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Rotherham ground staff slammed, sprinklers come on during pitch inspection before abandonment

Rotherham ground staff have been slammed while sprinklers come on during the pitch inspection before abandonment of the Cardiff match.

Cardiff had been leading 1-0 thanks to Jaden Philogene five minutes in, before the referee Oliver Longford decided to take the players off the field, and after efforts to get the match back under way, the heavy rain made the pitch unplayable.

The Championship clash at the New York Stadium was suspended while ground staff attempted to clear standing water off the pitch as it was teeming down in South Yorkshire at the beginning of the second half.

Neil Mellor wrote: “Pitch well watered…….Sprinklers and Rain at half time here at Rotherham. HT: Rotherham 0-1 Cardiff #soccersaturday.

“Play suspended 47mins after a rain downpour! Players taken off pitch and we await to see if it will continue.

“2 Groundsmen trying to keep hopes of this game alive. #soccersaturday Rotherham 0-1 Cardiff (47mins) play is suspended.

“Pitch inspection at 4.45pm to see if we will continue… Rotherham 0-1 Cardiff #soccersaturday (47mins game suspended)

“GAME OFF ⚽️ Rotherham 0-1 Cardiff (47mins) Play suspended for nearly an hour before finally called off. Waterlogged pitch.”

Meanwhile, Glen Williams of WalesOnline, tweeted: “The two captains are spoken to by the referee. The rain is ridiculous and the ground is sodden. Ball barely travelling a couple of yards. Crazy change in conditions.

“I cannot believe how badly the pitch changed after circa 15 minutes of rain. The players couldn’t even kick the ball. It was like Subbuteo.

“I’ve got to say, this is pretty bloody poor. Three ground staff, just walking around, with no urgency, scraping the water off the pitch. This is a massive game. Surely there should be more resources/more being done? Getting on for 20 minutes now.

“Announcement: A further pitch inspection to take place at 4.45pm.

“Another announcement: “This match is.. still.. there will be another inspection in five minutes.” 🤦‍♂️

EFL said at 5:15pm: “Following the abandonment of this afternoon’s Sky Bet Championship fixture between Rotherham United and Cardiff City, the circumstances surrounding this will now be considered in-line with EFL Regulations.”

Twitter users reacted with the Rotherham ground staff slammed, after sprinklers come on during a pitch inspection before abandonment…

@davies250395: People have spent a lot of money to travel up only to be faced with this The Groundsmen barely broke a sweat

@mattyaztec: Three points and a win for us plus automatically relegate them

@CallumJ_1927: Push for the 3 points. Absolutely embarrassing a club in the championship and can’t hack a bit of rain

@Bethaan92: Give Cardiff the win!! Or deduct Rotherham for their awful pitch!!! Shouldn’t happen at championship level!! Absolutely disgrace!!! 😡😡😡

@RhysWRichards: Didn’t fancy it, did you @OfficialRUFC?

@soozles_: Disgraceful. Ground staff seemed to have put as little effort as possible into trying to clear the water from the pitch and clear lack of decent drainage. @EFL Cardiff should get 3 points Rotherham at fault and clearly know the pitch will flood and not drain

@regan_wightman: Massive game like that. They didn’t wanna get the water off either. Makes me sick🤢

@Cardiff_Bez: Shocking. Isn’t even that bad now and it’s not even raining.

@Titch_7: Absolute disgrace @EFL if the ground is not fit for purpose, how are they allowed to play in this league? How convenient we now have #raingate after #snowgate

@keironjpugsley: Shocking. There are league 2 clubs who can deal with a bit of rain with far less funding.

@christ1ant0b: What a disgrace. Can’t let them get away with that

@GrizzoEl: Tells you everything, @OfficialRUFC fans cheering because the game is abandoned! This is an absolute disgrace!

@Ccfcrossy: Efl should had us 3 points purely down to the lack of drainage on their pitch

@DSebburn: Played worse at local pitch 😂 😂 lil bit of water

@Big_Gesus: Embarrassment at this level. If the game is replayed it should start at the same score and time.

@FM_Wonderkidz: Probably shouldn’t have gone so heavy with the sprinklers at HT 💦💦💦

@footballthats1t: Piss poor from you lot as usual

@SimonJenkins30: Think the powers that be at the FA should look into this for cheating. Home side losing. Rain not cleared from pitch. No effort from the ground staff at the club. Game gets called off. Wonder if any local non league games were called off or is it only in @SkyBetChamp.

@CCFCMando: Your ground workers are as useful as a chocolate teapot

@tibbo133no: Sack the groundstaff, about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike

@kian_lacey: What a joke of a club. Get back to league 1 where you belong

@diffmj: please just stop coming to the higher leagues rotten club deserve to be playing league 2 football

@blue_flyby: Absolute tinpot joke of a club… Full @EFL investigation needed over those pitiful attempts to make the pitch playable again.

@BluebirdSnoop: How likely is an investigation into them refusing to try and get the pitch ready?

@Stacey_1788: Just like the Derby snow gate all over again! Ridiculous. Should be investigated no effort made to get water off pitch and can’t meet FA Rule and Regulations for the drainage of water. We will go on to loose now in the replay

@mattyaztec: They should forfeit the game now.

@Bloovic: Disgusting, no effort made. They’re more than happy 🤬🤬 #bluebirds

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