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Ron Martin blames Southend fans protesting outside his house for putting potential buyers off

Chairman Ron Martin blames Southend fans protesting outside his house for putting potential buyers off, it’s been reported.

Chris Phillips of Echo News said footage was sent, in which Ron Martin can be heard saying: “I know you want me to sell and I want to sell the club as much as you do but you do realise you’re putting people off.

He then adds: “You guys are putting people off. I’m sorry, you are.”

“I have not had the opportunity to sell the club, If I had I would have.”

“I’d like to sell the club but no-one has come along and said I’d like to buy the club here’s £1 for the club and £4.5million for Roots Hall.”

Martin also says he is sure HMRC would be paid before the next court hearing on Wednesday the 23rd of August.

Southend’s first game of the 2023/24 campaign will go ahead as planned after it obtained a new safety certificate for its Roots Hall stadium after it needed approval from Southend Council.

The club said Saturday’s National League opener against Oldham Athletic shall go ahead as scheduled and thanked fans for their support in getting the ground in shape.

Southend United, debts of £2.5m, were relegated out of the EFL at the end of the 2020-21 season, been to court a number of times this year, with an order being made in May to ensure the club’s survival by allowing the payment of players and accountants.

About £300,000 is owed to football creditors while they also need to pay off a £275,000 tax bill.

Staff’s wages were paid for the first time in three months.

Ron Martin, who has been the club’s owner for 25 years, has said he would be prepared to sell the 117-year-old club.

On Sunday, over 100 fans turned out at Roots Hall to clean and paint the stadium in an effort to help it gain a new safety license.

Conservative Southend West MP Anna Firth was in admiration of those who helped and said Southend fan Lawrence Austin who organised the event “deserved a medal”.


Saturday’s Vanarama National League opener against Oldham Athletic will go ahead at Roots Hall as scheduled.

Tickets and hospitality for the match, along with 23/24 season cards, will go on sale at 10am on Tuesday 1st August.

The Club would like to reiterate how grateful it is to the 160 plus supporters who worked hard on Sunday to help clean-up the stadium, along with Mick Maddocks of R B Emersons whose work has been tireless to ensure the stadium’s Safety Certificate has been granted by the relevant authorities.

The quickest and easiest way for supporters to purchase their match tickets and season cards is on our new online ticketing system.

Both Blues and Oldham fans will only be able to purchase their tickets for Saturday’s game from 10am on Tuesday morning.


Following media speculation, The National League would like to make the following statement.

Following consultation with Southend United Football Club and the relevant local authorities, the League can confirm it is satisfied that all safety and operational conditions have been met to allow the fixture between Southend United and Oldham Athletic to take place on Saturday 5 August 2023 at Roots Hall as scheduled.

Organiser of the day, Lawrence Austin, was amazed by the number of volunteers who came along.

“The turn-out was incredible,” he said. “I expected about 50 people to turn up and it was 165 people in the end. The support was overwhelming.

“There was a real good sense of community, everybody mucked in really well and no-one shirked a responsibility. The stands are now looking really good.

“There were people offering materials, we had a professional cleaning company turn up which was paid for by a fan, we’ve had fans buying paint, buckets, brooms and bleach, the Shrimpers Trust supplied chips from the fish shop, there was tea, coffee, biscuits and cupcakes supplied too. Just so much went into it, I can’t believe people how much people did to support it.

“You can see from afar there’s actually colour on the seats! It’s just so pleasing to see how everyone came together.”

Head Coach Kevin Maher also turned up and showed his support to the fans.

He said: “The way fans of all ages have rallied around to lend a hand is incredible.

“It shows the unbelievable passion they have for this club and it’s really appreciated by all the players and staff.

“Thank you to all who came along and to Lawrence for organising it.”

Lawrence added: “The support from Kevin [Maher] was amazing, it was nice to take him around and for him to talk to the fans who turned up to show everyone is on the same page.

“Everyone is so grateful that he’s stuck around as Head Coach. He was saying about trying to keep the spirit up in the hope that in time something will change, and we will really push on as a club.

“At the end of the day, at some point it had to get done. If the game on Saturday doesn’t go ahead at Roots Hall that’s out of our hands, but what the fans have done this weekend is not going to be a waste of time. There was a lot to get done, and through the hundreds of people that came along a lot of work had been completed.”

Here’s what Twitter users are saying as Ron Martin blames Southend fans protesting outside his house for putting potential buyers off…

@antsk: Could never be his own fault, for years of mismanagement and that fans are now at breaking point?!

@Lord_Football: Would YOU do business with that man. I wouldn’t…. and I know some who could come and buy this club who won’t either.

@JDLeadbetter81: No words, genuinely no words….. 🤣🤣🤣

@CarefreeJonty: The reason people are put off is because of him, not the fans lmao

@ChrisJStott19: I’d I had a quid for everytime I’d heard stuff like this. In such situations it’s always the fans’ fault never the owner, we had it over a prolonged period at Oldham. Keep the faith

@DeanDCFC81: No RM you are the fans and club will sell itself. 1 person doing this fella 🫵. Even I know that I’m a Derby fan from the outside

@JB_Allen: Protest is against him, not the club, if the buyers are being put off, it’s probably because they’re worried they’ll end up with no money and in the same position as him as well.

@Petegab23: Does he reliase he’s putting people off by moving the goal posts every 5 mins #MartinOut

@KevinJH91314685: Yes, by highlighting what an absolute untrustworthy person to do business with you are ? Maybe so but then if you were more honest in what you say and do and stopped shifting the goalposts perhaps there’d be more interest. Can’t help feeling this is all going to end in tears..

@JamManUK2000: Buyers won’t care, investors may well be put off though as they know they will continue if Ron still remains.

@XXL_Cyclist: even when its so obviously him thats the issue he tries to squirm out of it and blame everyone and anyone else. Narcissist behaviour is so obvious in some. #MartinOut

@Tonyboney69: Unbelievable what a complete bell end just do the decent thing and go #martinout

@LauraBlenes: Yeah, cos *they’re* the problem 🙄

@tommyharris57: That statement just underlines how out of touch he is with reality! The potential takeover individuals are blues fans and totally understand why fans have been protesting at his house! Everyone wants him gone!

@NicaraguaVisit: Disgraceful comments from Ron. Reading between the lines it seems the real problem is that he doesn’t want to sell and could be deliberately putting obstacles in the way of a sale. Needs to realise that he has to go.

@peaky2234: Reason buyers are put off is because he keeps unloading his debts into the club. He’s happy to sell for £1 but then people do DD & find all his hidden secrets. The man is a virus 🤬

@stringer_oafc: This is exactly what Oldham’s formers owner said. In the end, it was the passion of our supporters that got us a new owner.

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