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Rotherham close in on finalising appointment of new manager weeks on from sacking Matt Taylor

Rotherham United close in on finalising the appointment of a new manager many weeks on from sacking predecessor Matt Taylor.

As per Rotherham Advertiser and Sky Sports, the Millers are down to the final two candidates for their new manager, Leam Richardson, the former Wigan boss, one of the two in talks over the role.

They are hoping to finalise that appointment on Thursday, with Rotherham currently sitting second from bottom in the table, seven points from safety.

The position is still up for grabs, having seen talks with Nathan Jones fall through. The Welshman turned down the chance to come in and replace Matt Taylor who was sacked on the 13th of November.

So who now? The Advertiser state that Mark Warburton isn’t likely to become their new boss, while Leam Richardson is the stronger contender.

It’s unclear if Warburton has rejected the role or the club have gone against offering it to him.

Meanwhile, Gary Rowett says he spoke with Rotherham on more than one occasion but isn’t in the running, while Stevenage boss Steve Evans hasn’t got the ‘unanimous’ support of the Rotherham hierarchy.

This is what fans are saying as Rotherham close in on finalising an appointment of their new manager weeks on from sacking Matt Taylor…

@sammyhad1986: More I think about it more i think Richardson may be a decent appr. Hungry to get back in and prove a point. Used to working on a tightish budget, was doing well at Wigan at this level until the Mo ey troubles really hit. His teams are usually orgainsed and play with a press

@craighawley: I think if the board appointment Richardson a lot of fans will turn against the club mate!

@SwalesRyan: We have just got to accept we aren’t an attractive option in this division even to managers out of work. I don’t like to question TS running the club on a strict budget. Although it’s very commendable being debt free but I think it’s starting to hurt us at this level.

@cal_howis: Hope they both brought GCSE certificates for Tony seeing as we are still going through a painstaking interview process.

@CraigyBoyBes: Should’ve just kept Taylor #rufc

@SwalesRyan: So it will be someone who could have come straight away. But it’s taken us 4 weeks of interviews from people not interested first.

@kimhayw36231211: Happy with this always Liked Richardson did a good job at wigan with the tools he was given just unlucky when things changed. Fingers crossed we get it over the line. Keep the faith UTM ❤

@Finlay_Rufc5: Why’s it took this long to interview Richardson? Let’s be realistic we ain’t getting any better & he’d do a solid job & get us back up no problem given we’re basically down anyway

@RUFC_Tiny: It’s gonna be Richardson let’s just get him appointed now no one else is gonna come. I don’t really want him but anyone other than Wayne Carlisle will do for me 😂👍🏻

@BenPanko1990: Get Richardson in. Come on Stewart stop wasting time, will stay up under him, Utm

@TheTWord90: Fml it’s gonna be Richardson

@SamRufc: Everytime there’s a glimmer of hope for this club it turns into immense disappointment

@oxborough72236: Warburton and Richardson can’t get anymore boring than that. No fight in any of them. Defo not what we want

@RufcCal: Fuck that I’m binning me season ticket

@rufc_noah: relegate us now

@naterufc09: Wish we’d just stop pissing about and just give the job to Richardson.

@kevjohnson77: I’m not against Leam Richardson at all, not blown me away but could be a GREAT appointment, he will have the fans full backing I am sure. Sadly the whole process has been a shambles from start to finish and the new boss and all fans know he’s 3rd or 4th choice. #rufc

@Rufcjoe87: 4 weeks. 4 games. 3 rejections (we know of) and we end up with Richardson. A league one level manager with 20 games at this level and who’s been out of work for 13 months, and doesn’t seem to be a huge step forwards. How very Rotherham United. #rufc

@JoanneA10178281: I think we should just appoint Leam Richardson. We need someone with fight, guts and he showed that at Wigan. He also wants to come by the look of it and has a point to prove. Leam Richardson’s red and white army has a good ring to it.#rufc

@RUFCElliot: Go for someone who actually wants the job. Shouldn’t be having to beg. #rufc

@bgannrufc: Not sure where people are getting this idea of Richardson from. Had a big budget at Wigan, played shite hoofball and left them in the relegation places after losing 6 of his last 7. Would be a wank appointment. #rufc

@__IrufcI__: Everyone saying they’re done with club etc can understand it with how much of a shambles this past few weeks have been but least we can do is support Leam, not his fault we’re a state. Hes coming in and gonna give it 100%, let’s just back him and hope for best. #RUFC Stewart out.

@DavidLeeFitzy16: Jesus christ almighty just get Richardson in today and lets put an end to this shit show 🙏

@smith98_josh: Utterly embarrassing. Any manager worth anything in this league won’t touch us with a barge pole. We’ve ended up with a cheap, embarrassing last option. Stewart has took the piss out of the fans past 3 and a half week and people can’t see it. Get Stewart gone.

@eddie_broomhead: Oh no ffs. Don’t you dare TS. Don’t you dare.

@LewisOldham99: L.Richardson wasn’t my first choice, but he’d be a solid appointment for Rotherham. Was harshly ousted by Wigan last season, has worked well on a tight budget & can make teams organised. Good long-term if we go down as well after what we did in L1 with Wigan. #RUFC

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