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Roy Keane punched Man Utd teammate for ‘taking liberties’ in training

Former footballer turned Sky Sports pundit Roy Keane punched a young Man Utd teammate for ‘taking liberties’ whilst in training.

The 49 year old Irishman, who earned seven Premier League titles and a treble at Old Trafford, was known for his furious temper and no-nonsense attitude.

He showed just that in his infamous tunnel clash with Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira while he launched a vicious tackle of Erling Haaland’s dad, Alf Inge, during his time at Manchester City.

Though Rio Ferdinand, who spent four years at United with Keane before the midfielder left for Celtic, explains how he once turned on a team-mate in fury.

Speaking on his YouTube channel Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE, Keane’s ex-teammate said: “I remember when Roy Keane punched up Chris Eagles one time.

“He was only [a] young kid, [taking] liberties. It was good for him, Eagles.”

Ferdinand, who graduated from the Carrington academy in 2003, made as much as 17 senior appearances for Man Utd over five seasons, having five different loan spells before leaving five years later.

Ferdinand added: “Roy must have been coming back from an injury, or he didn’t play, and he was playing with the reserves.

“The youngsters that were in there like Eagles and Lee Martin were like rats, getting in close and trying to tackle.

“He went in late on Roy once or twice and Roy said to him, ‘Listen, slow down’.

“The ball comes in again, Eagles was trying to impress, trying to leave him mark and left a little bit on Roy again and pulled his jersey.

“Roy just turned round and went bang in the jaw. A quick short jab and I just stood there and went, ‘Roy, what’s wrong with you?’.

“And I went inside and said, ‘Roy, why are you doing that for? He’s a young kid man’. And I warned him.”

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Fans reacted as Ferdinand revealed Roy Keane punched a Man Utd teammate for ‘taking liberties’ in training…

@Kearney1085: What happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room… except when there’s a podcast to promote

@Clowy16: I warned him 😂 x

@jamiefletcher88: Lmao Keano 😂😂

@astrunz8: Classic Keano 🤣

@davebutter: Hopefully Eagles learnt well and punched the owners at oldham in similar fashion the useless pricks.

@ColeZeeZ: Keano didnt give a fuck loool

@rifatnicky: Hahahahahha Roy Keane, what a mad man! I love him

@ForeverAYellow: Only Roy Keane would go and use his fists on another player to get them in order haha what a legend

Roy Keane never fails to cause a stir on social media, whether for his past or for his punditry on Sky Sports.

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder raged at ‘stupid and uneducated’ Sky Sports pundits following Roy Keane’s comments made recently. after a Premier League game

The boyhood Blades fan turned boss is tired of “uneducated analysis” of his side following Roy Keane’s comments that they deserved “to be criticised”.

Keane said: “[Wilder] is clearly upset and disappointed.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone criticise Sheffield United’s effort and spirit and desire and determination and no doubt he’s got some brilliant pros at his football club but where they have come up short this season and the summer is the recruitment.

“Chris mentioned there they are buying players from the Championship to come up and play in the Premiership and there’s always a gamble with that.

Last year it worked for them, their first season in the Premiership, the feel-good factor, they had a good start to the season, momentum, but this year…

“He’s talking about the goals that they’ve been giving away, I don’t think that’s their biggest problem, there are a good few teams who have conceded more than Sheffield United, it their goals for.

I think in 26 games they’ve got 15 goals, it’s not good enough.

“For all their effort and bits and pieces, they’ve had chances and didn’t take them.

They probably have four or five strikers at the top end of the pitch who haven’t been good enough.

“Last year I listened to a lot of Chris Wilder, I have huge respect for Chris Wilder, I think he’s done a brilliant job but he got the plaudits last year but this year if you lose 21 matches in 26 games you are going to have to be criticised.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

And we can sit here and say they have a great bunch of lads.

I’m sure they have, well they have I know some of them, I’ve worked with them, some of the best lads you’ll meet, but you need more than that in the Premier League.

“Last year I listened to a lot of Chris’ interviews after the games.

‘We have earned the right to be in this league, we’ve earned the right.

We are going to enjoy it, we are going to go for it.’ Where as this year in his interviews he’s going,’ well we’re up against it, we’re up against big squads.’ He mentioned Newcastle there, but last year you earned the right.

Don’t think that for one minute you’re not good enough to deal with this kind of demand.

“Chris Wilder, has he become a bad coach overnight? Absolutely not.

He’s done an amazing job over the last two or three years, brilliant coach but the recruitment this summer hasn’t been good enough and the players that have come into the club haven’t improved the team.

If you lose 21 games out of 26, you are going to have to take some sort of stick.”

This then led to Chris Wilder hitting back at Keane and other pundits over some of their analysis of his struggling Sheffield United side this season.

“You come under scrutiny and criticism. You have pundits who haven’t got a scooby doo about the football club.

They make stupid, silly, and uneducated analysis of where we are as a football club,” Wilder said.

“But you have to deal with it. Like I say, we’ve all had the praise, so we have to take the negativity that comes when you don’t win.”

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