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Rotherham and West Brom in disbelief at penalty awarded after ball hits player outside the box

Rotherham United and West Brom were left in disbelief at a penalty awarded after the ball hits a player outside the box.

Despite Rotherham’s Lee Peltier being hit with the ball outside his own box, West Brom were awarded a spot kick, leaving the players stunned.

The Baggies were already leading 1-0 thanks to Brandon Thomas-Asante’s goal, and had the opportunity to double their lead came when Jon Swift was given the chance to score from the spot, which he did.

Thomas-Asante took a long-range shot that struck Peltier, and although Peltier had his arms up, he was standing outside of the penalty area.

West Brom players made it clear the ball had struck the player’s hand, with referee Geoff Eltringham then giving a penalty, Rotherham protested the decision, and assistant head coach Rob Kelly got booked.

Ex-referee Keith Hackett tweeted: “Geoff Eltringham needs to explain his reasons behind his appalling penalty kick decision in the WBA v Rotherham game last night. If it was for handball then the offence must be inside the Penalty area. The player judged to have handled was a couple of feet outside.”

West Bromwich Albion head coach Carlos Corberan told BBC Sport:

“I did not see a video of the penalty incident but I knew from the level of protest from the Rotherham bench that there was doubt.

“I hope to see the team compete at their best level from now until the end of the season.

“Every game is hard but we need to keep going and achieve something unbelievable.”

Carlos Corberan, per Sky Sports: “I didn’t see the action back. I knew from the level of the protests from the players and the staff, I understood that there was no doubt that it was the wrong decision. In these situations, you always want fair decisions.

“Later in the game there was another decision, maybe a foul on Asante inside the box, that the referee didn’t whistle.

“If the referee did something wrong, he can, let’s say, compensate for this, but during the year, unfortunately the referees haven’t had the support to guarantee the right or wrong decisions. Live, they need to make quick decisions.

“Sometimes they make mistakes because everyone does. It happens in your favour sometimes, sometimes not. We have, this year, received a lot of wrong decisions against us, which we don’t want in the same way we don’t want any type of advantage in the decision.

“If the action wasn’t a penalty, it’s a pity, but hopefully it’s a compensation of something that we have suffered from before.”

Rotherham United boss Leam Richardson told BBC Sport:

“The penalty is a wrong one, a poor one and it changes the whole outcome of the game.

“It’s a shot which hits him outside the box and in the face too. I’ve not seen that before.

“We had an assessor tried to get in the dressing room and I’ve been told about similar decisions this season and apology letters, but I’ve got no time for any of that.

“It’s not been good for us since I’ve been in the job. But we were always always in the game and we looked good on the counter attack.”

Leam Richardson, per Sky Sports: “I’ve not seen that before. The assistant was maybe 10 yards away looking down the line of it. Then he goes and books my assistant manager (Rob Kelly) for telling him ‘the linesman can help’. It was a wrong decision, and a poor one in my opinion. It changed the full outcome of the game.

“The first goal we gave away was poor, but then I thought the second one changed the whole complex.

“Someone said in another interview that those decisions go against you when you’re down there, but that’s a disgusting way of looking at it. You should have a consistency of professionalism regardless.

“I never question anyone’s integrity, but I can’t explain that decision.

“We’ve had a number of similar decisions and apology letters, but I have no interest in that. You can’t get those decisions wrong.”

It’s an absolute shambles and shouldn’t happen at this level”, Rotherham midfielder Sam Clucas said on Lee Peltier’s penalty incident.

Teams: West Brom- Palmer, Furlong, Bartley, Kipre (Ajayi 64), Reach, Yokuslu (Chalobah 64) M’Vila, Fellows (Phillips 75), Swift, Johnston (Diangana 64), Thomas-Asante (Maja 83). Unused- Griffiths, Townsend, Mowatt, Weimann.

Rotherham- Johansson, Peltier (Ferguson 79), Rathbone, Bramall (Seriki 79), Humphreys, Clucas (Appiah 79), Rinomhota (Hatton 90+1), Revan, Cafu, Nombe (Eaves 83), Odoffin. Unused- Phillips, Wyke.

Referee- G Eltringham.

Attendance- 22331 (179)

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This is how fans reacted with Rotherham and West Brom in disbelief at a penalty awarded after the ball hits a player outside the box…

@Canadine08: @refsupportuk how can you defend this? What happens to referee that makes mistakes like this?

@tprowl: He’s a terrible referee but surely he’s not that bad he needs investigating for this decision

@webb_crypto: I’m an Albion fan and that is a disgrace. This Ref is awful. Even the fouls given to us haven’t been fouls #wba #rufc

@PNEFansForum: So bad, sums up the officiating this season tbh.

@tommyuto: That’s shocking, be fuming if I was a Rotherham fan

@Adam_Hooper10 Absolutely tragic decision but the Albion have had that luck all season #rufc #pusb

@sheffieldmiller: And people complain about VAR! Take a look at this incompetent refereeing in one of the biggest leagues in Europe. Just unacceptable.

@siddy_lufc: That is absolutely horrendous. Standard of refs in efl is a joke

@chloeanntaylorx: Penalty for ball hitting his head outside of box👍🏽 fucked these refs hahahahaha

@_mstephenson88: I think that’s the worst one I’ve ever seen, hit him in the face outside the box 😩

@lindseyxrufc: The worst refereeing I’ve EVER seen! We’ve had some whopping decisions in the past but this one takes the fucking biscuit and comes back for the crumbs! Absolute clown 🤡 #rufc

@CraigGoater87: 4 yards out of box, hits peltier on bonce and ref still gives penalty 🙈🙈 I’ve seen it all now @FA_PGMOL @EFL #rufc

@NJB44: Ref and lino should be retired with immediate effect. Disgraceful. #rufc

@Jay75577255Jay: @FA_PGMOL yet again, sort out your refs

Heading the ball outside of the box = penalty 🤣
One of the all time worst decisions this

@babylonrass: Ref stood right there, corrupt end of

@SamMufc7: People who moan about var are quick to forget the terrible decisions without it

@Connor__OC: These EFL refs get worse each GW don’t they that’s horrendous

@abs_rufc: one of the worst penalty decisions I’ve ever seen, the poor blokes got concussion nevermind being yards away from the box 😂😂😂😂

@Mikeyoligy: West Brom fan here, clearly never a pen. Honestly was shocked he was pointing at the spot.

@thejodiefry: That is horrendous

@CMpafc: Genuinely a disgrace that they get to keep doing this without being sacked. Championship referees are a special breed.

@kvyt666: @efl we may be relegated already but that doesn’t excuse decisions like this. sort it out please. nobody deserves a ref like this

@wenuwood: FFS………even without me glasses on and looking on me mobile you can it hits his bloody head 🤦🏻‍♀️ absolutely ridiculous decision 😡

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