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Robbie Savage speaks out after receiving backlash from fans over Macclesfield season ticket prices

Robbie Savage speaks out after receiving backlash from fans over the Macclesfield season ticket prices for the 2023/24 campaign.

The Silkmen have been slammed after posting their new ticket prices for when they play in the seventh tier, with the club on the cusp of promotion.

Macclesfield have since deleted their tweet after widespread criticism, but the statement from them is still available on the official website.


Macclesfield FC are pleased to announce Season Ticket and Matchday Ticket prices ahead of the 2023/24 campaign.

The support that we have enjoyed so far this season so far has been truly phenomenal and has played a critical factor in Neil Danns’ side being on the cusp of claiming back-to-back promotions.

We want all our loyal supporters to back Macc once again next season, with a full breakdown of prices below –

Commenting on this, Club Director Robert Smethurst stated –

“Purchasing a Season Ticket remains the most cost-effective way to show your support and help us plan a competitive First Team budget that we hope will see us continue the momentum gained over the past two seasons.

“Investing in an Adult Season Ticket means that the cost of each home league game will be just over £14.00 – which we believe is great value for money, especially if we manage to ascend to Step Three within the coming weeks.

“Not only that, but we have retained our commitment to attract younger fans to the Stadium – with Under-12s paying just over £2.00 to watch the forthcoming campaign unfold.

“During the last few months, the Club has had to strike a balance between raising the cost of tickets to cover our matchday costs and appreciating the fact that everyone is currently in the midst of a cost of living crisis.

“In terms of the costs which we incur during matchdays, we are essentially running an English Football League Stadium – irrespective of the level we are currently playing at.

“Under the terms of our Safety Certificate, we have to conduct a wealth of ground testing before we can even open our doors, have an extensive medical presence at all games and employ a vast amount of stewards – well beyond any other Club at our level.

“In addition, our phenomenal facilities demand an army of over one hundred staff to provide our fans with the best possible service that we can deliver.

“The costs involved in just staging a match are staggering, as we are running an operation that mirrors that of Clubs four divisions higher.

“For the past two seasons, these costs have been absorbed by myself personally – fuelled by the continued passion that I have to take this great Club as far as possible.

“But now is the time for the supporters to unite together behind this amazing journey that we are all on and help push us forward to even greater heights.

“We have to recognise that we are not a “normal” Club at the level we are playing at – the facilities that we enjoy are much, much better than many EFL Clubs and we should be so proud of that.

“With that comes heightened costs as I have explained, but I feel that we have struck the correct balance between raising the ticket prices and providing great value for money.

“I hope that everyone will back us once again next season and be part of the next stage of our amazing development.”

Season Tickets will go on General Sale from 10am on Wednesday 19th April.


“The cost of living crisis has hit every household – and football has not escaped the ravages of inflation.

“At Macclesfield, we have taken some stick for raising our ticket prices next season, but our experience is no different to the financial pressures being felt by clubs up and down the country. We could be celebrating a second consecutive promotion as champions if results go our way this weekend, so I hope any celebrations are not tempered by a backlash over our reluctant price hikes.

“But to give you an idea of how much it costs to run a club, let me start by revealing that owner Rob Smethurst has put £4 million of his own money into the project since we bought the shell of a football club in October 2020.

“Neither of us – Rob as owner, me as director of football – takes a penny as a salary. And it’s an uncomfortable truth that many clubs would not survive without the generosity of their owners. But we have been caught napping by the running costs, and some of these figures may help to explain why clubs below Premier League or Championship level struggle to make ends meet.

“This year, following the massive rise in energy costs, our combined gas and electricity bills have gone up from £4,000 a month to £20,000 a month – a 500 per cent increase.

“The big worry is that is clubs who only just survived the pandemic will now go to the wall on the back of those crippling energy bills. By the time we have spent £8,000 on stewarding, £4,000 on police, paid 33 bar staff, medical staff on standby and other ancillary bills, it costs us £25,000 per match at the Leasing.com stadium.

“Whether we are playing Trafford in the Northern Premier League West or Manchester United, the operating costs of running our ground is the same.

“In one respect, we are lucky – we attract gates of between 3,500 to 4,000 in a league where most of out competitors get crowds of only a few hundred.

“But our stadium is effectively an EFL-standard facility in the Northern Premier League West, and we have to obtain a safety certificate from the council to run it as such.

“I can understand the feedback about ticket prices: Next season, we are increasing admission from £12 to £17, and season tickets from £180 to £299, which works out at £14.23 per game.

“The alternative would be to reduce the playing budget by half, use that money to peg back ticket prices, and instead of building a squad capable of challenging for a third successive promotion we could just tread water. But is that what the fans want? It’s a double-edged sword and there are no easy solutions.

“If the gas suppliers get in touch to tell us our bill will come back down to last year’s levels, we can think again – but how many of your household bills ever come down significantly?

“Three years ago, there was no football club in Macclesfield – now we are facing kick-back because of our ticket prices. But this is the reality of football club economics up and down the country.

“And the truth is that it is no longer enough just to be a millionaire to run a club with ambitions of reaching the National League or higher. You need to have a fortune running into tens of millions. If we have another promotion to celebrate between now and Easter, I hope frank discussions about ticket prices don’t spoil the party.”



This is how Twitter users reacted as what Robbie Savage speaks out after receiving backlash from fans over Macclesfield season ticket prices…

@lovejoy_77: £17 is a disgrace for non league, should be at affordable prices

@ryanmsmith89: £17 quid for NPL 😬 40% increase after a promotion. Remember lots of people are struggling as much if not more than football clubs.

@tinno213: Get the violins out. That club is a business to you. You couldnt care less about the fans

@CalumHood8: It’s disgraceful at the level. All clubs are feeling the pinch. If you’re suffering that much cut your wage budget and don’t make the fans take the hit!

@CarlHorner: What are you going to charge when you get up another couple of leagues into the national league north? £25/£30 a game? Your rise is a joke given the standard you’re at. £12 to get in at Fylde who are going upto the national league this year. To charge £5 more than that is a joke.

@NLgyles: Someone got to pay the £500 a week wages and full sick pay, they were boasting about last week.

@leif_mozley: You can’t justify that at NPL Prem level.

@Stubbs_86: £17 a match is a bit steep for the Northern Premier League, nearly as bad a £4 for the leagues smallest pie

@AntonClarke1: No disrespect but £300 for a season ticket to watch Macclesfield is scandalous.

@tomclarke1: £300 for a season ticket 🤡. Just paid an extra £55 to watch league 1 next year. 😂😂

@georgecricfoot3: Horrendous prices

@013Tay: 70% increase in pay on day ticket prices after 2 seasons 😂. I’ve not been attending many games since Sav tried to have me hoofed out ground by Keith Lard but I won’t be paying £17 for any NPL game. Something going badly wrong at the club as this is desperate attempt for £

@unajustin3124: £17 is high for non league, need come up with added attractions for that price , Buxton £15 two leagues higher up

@kane260104: Robbing bastards

@rogers01_tony: What. A. Rip. Off.

@DaleJudges: We get a lot of stick on social media, and it’d becoming harder and harder to defend this club! £17 is a joke.

@leerooney: A season ticket for @thesilkmen next season is only £30 more than I paid for my @officialcufc season ticket this season… for three divisions lower!🫣 #cufc

@SFC_Copey: Uh oh! Balance sheet not looking to healthy again?

@ctfc_b: Disgusting prices for the level they’re at.

@kianb_: My season ticket at Bolton is £80 less than what Macclesfield are charging. @RobbieSavage8 you and your pal are robbing cunts

@thatchersend: £300 for the 7th tier is absolutely mental. Fair play to the die hards who will be willing to pay for this to support there team, but I do not blame anyone who is not willing to pay that.

@john_holtend: Absolutely a joke this is

@LoveOfTheGround: My season ticket for west brom cost 100 quid less than a club in the 8th tier 😳 that’s shocking

@KsOllieU: The future of step 3, all it takes is one, then another, another then more follow. By 2030 £17 will be step 3 new prices. Dread to think what step 6 prices will be. What’s made you can eat 2nd division in Europe cheaper then England.

@BigSqueako: Clubs taking advantage of fans yet again…..

@borochip: 7th tier football. Imagine if we didn’t enforce them to not pay their staff. WhT a club. @RobbieSavage8 must be proud? Was always too good to be true.

@groundhopper23: Ladies and gentlemen, £17 for Step 3 non-league football. Messrs Savage & Co need to give their collective heads a wobble.

@RussWWFC: Shocking prices for step 3 football, just greedy and little confidence in their manager to get the job done on a sensible budget.

@mattcarlin12: Talk about pricing out your fans. Never understand clubs that do this. It’s so obvious that you’ll get more fans with cheaper prices

@TheDB30: They’re making themselves extremely difficult to like.

@damonlufc88: Not just the ticket prices will go up. The food will be, it’s already £5 a pint and £4 for a pie. Plus 4 different kits this season.. absolutely goes against everything non league football is about

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