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Richarlison trolls Liverpool | Toni Kroos fumes after being asked two ‘shit questions’

Richarlison savagely trolls Liverpool while Toni Kroos fumes after being asked two ‘shit questions’ in his post-match interview.

Everton striker Richarlison didn’t back in taunting Liverpool following their defeat by Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

Jurgen Klopp’s side lost 1-0 at the Stade de France with Vinicius Jr’s 59th-minute strike going in Real Madrid’s favour. Liverpool produced nine shots on target but couldn’t beat an inspired Thibaut Courtois, who kept out Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah with stunning saves.

Klopp said that the “smallest margins possible” defined the game, however there was no sympathy coming from Liverpool’s Merseyside rivals as before the game had even started in Paris there were many unhappy Reds fans who had trouble travelling to Paris for the match.

Social media went into overload with stories of coaches not arriving at bus stops to collect supporters for the cross-channel trip.

One story said that Everton fans had set up a fake coach company to try and fool their rivals, with Coach Innovations Limited owned by a Mr Richard Arlison.

While some fell for it, this rumour was swiftly debunked as a fake story, Richarlison was quick to pick up on it however and jumped on the bandwagon, sharing it before sharing a meme showing his face photoshopped onto a coach driver.

The Daily Star found that Coach Innovations does exist and was created in 2006, but has been doctored to include Mr Richard Arlison’s name in order to poke fun at Liverpool supporters. The real company, Coach Innovations, have since been contacted by Liverpool Echo but refused to make a comment.

Whilst Richarlison did that, Real Madrid celebrated winning yet another Champions League – however Toni Kroos had his mood dampened by an interview with German TV.

The Germany international was quizzed by 2DF on whether the game turned out as expected and whether he was surprised had how much pressure Jurgen Klopp’s side produced.

Kroos didn’t take too kindly to what he deemed to be “negative” questioning from his native country, storming out of the interview after losing his patience with the reporter.

“You had 90 minutes and you come up with two s*** questions,” he complained before walking away. “Two negative questions, you can tell right away that you’re German.”

Kroos wasn’t the only Real Madrid player to be somewhat annoyed in their interview immediately after the game. Goalkeeper Courtois spoke to BT Sport and took the chance to urge fans in England to put “respect” on his name after his stunning display.

“I saw a lot of tweets saying I would get humbled,” Courtois declared. “It was the other way round. Today I needed to win a final – for my career, for all the hard work, to put respect on my name because I don’t think I have enough respect, especially England. I saw a lot of criticism that I was not good enough or whatever.”

Asked what it meant to win the Champions League, he replied: “I’m just really happy and proud of the performance of the team, and when I needed to be there I was there for the team. We have beaten the best clubs in the world, together with us. Liverpool were very strong today. I think I played a great game and that was the difference.”

Carlo Ancelotti also spoke after securing his fourth Champions League triumph, and he declared: “I can’t believe it. We had a fantastic season.

“We did really well. It was a difficult game and we suffered a lot, more so in the first half. In the end I think we deserved to win this competition. We’re really happy. What can I say? I can’t say more.

“I am a record man. I had luck to come here last year and have a fantastic season. A fantastic club, a really good squad with a lot of quality and mental character.

“The season was top. I think we passed through really difficult games. The supporters helped us a lot in the last game. They helped us tonight. We’re happy and they’re happy.”

Carlo also said: “I think Everton fans will be a little more happy I left now. I still follow them.”

Fans reacted as Richarlison trolls Liverpool while Toni Kroos fumes after being asked two ‘shit questions’…


@maxbarwick_: what a legend @richarlison97

@AnonymousEFC1: Don’t leave us ever, kid 😂😂

@GwladysKelly: Richy retweeting hahahha

@BlueScouse1878: Richy’s at the wheel 🚌 🤣 legend you lad hahahaha

@VeronicaReddy3: Please 🙏🏽 don’t leave @richarlison97 one good thing tho you will always remember your song 🎶 tattoo on ya neck🔥we give ya He’s Brazilian we think he’s fuckin brilliant 🤩🎶 @richarlison97 Good luck for your County 🇧🇷 plz Brazil take care of him and send him back to us blues🕊

@lauratoby: Mocking them for losing a champions league final doesn’t really work when you’ve just scraped staying in the premier league like. Embarrassing

@greenie1878: Never mind playing up front – get this lad on admin @Everton 😂😂

@TacticallyMatt: You’re honestly my favourite person in the world mate

@dan_jones51: Just when you thought you couldn’t love Richy more he goes and retweets! 🤣

@stevenKloppLFC2: I’ll get your account blocked, cuz i actually know the people who code twitter cuz that’s what i do for a living im a web programmer , I’ve worked on Twitter, ill get your account blocked, you’ll be off in the next 24 hours

@Allcheese1: This is another level of shithousery together 😂😂😂😂

@halliday_9: I actually like him, now. Sensational shithousery 😂

@JJohnson9193: This is without a doubt, one of the best tweets this platform has EVER seen 😂 My GOD I fucking love him for this hahahahahaha

@ReservoirJogs: He’s won twitter tonight hasn’t he? 😂😂


@LGAmbrose: Class tbf, the guy is an elite athlete has just won the Champions League. He probably won’t be interested in chatting about how much better the other team is. Just bad journalism.

@HewartJey: Haha Toni nailed it

@Cover_Shadow: Played an entire CL final and still had enough left in the tank to outplay the journo

@painfulbusiness: They were dominated and edged it. Took their chance, defended well, keeper was immense and they rode their luck. Sorry he’s got too fucking huge an ego to deal with that.

@DriveitShort: He won. The reporter didn’t.

@reece_shore: I don’t blame him… he’s just won the champions league why would he want to answer questions about Liverpool… Football isn’t about who dominates games it’s about who has more goals than the other. Liverpool we’re good but Real we’re clinical and I’d rather be clinical.

@gmkelly1979: Love Kroos. Love him even more for this.

@BostonRed3047: Alright I’m sad but this is funny

If you dominate a game, but then you lose 1-0, who wins the game? 😂
How about ‘are you proud of your team’s defensive work?’
‘How important was it to get Vinicius into the game after half time?’
‘Did you feel that your team always had a goal in them?’

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