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Roy Keane produces priceless reaction to Daniel Sturridge giving impression and singing Usher

Roy Keane produces a priceless reaction to Daniel Sturridge giving an impression of him and singing Usher on Sky Sports on Sunday.

Sturridge left his new fellow Sky Sports colleagues in stitches as he sung his initiation song at Stamford Bridge, but it left Keane asking, ‘where’s it all gone wrong?’ after being less than impressed by what he heard.

Sturridge joins Sky’s punditry team for the 2023/24 season, giving analysis of Chelsea’s Premier League game against the Reds, which played out to a 1-1 draw.

As the show came to an end, host Dave Jones brought how they ran out of time for Sturridge to perform an initiation song.

Asked what he would sing, Sturridge was given a request by Micah Richards – Usher’s ‘Nice and Slow’.

He proceeded to perform a version of the song, as he sung the lyrics: “It’s seven o’ clock on the dot, I’m in my drop top, cruising the streets…”

Sturridge hadn’t a clue that beside him, Keane looked awkward, with Richards then bursting into laughter after seeing his colleague’s reaction.

Sturridge then looked at Keane and questioned whether he liked it, to which he said: “It was very nice.”

The 33-year-old then put his arm around Keane, with Richards and Jones also cracking a laugh.

Keane then added: “Where did it all go wrong? Where did it all go wrong?”

Sturridge remarked: “Sometimes you have to drop a vibe!”

Jones then praised Sturridge, saying: “That was sensational! Wow.”

As pundits discussed Mohamed Salah’s frustrated exit when taken off by Jurgen Klopp with 15 minutes left of the 1-1 draw post-match, Sturridge tried impersonating Keane.

Richards said to him: “You were a bit of a baby to be honest!” Sturridge replied: “I was… not a baby.” Before Jones interrupted and referenced Keane’s comment about Andy Robertson in April: “That’s Roy’s line.”

Sturridge then attempted his best Irish accent and said: “He’s a big baby!”, leading to laughter from Richards and Jones, then Keane looked to the ground and shook his head before rolling his eyes.

Sky Sports viewers were also in stitches at Roy Keane’s face as Sturridge tells Trent Alexander-Arnold to ‘keep it funky with ya boy’.

But when TAA started laughing, the camera stayed fixed on Keane, and his face was absolutely hilarious.

Keane’s face remained motionless, a blank stare, before blinking and looked into the ground, then tried to smile.

Here’s how fans reacted as Roy Keane produces a priceless reaction to Daniel Sturridge giving an impression and singing Usher…

@FoxyN77: Have to say Sturridge has been brilliant so far, a natural in front of cameras.

@petebrd: I literally watch the actual game now. All this shit beforehand I cannot stomach anymore, too many adverts and gormless pundits for my liking.

@DynastyKlopp: Brilliant today bro… fit in seamlessly and brought much needed style and panache to the programme.

@JordanFrancis25: Sky sports turning cringe 🤦🏽‍♂️

@AdamSc077: So much better with you on there studge! Full of laughs and jokes be good to see you on there more through the season👏🏻

@LDA74: The look down at the end with his inner voice saying “dont say it, don’t say it, don’t say it” 😂🤣😂

@dinzy__: From now on I’ll be using “keep it funky with ya boy” in my daily vocabulary

@CraigTyler_: I’m all for it. You got someone like Daniel Sturridge who is going to remain himself no matter what platform he is on. Making these footballers feel comfortable enough to be themselves during interviews.. instead of the boring interviews we get now.

@Conneely123: Hope Keane walks away and comes out publicly with the reasons why… Absolute dross pundits now all over the place 🤢 Gone are the days of having to be good at your job… Must lose so many viewers week by week

@Gs20395: If this is proving anything, it’s proving that Roy Keane is a proper dinosaur

@KevinWh14063568: I never thought I’d miss Souness 😭

@mikesglove: Fucking hell I’m glad I don’t pay for sky anymore

@Jamie07macca: The punditry is shocking. I will forgive Roy if he leaves.

@LFCBaller: Studge, you legend, you instantly added class to that channel – keep up the great work – Keano felt a bit uncomfortable having someone so intelligent and cool there (he’s used to Micah ! 🤣🤣). PS, Trent is going to rock this season.

@moggy_lfc: Going to be a quality pundit this year. Sky robbing us monthly is easier when got some entertainment on the football. Nev, carra, Meeks, Keane & you now 👏

@JAMES77458423: Roy is like: ”What have we become”

@_JackH2: Keane’s going to need a pay rise and big one at that if he’s gona continue working in this role 🤣

@GazBraith: Fuck me this is cringe. Someone remind this bloke he’s 34. If he tried this hard on the pitch he’d have been unbelievable.

@RJL_07: Sturridge is intergalactic levels of cringe never known anything like it in my life

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