremendous.

@HairyChestLover: He speaks my language, exactly what I’ve been saying about that donkey Maguire since he joined the club. Why on earth he has the privilege of the captains armband???? #RoyKeane

@wozerunited: Still laughing at Roy Keane’s impression of maguire 😂😂

@kidkudi07: Absolutely spot on Roy Keane! Maguire, AWB, Fred playing at Man United is disrespect towards fans.

@DonFalcone_19: I was dying when I watched this

@HarryOgilvie3: As funny as it is, it’s absolutely spot on. Maguire is a great defender when he’s on his game but I’m not convinced he’s captain material anymore. I gave him the benefit of the doubt initially but he’s not shown anything to warrant it since.

@wrm1909: Probably the best impression I’ve ever heard.

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