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Round-up of the latest EFL kit reveals – 30th June

With the 2018/19 season finished and more and more kits revealed in the last few weeks, we’ve taken a look at how some of clubs will look when they take to the field for the new campaign in August.

Recently, there have been many football kit unveilings from English Football League clubs.

Check out some of them below and on the next few pages…


Home and away kits


@OrientFanTV: Beautiful, pleased with that, a bit different to the usual nike templates we have had the last few years

@Caroline13B: I didn’t think I’d like it but I do ??‍♀️ It has a look of originality and uniqueness about it. Do feel the badge was perfect just as it was??and didn’t need changing … but what matters is we wear the shirt with pride and have a great season in it ⚽️ #lofc

@Joe_Pavett: Imagine thinking this isn’t the best kit in the league

@lordgriff98: Not my cup of tea. Son hates it as well which is a result as it saves me 50 notes…

@London_Nut: Seriously, what the hell is that? It’s horrendous ?



Away kit


@TheCobbler1972: I have to admit, this is way better than last year’s away kit.

@JTAllen369: not a fan?

@captainblue09: Not good not bad but could have been much better

@ijg1979: Love it ?

@NathanNTFC: Yesss amazing?



Home kit


@nath_loveridge: why is that the sponsor, why’ve you done that

@69spiritof: League one badge is all that matters

@xLepebble: Apart from the sponsor being a bit poor. It’s really nice

@lincslass86: Can’t please everyone but personally I love it, but then again I liked last seasons too lol.

@Dlnorton150879: It’s a massive thumbs up from me . Quality ????????



Home kit


@M4rk_0ne: I hold my hands up. It actually looks better In these pictures than on the ones with the players wearing the shirt.

@jonrileynffc: The only thing I’d moan about is the printed badge. Embroidered is so much better and doesn’t look as cheap.

@Sekulalalala: Printed badge? ?

@MarkShaw_Design: A closer look…. you mean a proper look…. it’s growing on me now. But why has it gone up in price year on year when there is less detail? (No collar, no buttons, no embroidered badge)

@andrewwalton5: I like it. More and more the more I see it ??????


Take a look at more kit reveals by clubs in recent weeks on the next page.


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