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Result of vote on National League, North and South season revealed

The result of the much talked about vote on the National League, North and South season has been revealed, leaving many fans saddened.

The National League North and South season has been declared null & void. Following voting from clubs, the season has been ended with no promotions/relegations to or from the divisions. National League (Step 1) clubs have voted to continue their season.

With relevant voting thresholds now met for each resolution, The National League can confirm in a statement the outcome of this process as follows.

Resolution One

In summary: Step One and Two to be split in deciding the outcome of 2020/21 Playing Season. As a Special Resolution, a voting percentage of 75% or higher was required to pass.

National League: (for) 21- (against) 0
National League North: 16-6
National League South: 9-12

Result: Passed

As a result, Resolution Four is disregarded.

Resolution Two (National League only)

In summary: The National League 2020/21 Playing Season (Step One) to be declared null and void. A minimum 51% majority was required for Resolution Two to pass.

National League: 7-13

Result: Not Passed

As a result, the National League National Division will continue to operate for the remainder of the season

Resolution Three (National League North and South only)

In summary: The National League North and South 2020/21 Playing Season (Step Two) to be declared null and void. A minimum 51% majority was required for Resolution Three to pass.

National League North: 15-7
National League South: 9-12

Result: Passed

Resolution is passed and consequently the season at Step Two is null and void.

Note – There are 2 votes from the National Division that have not yet been cast, however, the outcome of the resolutions cannot be affected by these votes, however they are cast.

With the voting procedure now closed, National League North and South fixtures will cease with immediate effect.

The Board will take the resolution outcome to The Football Association for ratification. This will include dialogue regarding promotion and relegation.

Fans reacted with the result of the vote on the National League, North and South season revealed…

@herbertthomas26: Absolute joke. NOW the entire board have to resign.

@JacobStarkey99: Unbelievable! No coincidence a majority of the teams/fans that support this are of teams in the bottom half the table who have nothing to play for apart from relegation but are more than happy to play in the FA trophy 🤷‍♂️ Disgraceful for the integrity of elite sport!

@Jono_SHJ: Elite? Why should clubs vote for a course of action that would bankrupt them?

@stephengiles14: So now the clubs have to find money to refund all the season ticket holders as well!

@BakeCFC: As a fan owned club @ChesterFC fans will do what they always have done stuck by the club thru thick and thin and not ask for a refund because the clubs future well being is paramount.

@matt_johnson_89: Going to have massive implications for the rest of the pyramid

@chrisbradshaw16: How when everything underneath is also null and void. Will operate a 2 up 2 down from league 2.

@simon_penn: The right thing for many clubs, but what a sad situation to see a second season in a row ruined in some way. Feel for the fans, the players and the clubs.

@FootiePrint: Shit. Quite simply. Shit. Steps 3-6 to follow suit shortly I imagine

@exTTFCgaffer: Now watch the funding come in for step 1. Either from DCMS or EFL

@SteveBa99880334: Absolute shambles 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️

@piearce9: What an enormous mess – gotta feel for the players who’ve seen all their efforts go to waste. Let’s just hope it’s normal service resumed in August.

@BradleyNeedham8: What a fucking joke

@Jono_SHJ: Correct decision. Not sure why people are surprised that clubs have voted to avoid a situation that would leave them insolvent and/or in debt.

@davebaff: And now that’s sorted, time for the @TheVanaramaNL board to null and void themselves.

@thedrunkbirder: So what happens to all the clubs they’ve charged for not fielding teams. I thought no-one could handle things worse than the UK Government but the National League have proven me wrong.

@Poddypot: Time for the fall out!

@sampford88: #Pray4Dorking

@MHKreissl: Now we need provisional plans for various possibilities next season. For example: play each other twice (as normal – ideal scenario), play each other once, regional splits (minis leagues), knockout-style formats for leagues. Also options for regular cup competitions.

@Footbal45419204: Problem was the voting process. How is it possible to allow the leagues to separate? So more national league clubs across the 3 leagues voted to carry on, yet 2 of the 3 leagues get null and void. What a complete waste of funding.

@BenBignell12: What an absolute joke. It is Feb 18th and fans could be allowed back in the stadiums by mid March at this rate. Serious conflict of interest among the chairman of the NL board + breaking the constitution of the league. A legal challenge is ready I am sure. @DorkingWDRS

@davidbirch8: Can see whats coming to our league then. Shit rolls downhill.

@NathanEufc: We’ve really been shafted here. Relegated by 0.002 of a point and now we can’t even try to get of out of league we’ve been controversially put in. Meanwhile Barnet and Dover stay up after being awful all year.

@Chris_Warrior: Gloucester City top. Nah, we’re fucking the league off. Gloucester Rugby bottom. Yeah, we won’t relegate anyone. Absolute bollocks. And the National League needs to liquidate. Bunch of inept clowns

@kieranjcrossman: What an absolute joke. Completely inept organisation from top to bottom. Feel for teams at the top of the step 3

@marowe1988: If you ever suffer from imposter syndrome in your job, just remember that the chuckle brothers run the National League and will continue to do so.

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