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Riot police arrive at George Square to stop Rangers fans fighting with each other

Riot police arrive at George Square to stop Rangers fans fighting with each other with celebrations now leading to arrests.

Cops in Glasgow have been granted a Section 14 order to disperse Gers fans in George Square due to “disorder”.

Officers in the city centre now have special dispensation to move on supporters away from the area.

The order, part of the Public Order Act 1986, allows officers to break up a gathering if they believe “it may result in serious public disorder, serious damage to property or serious disruption to the life of the community.”

A numbers of cops in riot gear have been seen arriving at George Square in a bid to clear out the fans.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Due to the level of disorder in George Square, Police Scotland will make use of powers available under Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986 to disperse those who have chosen to gather.

“The senior police officer on the ground will give direct instructions to those gathered.”

It comes as thousands of Rangers supporters swarmed on the landmark to celebrate their club going the whole league season unbeaten.

Scotland’s police chief urged fans to “disperse” from a rammed George Square amid Covid rule breaking and “anti-social behaviour”, including the use of pyrotechnics and public drinking.

A huge emergency service response was scrambled to the area with ambulances and fire engines blaring their sirens as they slowly made their way through disrupted traffic towards George Square, where police officers were already in attendance.

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Commenting earlier this evening, the Chief Superintendent confirmed arrests have been made with his officers responding to anti-social behaviour including pyrotechnics being used and drinking in public.

He also also urged fans to disperse immediately and reiterated ‘people should take personal responsibility and do the right thing’.

His earlier statement advised: “Today is understandably a significant day for Rangers Football Club and its supporters. We understand the importance of football in Glasgow, how it connects our communities and, is for many, a culture and a way of life.

“We are however still in the midst of a pandemic and under Coronavirus restrictions people should not be gathering for any reason.

“The overarching aim of Police Scotland’s operation today remains public safety. Throughout the day we have seen crowds gather and anti-social behaviour including the use of pyrotechnics and drinking in public. Our officers are dealing with such offences where possible and have made arrests.

“A request to facilitate a fan procession to Glasgow city centre was declined and officers moved to the procession location to intervene. A short time later large crowds gathered at separate locations and began to move off, due to the size of the crowd, the supporters were escorted to George Square to ensure public safety and minimise disruption to the community.

“Given the largely peaceful nature of the crowd, it would not be proportionate for our resources to use a high level of force through public order policing to disperse those gathering. We have seen some disruption to traffic, but no long lasting disruption to our communities.

“Like all citizens of Glasgow we remain concerned about public health and the ongoing response to the pandemic, especially given the decision to keep Glasgow in level 3 restrictions. The Chief Constable has made it clear that people should take personal responsibility and do the right thing. Everyone should follow the rules to keep transmission down and I would again urge those gathered to disperse immediately.

“We will continue to police these events in a proportionate manner and officers are engaging with those who have gathered and are encouraging dispersal while tackling any anti-social behaviour.”

Scottish Government Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said he was ‘extremely disappointed’ supporters decided to gather and ignore covid rules and branded their behaviour ‘selfish and irresponsible’. He said discussions had already taken place with Rangers and that the government will speak to Police Scotland about what further action can be taken.

He commented: “I understand the significance of this day for Rangers fans but I am extremely disappointed that supporters have once again ignored Covid regulations and chosen to gather in large numbers in Glasgow.

“The rules are the same for everyone and the evidence is clear – when large numbers of people gather in close proximity, there is an increased risk of transmission. We are in a crucial and fragile stage in our fight against the virus, with a new variant and rising infection rates adding to the risks. This selfish and irresponsible behaviour endangers the lives of others – supporters, the police on duty and the wider community. I want to thank the police for incredibly difficult job they are doing keeping our communities safe throughout the pandemic.

“We have already discussed this with Rangers and will liaise with Police Scotland and the football authorities to consider what further action can be taken.”

Fans reacted as riot police arrive at George Square to stop Rangers fans fighting with each other…

@celticbhoy84: The louden tavern are going have to put some shift in this time cleaning up the whole of Glasgow.

@LawClive: All were missing is Attenborough commentary to go along with it 😂

@celticfanzone: Their DNA.

@mmgcon_mark: I don’t expect anything less

@cachatburn1: send the bill for the emergency services to RFC. and they might be a bit more creative to next Tim e they are to to calm down their fans

@mikeybhoy83: @Hoidy plenty bear on bear here

@Henriklubo: The financial and human cost of this disgrace is incalculable there must be a public inquiry into why @policescotland did not ban this

@BigTree66717133: Glasgow’s shame RFC

@tambritton: The bill for this and the clean up should be sent to Ibrox.

@wyliehorn: This is what someone was trying to tell me was a “joyous celebration” on here earlier today.

@arabshedboy: It’s in their nature to be angry with someone; to need someone to fight. If there’s no one from outside to fight, they’ll fight each other instead. Disgusting people.

@kintoredon: The People, apparently!!

@BarbettiBeat: I demand Rangers Football Club pick up the bill for all of this…absolutely every ambulance paid for by them.

@broomhilldons: Depressing & disgusting in equal measure.

@ChrisYoDoom: Anger is literally in their name.

@tic1967lisbon: Hello! Police Scotland where you all of duty tonight? Where the dogs tired, and the mounted polic having a day of after the peaceful turnout in Polockshields yesterday? Just asking like

@susan_yeah: @GreaterGlasgPol @policescotland this is shameful. Get these people off the fucking streets

@RayForsyth85: They’ve been angry for so long they don’t know how to act any differently, being happy is impossible for them

@i_thomson: Death. Taxes. And @RangersFC fans embarrassing Scotland. Well, I guess the dead club didn’t manage the second certainty. #ScotlandsShame

@LesleyMcDowell1: Helicopters still overhead. CONSTANT since about 3 this afternoon. Just ridiculous. #georgesquare #ScotlandsShame

@TheHornyHaggis: It stopped being about football at George Square. Don’t tell me the police didn’t know what everyone else in Scotland knew, it was always going to end in mayhem and mob rule. #ScotlandsShame

@Guy_Wersh: These are people supporting the same team? I’m dumbfounded!

@gezthepez88: Look at all that tax payers money getting spent for a club that died due to not paying their way.

@stek1010: Sensational stuff

@jacqui2f: What a waste of emergency services time and a cost to the public purse for these folk and football. Rangers or the bears should pay the bill gor this farce disruption and carnage

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