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Rhian Brewster mocks Sheffield Wednesday with cheeky song at Sheffield United promotion parade

Rhian Brewster mocks Sheffield Wednesday with a cheeky song at the Sheffield United promotion parade attended by thousands in midweek.

The 23 year old made a dig at the Owls during the Blades celebrations, causing plenty of talk between the two groups of fans.

His side will return to the Premier League in 2023/24 after finishing second in Championship and earning automatic promotion.

The Bramall Lane outfit celebrated with their supporters, and couldn’t help but poke fun at their local rivals.

Sheffield Wednesday will play the first leg of their semi-final play-off against Peterborough United on Friday night after missing out on two top spots in League One.

Brewster took the microphone during the celebrations and led the crowd in a rendition “We Hate Wednesday, We Hate Wednesday”.

Take a look below at that and other gone viral footage from the celebrations in Sheffield…

Paul Heckingbottom targets a Premier League match-winner as part of Sheffield United transfer plan.

“We don’t want to be a defensive team,” the Blades boss told Yorkshire Live. “Going back to those two seasons in the Premier League, defensively Sheffield United were very good. But you still have to be able to win games from that. So how are we going to create?

“How many times does Iliman win the ball back, setting up goals, regains? He’s still our best attacking threat as well as winning the ball back.

“With James McAtee we knew we were signing a talent and someone we knew could create in the final third, but he didn’t have the knowledge or the whereabouts to be good defensively for us, so we had to work with him.

“Those are the things we are going to have to look for. It’s easier to get a talented match-winner to do the bits without the ball than it is for someone who is dogged and determined and you have to turn him into a match-winner.

“We could get characters who are going to run around and compete and keep us solid, but we are not going to win many games.

“We need to try and find some players who are match-winners and work with them the other way because we can’t get one ready-made.”

Sheffield United’s players have got “unfinished business” in the Premier League, according to Oli McBurnie.

He said, as per Yorkshire Live: “We feel we have got unfinished business. In the first year, we had a great start and we gave a great account of ourselves. The second year was difficult with no fans and Covid. We didn’t feel like we got a fair crack of the whip in the second season.

“We have got time to right a few wrongs and experience a few things we didn’t properly get to experience in the second season.”

He told BBC Radio Sheffield: “We knew what we wanted to do and how we were going to get it.

“We knew there were going to be low points and bumps along the way but I think the way we took them and bounced back from them shows the character. There were points where people would say things about us and we were going to bottle it and do all these things but I knew with the character and the men that we have got in that dressing room that that was never going to happen. It makes it sweeter now to sit back and watch other teams in the play-offs while we are on our holidays.”

Here’s what fans said as Rhian Brewster mocks Sheffield Wednesday with a cheeky song at the Sheffield United promotion parade…

@swfcsc: 🤣🤣🤣 just seen the Rhian Brewster video!! Uniteds £25m striker who’s managed 4 goals in nearly 60 games becomes a ‘Blades Legend’ for singing ‘We hate Wednesday’. Nothing sums up the chip on the shoulder of our paranoid neighbours better 🤣🤣🤣 #swfc

@kirkyboy2012: Was worth the transfer fee just for that moment 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@vram_htfc: Rhian Brewster 2022/23 season highlights

@JacobSwallow4: Some great contributions from Brewster

@swfccom: 23,500,000 Great British Pounds & this is the top highlight of his Sheffield United “career” 🥱… Byers clear I’m afraid #sufc #swfc

@KerrieRoebuck: Love how Wednesday fans are getting so affected by this. It’s just a bit of banter. Chill out 😆

@notead3s: The biggest takeaway from this is Wednesday is the least popular day of the week amongst the United squad

@JasperRedican: Probably why he left us lol. Too many Wednesday night games 😂

@LFC_JJT: Chanted more about Wednesday than he’s scored goals this season. Fair

@MarkJudge01: Rent free

@Brad19603253: This screams “please like me blades fans, i know ive been useless and injured for most of season” 😂😂😂😂

@OneGaryReaney: Wow. Their big day out and it’s still about Wednesday …… classy as ever

@kinkwadze13: Rhian Brewster well you’ve gone up in my estimations absolutely got a lot of time for that ⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️❤️❤️❤️

@JackBarrett1889: Rhian Brewster may have cost £23,500,000 but what he did tonight cost fuck all, he’s a blade.. simple as that 🤌🏻 mind the gap ya Wendy bastards

@Fletch19852: Rhian Brewster got big big energy for a player who’s cost them £5.8M a league goal. Silly sausage wants to put the mic down and let someone who’s contributed have a go.

@MollyShep: Crikey, forgot he was even at Sheffield United. Quick look and the £25 million striker has four goals in three years. Maybe less singing, more training 🤦‍♀️🤪

@ProudPNE: Gotta rate it 🤣

@JoeBradley65: Cringiest thing I’ve seen 🤒

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