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Richard Keys causes angry backlash over new Mike Ashley and Coventry City claims

Richard Keys causes quite the angry backlash over new Mike Ashley and Coventry City claims amid talks of a stadium eviction.

Keys published his views on the current saga around the club and Mike Ashley, after his company Frasers Group gave the Championship outfit an eviction notice over the Coventry Building Society Arena.

He also took aimed at the ownership issues Coventry City are facing, adding Ashley can ‘flush out the chancers’ and backed him to take ownership of the Sky Blues.

Key wrote: “The deal Mike Ashley has offered Coventry to play at CBS Arena is a fair one. It would require the club not to fall into arrears again. Ownership issues at Cov are a joke. Ashley can flush out the chancers. If he ends up owning the club he’ll have my backing.”

Mike Ashley and Frasers Group have provided a response to the statement released by Coventry City on Monday in relation to the eviction notice which has been served to the club.

“Following the reports in this morning’s media, the following statement sets out the position of Frasers in relation to CCFC and the stadium,” Frasers said in a statement. “Frasers has, throughout all its involvement with the stadium, been supportive of securing the long-term future of CCFC playing its games at the stadium. This position remains unchanged.

“Prior to acquiring the stadium, Frasers issued a new licence mirroring the terms CCFC had agreed with the previous owners. However, CCFC chose not to sign it at the time. A revised proposal, together with a new licence, has been issued to CCFC and will secure the immediate future of CCFC at the stadium.

“Signing the licence would allow for more detailed discussions to take place about CCFC’s long-term arrangements at the stadium, including to accommodate a number of requests which were raised by CCFC.

“Frasers looks forward to working with the club to host the upcoming games.”

As mentioned, Richard Keys causes an angry backlash over new Mike Ashley and Coventry City claims…

@Jimi_Dyer: How is that right that he does that? Why can’t we play on our current deal and why is he only offering a deal till the end of the season? It stinks and nobody wants him owning the club after this ordeal

@Jameseb1987: Seriously can’t you go away. No Coventry fans care what you have to say. We weren’t in arrears to wasps in fact we paid for the pitch to be sorted. Stay out of it and find a new club to support. Irrelevant, sexist has been

@JLDawson1989 : It’s fair apparently, so it’s not the same as what we were on previously, Mike wants a bigger piece of the pie, he’s trying to strangle the club.

@PhilipWitty1: You really are a Ashley lover, he’s a disgrace to football as is you, both meant for each other.

@NickCCFC84 : When were the club last in arrears?

@Limes_361 : Since when were the club in arrears?

@PaulHeath007: Imagine getting an endorsement from a man who got fired for sexism, then who cheated on his sick wife, with his daughters best friend! Its almost like being supported by Josef Fritzl and celebrating it! 😂

@Stu_Court : Without doubt that one of the best things the current owners did deliberately or sheer coincidence when they came in is rid the clubs corridors of this bad smell.

@kylepicknell: Will he have your backing Keysey, yeah? Thank god for that

@terrynixon77 : You don’t know where Coventry is let alone support them!

100,000 NUFC fans will disagree here.
Mr Keys is not one know for his astute decision making and his backing means fuck all

@lewis88watts: A cunt backing another cunt yet again. You’re both hated by the masses

@Taylez23: Well if Richard Keys is backing Ashley… He must be an even bigger prick than we first thought #PUSB

@stuartc87: Fair? Oh. All is well in the world because @richardajkeys out of all reliable people says so.

@RogueBaboon57: Yeah, every fan wants to be owned by a bloke who has threatened to evict them from their stadium just to drive down the price a bit more. Sounds like the exact sort of bloke fans want to own their club, his heart is really in it 🤷‍♂️

@SmnLlyd5: Newcastle flourished under him. That’s why fans are after naming a stand after him

@terrynixon77: You don’t know where Coventry is let alone support them! Fuck off you prick!

So what is fact/fiction?
City have failed to sign the licence on the same terms as previous with Wasps?
arrears in rent again?
Long term M.Ashley wants to own CCFC?
D.King is yet to send his application for EFL approval to the EFL?
The fans need answers #PUSB

@DippyDon_95: They’ve gone from being secure for 9 years to being secure for 6 months… yep that’s a fair deal

@JP_NUFC: Bookmarked. #NUFC

@pearsontombo: No matter what’s happening in the world of football, we can always rely on you for the worst take around. It’s how I decide stuff – just do the opposite of Richard Keys. Thanks Richard.

@BaconBantam: If Mike Ashley takes over, I expect the manager will have to put his own money in to sign some players, that’s how it works isn’t it?

@VaticanRSC: You’ve not been paying attention to Ashleys past football involvement then. What a horrific take.

@graeme818: Nothing like a shill, especially one who is so out of touch with the ordinary football supporter.

@ashleymonk1986: @richardajkeys you said previously that Mike Ashley wasn’t interested in ownering the football club! Cab you make your mind up, is he interested in owning coventry city fc or not?

@wearebackhome: Bit rich from the man who got Eric black the sack to bring his mate Peter Reid into the club

@juanbambo: We are not his toy to play with ! Im glad you see him as the overseeing football club owning hero but the club is not a pawn he can piss about with

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