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Round-up of the latest EFL kit reveals – 30th June

We continue our look at more football kit unveilings…


Home (right) and away (left) kits


@Judecairns_: Best kits in years, gold compliments the blue and white perfectly on the home shirt with the collars adding the style. Away shirt is different but classy. Can’t wait to watch us win in them both next season! #QPR1920

@KilburnRanger82: #QPR1920 think the home kit is lovely, casual look for the fans, away kit is really nice colour, will be buying both.

@JoeHylton1: #QPR1920 Imperative that the Hoops go all the way round the home shirt, together with the right shade of blue & correct amount of Hoops… for me, this shirt ticks all those boxes.
Both shirts look classy, the addition of the 70’s retro polo-collar gets my vote of approval.?

@angelab2711: #QPR1920 classy …especially the away kit.. both are extremely stylish ?

@LouisMoir99: Polo designs ?? gold on home is superb #QPR1920



Home kit


@DannyBaracskay: Is it just me that’s slightly disappointed. Something doesnt sit right with it and I cant put my finger on it.

@moffadona10: Oh yes baby the stripes. ❤️???

@TheBantams1983: Love it. Strips are back. City are back too.

@dmahon11: Nothing new here, it just seems very familiar but we are back with our stripes so that’s a good thing 7/10 for me #bcafc

@boarsheadbantam: Stripes! ?? Yes… can’t knock that.. it’s a million miles better than last year.. ??but looks cheap quality.. and where’s the collar, looks unfinished? ?



Home kit


@johndlockhart: 4….bland and uninspirational, there’s no design chic or eye catching design, just my opinion but It’s not for me

@danielwareham: 10! Best designed kit we have ever had. Smart and modern

@Matt_Hutson: HORNY

@adamskip77: ooooh lovely stuff 10/10 #class

@SecretSam999: Solid 8, but the bridge on the back is a disrespectful afterthought, should have been on the badge.



Home (middle), away (right) and third (left) kits


@ConnorOConnell7: That is so sexy ????

@Clubred653: Why do they have those lines through the middle? So close. So so close.

@LukeJamesUK: Improvement on last year

@djnicey: ?? they look smart, much better than last seasons kit

@KieronDay03: Fair play ?

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