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‘Ridiculous’ – David Moyes fumes over VAR after Bristol City knock out 10-man West Ham

‘Ridiculous’ – David Moyes fumes over VAR after Bristol City knock out 10-man West Ham in the FA Cup Third Round Replay on Tuesday.

The Hammers exit this stage of the competition for the first time since 2017 with Tommy Conway securing his side’s place in the next round with a 3rd minute strike meaning they will face either Premier League club Nottingham Forest or League One outfit Blackpool.

In the second half Said Benrahma had received a red card for reacting stupidly to a strong challenge from Joe Williams, who earlier in the game escaped being sent off for a controversial challenge on Danny Ings.

Hammers boss Moyes said: “It’s incredible they call it the best cup competition in the world. Yet one week you have VAR, one week you don’t.

“I find it quite ridiculous they try to claim that, but it’s not level for every club.

“If we’re not having VAR we shouldn’t have it in the tournament at all. If we’re going to have it, then have it everywhere.”

“It made it much more difficult, that’s for sure,” Moyes said.

“I’ve had a look at it and I don’t think we can have any complaints. I don’t think his reaction was correct. It was a sending-off.

“I wasn’t sure about the tackle on him. That might have been questionable. I thought in game-time it was a pretty hefty challenge.

“I’m not sure the referee moved in quick enough to deal with the first challenge, which allowed something else to happen. There was one on Danny Ings as well that was not the best either.”

On the defeat, Moyes added: “We should have won the game at London Stadium and done the job better.

“That’s what happens in the cup competitions – if you’re not quite on it, or maybe not at your best, you can find yourself knocked out.”

Bristol City boss Liam Manning, said to the BBC about how proud he is: “Massively. I think it was another solid performance. We showed real resilience, a good connection and level of organisation. At times it was challenging and we had to keep our emotions in check and we did a terrific job at that.

“We don’t carry anybody – everybody attacks and everybody defends. You need everyone to turn up and do the basics as well and when called upon give that little bit extra.

“I actually think we can improve and get a little bit better.”

On the atmosphere: “Phenomenal. A special memory for me and the players.”

On facing either Blackpool or Nottingham Forest: “We will see how the game looks tomorrow night.”

On taking this performance into the league: “We had a disappointing performance and result against Preston. It is the challenge now, how do we find the consistency in the league? The lads have shown they can do it against Premier League opposition.”

Bristol City striker Tommy Conway: “It’s not bad [scoring the winner]. Obviously, I got the goal at their place and got the winner in front of a sell-out crowd here. It was unbelievable.”

On making it difficult for West Ham: “That’s the message every game. I’ve been coming here since I was seven and to get the winner is unbelievable. It’s the best I’ve seen it in a while and to send them home happy is unbelievable.”

On fifth round match: “Hopefully we can keep doing that and take it into the league. Give us anything and we can go at it. Give us Premier League and we’ll give it our best again.”

On next match: “Rest and recover. We’ll be in tomorrow and we’ll be ready for Watford on Saturday.”

This is how fans reacted as David Moyes fumes over VAR after Bristol City knock out 10-man West Ham…

@Joelaird1: How can it be a level playing field when only premier clubs can have it in use in the competition!! If not all club competing can use it then it shouldn’t be used at all

@_macauley: I’ve been saying this the last couple seasons there should be no var until the final if that

@Hammer_On_X: Should have finished the game off regardless boss. No excuses about VAR you didn’t plan to win this.

@BenWaldron13: But when it goes wrong they moan also 🤷‍♂️

@Bracknellbez: Lose a game = moan about something, rather than take responsibility

@goodisonglory: Alleluia – it’s about time some of these ‘other’ clubs started having a moan! It’s farcical!

@PeterMarkConne1: 💯 percent

@paulstatowebb: Poor excuse for losing didn’t score a goal with 11 players on the pitch before sending off west ham were poor and give some credit to Bristol City

@MarkReidMITM: 🫡 common sense

@MickMcCarthy92: How about consistency by getting rid of it?

@Vale_Louis44: The consistency I hope he’s on about is that it’s completely scrapped altogether as it’s ruining football. Worst investment ever made

@RobChadwick8: I agree with what he’s saying, but he is only saying that because they got beat. Try playing your strongest 11 instead of expecting the opposition to roll over.

@shamusdoherty: Not a Moyes fan however I agree 100% how can a tournament effectively change its way of officiating depending on where a game is played? No idea if there was any decisions in the game that VAR would have lapped up.

@DanBoredman: David Moyes is right about VAR. How can you have it at some games in a cup competition, but not at others? It’s ridiculous. Loads of people commenting that they’ve enjoyed watching games without VAR. Get rid of VAR 🚮

@GeoffChelsea: The VAR consistency we need is NO VAR – and that is needed before it finally kills the game we know and love. #VAR

@BleakAndBlue22: I’d prefer no VAR at all because it makes for better football. However, I do find this argument a bit odd. It’s the same for both of the teams competing in the match, like playing on a sub-standard pitch or windy conditions.

@hornchurchammer: He’s right on that.

@PopeyeSeven: It’s not only wrong, but against any proper competition rules…. all participants in any sporting competition should play under the same rules or it is not a level playing field.

@CN54392053: I do agree with that tbf, either do VAR for every game or don’t have it at all. League Cup have it spot on imo

@alexc95_: So people moan every week about var and now that there’s no var in the cup and decisions have gone against West Ham they want it 😂😂

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