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Robin Olsen and Patrick Vieira speak out on their pitch invader assaults

Aston Villa keeper Robin Olsen and Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira speak out on their pitch invader assaults suffered last week.

Manchester City produced a stunning comeback against Steven Gerrard’s side to win the Premier League title, scoring three times late in the game to be crowned the champions.

And after the game, masses fans rushed to the pitch in celebration with Man City winning their eighth league title.

However once again, the pitch invasion turned sour, seeing yet more violence despite the amount of stewards and security surrounded around the edge of the pitch.

Man City confirmed a short while after the final whistle that Olsen was assaulted while trying to leave the pitch, and that they will be issuing a lifetime ban to the supporter.

After the game, Olsen, a 32-year-old stopper making his Villa debut, spoke out on social media.

“Those idiots who attacked me will not destroy my emotions of today’s game,” he said.

“I got the opportunity to make my debut for this fantastic club, and we were close to getting a good result against a tough opponent. UTV.”

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Phillip Maxwell, 28, has been charged with throwing a missile (pyrotechnic) onto the pitch and will appear at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court on May 23 2022.

Paul Colbridge, 37, has been charged with going onto the pitch and will appear at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court on June 7 2002.

Greater Manchester Police say both have been bailed ahead of the court appearances.

GMP also said in a statement: “Enquiries into the reported assault of a player on the pitch after the final whistle are ongoing with officers working in partnership with both football clubs.”

City have apologised after Aston Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen was ‘assaulted’ as he made his way from the pitch following Sunday’s game at the Etihad.

Villa released a statement saying Olsen is “completely fine”, confirming he did take a bang on the back of the head, but indicating nobody was sure if the incident was deliberate or an accident. Villa said they consider the matter closed and will not be making a complaint.

Pep Guardiola was disappointed to hear about the attack, and when asked about it, he simply responded: “I’m so sorry on behalf of the club to Olsen and Aston Villa.

“I don’t think there were intentions, but the emotions of people there, it’s always difficult to understand why people respond in that way and cannot celebrate themselves and not do these kind of things. Hopefully, we can discover who the person was and he’ll be punished.

“I don’t know how (to stop it). You cannot put 1,000 guards to control all the people there. We are so sorry. It’s the bad news of today.”

Steven Gerrard was angry when asked if his players were okay in his post-match press conference. He said: “‘No’ is the answer to that.

“My goalkeeper was attacked and I think those questions should go to Pep and Manchester City. We’ll go and check if he’s okay now.”

Meanwhile, Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira has spoken publicly for the first time about his incident involving a fan at Everton on Thursday and admitted he feared for his own safety and that of his players.

Reflecting after a final-day win over Manchester United, Vieira said: “I think the Everton incident is bigger than just that incident.

“When you look at it in the Premier League, there were a lot of field invasions that can cause trouble. There are real issues here to reflect on and try to see what is the best way to manage it and to deal with it.

“You don’t know what can happen. When you don’t know what can happen of course you fear for anything, for the players.

“We want to be safe and the best way to do that is we need to reflect on what is the best way for those kind of things not to happen on the field. As a coach, manager, player or staff we want to be safe in our workplace.

“I think there is a big issue on the FA and Premier League’s plate to deal with.

“They need the support and the club and the players to get involved. Everybody has to take responsibility and see what is the best way for those things not to happen.”

Twitter users reacted Robin Olsen and Patrick Vieira speak out on their pitch invader assaults…


@domwriight: Thought he was solid after the first 5-10 minutes, punched corners away and claimed crosses well

@WorrallLes: And he played brilliantly.

@AVFCFansForum: Should be made to play the first 4 games behind closed doors, big fine, fences erected. But it’s Man City so nothing will happen to them, they do what they like spend what they like, scum fans, and they think “f*** the rest of football we own it”

@lukewoodyy: what a guy, feel so bad for him but he had a good game 💜

@Jamie_UTV: He was decent once he got settled, got to remember he’s not played in ages so was obviously rusty and maybe not great with his feet but was commanding

@Rich0364: Commanding performance on crosses, solid debut.

@STAUNT0N: You could see his confidence growing in the game and commanded his area catching numerous crosses easing pressure on defence, but City has no class

@avfcjosh_: Love you Robin. What a guy 💜

@Dawud_10: Rocky start, but he grew in confidence as the game went on.

@TEB3190: What a bloke. Wouldn’t mind him back next season based on today. Shaky first 15/20 minutes but was solid after that. Very good at claiming crosses and just seemed to be quite calm.


@clivewilcock: Vieira was protecting himself!

@Jboy010203: Ridiculous if he’s charged

@kezmXD: I was thinking about this earlier with the Vieira situation too like how scary would it be to be a footballer in important games where fans might be running on to the pitch

@Carlmartin80: Im an everton fan he was well within his rights to kick him no need for what that lad done

@Fuelmanfx: The English FA will do absolutely nothing

@MrKristopherAS: If you put anyone else in that situation and they would do the exact same thing. Supporters who run onto the pitch and attack players, managers or anyone are scum and tougher punishments have to be given. Clubs have to police their fans better to stop them getting onto the pitch

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