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Rio Ferdinand caught on camera fuming at BT Sport colleague

Rio Ferdinand has been caught on camera fuming at a BT Sport colleague of his minutes after hearing the full time score at Old Trafford.

The ex-Man Utd player must have thought his Saturday couldn’t get any worse when his saw that his former club fell to a shock 1-0 Premier League defeat at home to Aston Villa.

However, just minutes after hearing the final score at Old Trafford, the former United defender’s phone was dropped and smashed by one of his BT Sport colleagues.

Ferdinand was carrying out his punditry duties after Chelsea fell to a defeat against Manchester City at Stamford Bridge, when the blunder occurred.

Just before he was prepared to go live on air with Joe Cole, Joleon Lescott and host Jake Humphrey, he threw his phone in the direction of the floor manager – who let it slip through his hands.

Ferdinand then gave a furious reaction which was captured in a hilarious clip which has been shared online by Jake Humphrey, who revealed the phone ended up getting smashed.

Along with the footage, the BT Sport presenter wrote: “Man Utd beaten, phone smashed… good day @rioferdy5?”

Rio also took to Twitter and said: “Love Leo the floor manager but what he did to my phone will never be forgotten!!”

Twitter users couldn’t help but react with Rio Ferdinand caught on camera fuming at his BT Sport colleague…

@PaulPaulnufc1: Mike Ashley will buy him a new one 😉

@nicknackjames1: Why not put it in your pocket 🤯

@MacIsBoring: The distance and time it took him to turn around in frustration was more than enough for him to dash towards the guy and hand it to him if he REALLY NEEDED to

@phjes11: Guess he won’t be tweeting his support for his norwegian pal right this minute?

@ARankin89: What he did? Lol it’s your phone you threw it? If it means that much to you why throw it and leave it in the “hands” of someone else to make sure it doesn’t get broken

@RyanDavenport89: He get all his mates to chip in for a new one.

@woodsey6: If only u had the sort of money needed to buy/fix whatever u wanted. Will pray for u tonight Rio #PrayForRio

@gorbalstim: Walk over, hand the phone to the man, don’t disrespect him.

@rudboy84: Think you can afford a new

@MikeyBoy025: An iPhone 12 Pro Max weighs about 36KG’s. Was always risky throwing it at a guy holding a clip board 🤣📱💥

@DarrenCowan6: He probably ask the Newcastle fans to pay for a new phone!!

@garytaylor37: made my day

@StuartButtle: Must have been livid at the lack of pockets in his suit to use 😏

@andybarr180: Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

@aussiemagsNUFC: Just club together and get a new one @rioferdy5 🤣🤣

@Jack87Adam: Does he not have pockets? 😂😂

@Peglegmacgreg: Ha ha u love to see it, ye should all chip in now and buy him a new one

@tilnoom: Why would you throw a fragile item worth hundreds of £££ to someone holding a clipboard?

@YorkshireToon: If he doesn’t like it, he can always buy a new one and Man Utd for that matter

@ironfists125: Hahahhahaha The mumbling mess is raging

@curtis077: Gonna have to round up his money and buy a new one… unlucky.

@IpswichMagpie: Could he not just put it in his pocket?!

Rio Ferdinand has been under criticism of late after comments he made were labelled ‘really poor’ by former teammate Phil Jones, who has opened up about his 20 months of injury hell at Manchester United.

Ferdinand hadn’t been too flattering about the defender in recent weeks, claiming he was wasting space in the squad after signing a four-year contract extension in 2019.

“He’s taking up a youth team player’s position in that squad right now,” Ferdinand said. “I think he should’ve gone ages ago. He should’ve gone before Chris Smalling went. Find a new club and play some football.

“I am baffled at how he’s still been given a new deal at the club given his past few years at the club. It just doesn’t make sense to me how you get a new deal.”

Ferdinand went on to apologise for his comments after United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer leaped to Jones’ defence, and the defender has since opened up on the hurtful remarks.

“Listen, the respect I’ve got is enormous,” Jones explained “I’ve shared a dressing room with Rio – great professional. Loved playing with him. Great lad, good humour. Learned so much off him.

“But what he said was poor. Really poor. I’m not into disputes, not into arguments, and if he didn’t know, he didn’t know.”

After discussing Ferdinand’s comments, Jones went on to talk about his past 20 months on the sidelines, and how bad things got.

“I’ve been through hell and back over the last couple of years,” the 29-year-old said.

“I struggled with my knee a little bit and [there] came a point after lockdown where I thought enough was enough.

“I kept myself in great shape over lockdown and came back. But I remember just training out here and going into the doc and saying ‘enough’s enough’.

“I think as a footballer, as a person, as a human being, that’s the lowest I probably ever felt in my life.”

“You try and get a balance between football and family life but it was so difficult going home and trying to look after the kids. You’re there, but you’re not there, you’re not present.”

Jones remains positive though, with a move in the January transfer window the most likely outcome.

He said: “Unfortunately, there was going to be time off the pitch, which I knew was going to be difficult for me, but it was something that I had to do.

“Thankfully, I see the light at the end of the tunnel now and I’ve been back training, played a few behind-closed-doors games and I’m feeling really good at the minute.

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