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Roy Keane hits out at Jack Grealish and Raheem Sterling after England lose Euros final

Roy Keane hits out at Jack Grealish and Raheem Sterling live on TV after England lose the Euros final to Italy on penalties.

He slammed the more experienced England stars who didn’t take a spot kick in Sunday night’s showpiece.

The Three Lions lost to the Azzuri at Wembley following a heartbreaking penalty shoot-out with the game drawn at 1-1 after 120 minutes.

While Pickford saved penalties from Belotti and Jorginho, he could only watch as Rashford, Sancho and then Saka miss from 12 yards.

Keane didn’t criticise those brave enough to take a penalty, however pointed the finger at some of the more older players in the England squad, such as Grealish and Sterling, who weren’t part of the nominated five.

“If you’re Sterling or Grealish, you cannot sit there and watch a kid walk up ahead of you, you can’t.

“You can’t sit there and go ‘I see a young kid, 19-year-old, a child, walking up in front of me, and I’ve played a lot more games, I’ve got a lot more experience’.

“Sterling, who has won a lot more games, won trophies. Gareth might have been thinking he’s going to be six or seven, you can’t sit there. That must be hard to take, you’ve got to go to this young kid and say I’ll step up before you’.”

Keane praised Pickford and Donnarumma, who saved five of the 10 penalties between them.

“It’s an amazing night, a brilliant night of football,” he added. “I said to Gary (Neville) when it went to penalties that I didn’t think any team deserved to lose it.

“Somebody has to miss a penalty, but it’s not a night to be critical of any of the players, Gareth and his staff.

“I think they’ve been magnificent. Instead of criticising players who miss, I admire players who step up.

“All credit goes to both goalkeepers, they made some brilliant saves.

“It’s a tough night for England, but sometimes you have to lose to win. The World Cup is round the corner and these players will be better for it.

“Tough night, but you have to take your medicine and move on.”

Player ratings

Italy: Donnarumma (7), Di Lorenzo (6), Bonucci (6), Chiellini (7), Emerson (4), Barella (4), Jorginho (7), Verratti (7), Chiesa (8), Immobile (5), Insigne (6).

Subs used: Cristante (6), Berardi (6), Bernardeschi (5), Belotti (5), Locatelli (5), Florenzi (N/A)

England: Pickford (8), Waker (6), Stones (8), Maguire (8), Trippier (6), Shaw (6), Rice (6), Phillips (6), Mount (4), Sterling (6), Kane (5).

Subs used: Saka (10), Grealish (5), Henderson (5), Rashford (N/A), Sancho (N/A)

MOTM: Gianluigi Donnarumma

Roberto Mancini: “It was impossible even to just consider this at one stage, but the guys were just amazing. I have no words for them, this is a wonderful group. This was a difficult game made a lot harder after their early goal. Apart from that early spell, we dominated the match.

“You have to have a little luck on penalties. I feel a little sorry for England, because they also had a great tournament. The team has grown a lot and I think we can improve further. We are very happy for all Italians. I have no words for these guys!”

Gareth Southgate: “I chose the penalty takers based on what we’ve done in training and nobody is on their own. We’ve won together as a team and it’s absolutely on all of us in terms of not being able to win the game tonight.

“But in terms of the penalties, that’s my call and totally rests with me.

“We’re hugely disappointed because firstly, the players have been an absolute credit. They’ve given everything they possibly could tonight, they’ve run themselves into the ground. At times, they played really well and at times, we didn’t keep the ball quite well enough, especially at the beginning of the second half.

“But they can’t have any recriminations. They’ve been a joy to work with and they’ve gone further than we have for so long, but tonight, it is incredibly painful in that dressing room… You have to feel that disappointment because the opportunities to win trophies like this are so rare in your life.

“But when they reflect on what they’ve done, they should be very proud of themselves.”

Fans reacted as Roy Keane hits out at Jack Grealish and Raheem Sterling…

@Lea_EFC: Roy Keane bang on the money.

@colmmccarthy_: That’s on Southgate, not the players…

@DoyleLiam: This is exactly the point

@Pardosa27: Couldn’t have said it better myself… 😢

@rvc86: Totally agree couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

@maker_timber: Brutally honest

@Crumblybum: He has a point TBH

@NilNapier: That is on Southgate primarily. But I believe a leader from the squad should have stepped up for Saka.

@Piomaher1979: Southgate only saying it was up to him so the blame doesn’t lie with players. After what happened to him is he really telling a 19 year old to take last pen ?!

@supermac008: Absolutely bang on.

@savken7: Keane was 100% wrong, Southgate had the decision made long before the penalty shoot out, that’s why he subbed on the two lads, Southgate got it wrong, no player was questioning him. Wrong decision by him yes.

@PeteVillan1981: Yeah OK Roy this is the same Grealish whose jumped through hoops to get in the side and desperate to get on the pitch. The issue is poor tactics not Sterling or Grealish. We lost to a better coach not a better team. BTW Southgate picked the penalty takers

@CAndrewrm: This was southgates fault

@JohnCha00458074: Southgate picked the penalty takers, we all saw the clip where he pointed his pen to Grealish and Grealish nodded, so he was up for a pen but yet again Southgate didn’t trust him

@avfck1eran: How’s it their fault when Southgate picks the pen takers?

@SND_MND: Yall not getting what Keane is saying, it’s not just about Southgate choosing the takers, senior players can step up in that situation and ask to take a pen, but they were silent

@StanStaunton: Saka has definitely started more tournament games than Grealish for England and possibly more competitive games. While I understand the point Jack is a bad example. Sterling, Shaw, Stones perhaps

@Cl_murphy96: Couldn’t agree more! Credit to the youngsters for having the guts to step up but it was never the right call when you have far more experienced penalty takers available…

@DGB259: Bringing two players on specifically to take a penalty with a minute to play is asking for trouble as well.

@zaviercurley: it was southgates choice fucking hell 😂

@dthomson123: Very rarely agree with this guy but he is 100% spot on here.

@mattfuller5: Yes because the players can’t challenge him on said decisions. I bet my money if they offered to take one he changes the order. Southgate doing what he does best and deflecting the blame onto him as per usual. He just protecting the players.

@godswill_ukpong: Southgate picks the takers!!!!!

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