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Reporter gives damning yet brutally honest verdict of Charlton’s FA Cup defeat at Stockport

Reporter Louis Mendez gives a damning yet brutally honest verdict of Charlton’s FA Cup defeat at Stockport on Wednesday night.

Will Collar’s hat trick for League Two Stockport County saw them defeat managerless League One Charlton Athletic in the FA Cup replay.

Charlton, who got rid of Ben Garner, saw an early lead when County’s keeper Ben Hinchliffe fumbled at a corner and the ball bounced off Akil Wright, his own defender.

Stockport took control of the tie, with Collar on the other side-footing an equaliser. County resisted a few good first-half attempts.

Ryan Rydel’s free kick struck the post in the first half, before Collar scored his second from 80 yards before scoring a penalty shortly afterwards.

County will play Walsall, a League Two side, in the third round of the competition on Sunday the 8th of January.

Anthony Hayes, Addicks’ caretaker boss, was the first to take charge of the game. He made seven changes in the team that lost 1-0 at Cheltenham on Friday.

Charlton was second against the opponents in the lower division, and they lost for the seventh consecutive game in all competitions.

Stockport was down a goal from the beginning of the game despite a side that was unchanged from Saturday’s 5-0 win at Hartlepool. Hinchliffe, who was blind as he threw away a waist-high ball that bounced off Wright and dribbled over to the goal line, was not able to see.

County started to get back in it. Macauley Southam–Hales looked dangerous down the right. Craig MacGillivray made a spectacular one-handed save from Paddy Madden’s diving header halfway through the first period.

MacGillivray couldn’t stop Rydel’s powerful, low shot from the left corner 18-yard box was redirected off the foot of right post by Collar. Collar made no mistakes from six yards.

Charlton were fortunate not to concede a penalty in the 30th minute when Sean Clare appeared over Myles Hypolyte. MacGillivray was able to stop two Paddy Madden attempts five minutes later.

Stockport started the second half as they did the first. Collar witnessed a header go wide, before Rydel hit the upright in the 50th minute.

They had to wait until the 73rd minutes to proceed. Kyle Wootton knocked Hippolyte’s ball into the box into Collar’s path and Collar blasted home right-footed.

After Ollie Crankshaw was fouled in the box by George Dobson, Collar sealed a hat-trick and wrapped it up from the spot. 

Reporter Louis Mendez said after the game: “On the field this has got to be the worst it’s ever been for Charlton Athletic Football Club in its long, long history – and it’s sad to see.”

Stockport County manager Dave Challinor told BBC Radio Manchester:

“It was a bit of a strange atmosphere, maybe we’re victims of our own success a little bit, a lot of people came here and maybe more than in other games, expected us to win.

“Maybe that was halted by us conceding a poor goal and giving ourselves a bit more to do, but once we equalised I thought we then made it the cup tie we needed it to be.

“I don’t think by any stretch we were brilliant, but what we were is we were tough to play against.

“Will will take all the plaudits, rightly so, he’s now back to his goalscoring form that he was in last year.

“To get a hat-trick in any game is a brilliant achievement, to get it on the TV in an FA Cup tie that takes us through to the third round is really pleasing and something that he’ll remember for the rest of his life.”

Charlton Athletic caretaker manager Anthony Hayes told BBC Radio London:

“It’s not been an easy 48 hours. We’ve a group of players to prepare and a cup tie we wanted to win and progress into the third round. It’s not been a comfortable couple of days.

“We trained on Tuesday morning, we came up yesterday afternoon, we had some good meetings today but at the end of it we’ve lost a cup tie 3-1 and we have to focus now on the league.

“Where we have to improve as a team, we’ve had some real good domination and control with the ball, but what we haven’t done is dominate enough games by creating chances and then stopping the opposition team creating their own chances.

“We have to be better at dominating games by creating more chances than the opposition and being probably more clinical in the final third. Tonight we haven’t worked the goalkeeper anywhere near enough.”

This is was Twitter users said as reporter Louis Mendez gives a damning yet brutally honest verdict of Charlton’s FA Cup defeat at Stockport

@LPrentice44: How the hell did we manage to throw away two separate two goal leads to these in the same half?

@crimp_it: Well said Louis

@BrianDqpr: Not as bad as the homeless Selhurst years surely?

@johno59uk: Yes! Once Fryer was gone we had an ownership & fanbase all pulling in the same direction, with the aim of getting back to The Valley. Last night we were played of the park by a side who 12 months ago were in the National League! It doesn’t get much worse!

@jblock_webb: Well said @LouisMend. Woeful times for us Addicks mate.

@steviechat: Two years ago you couldn’t shut Sandgaard up. Now you don’t hear a word from him. His silence says more than his words ever did.

@XanderC1985: Louis, as always, is spot on. No passion, no identity, no togetherness on the pitch. My love for the club has always been that character and uniqueness, the personalities wearing the shirt. Unfortunately, there isn’t a personality in any of the players. Dreadful. 😔 #cafc

@putneyred: Perfectly said Louis sorry for all those who made the journey last night. Miserable

@soverncomfort: Louis, you said it just as many of us are seeing things and the emotion shows through. It is genuinely heartbreaking to see what has happened to our club #cafc

@hill_deancafc: Well said … He is definitely not wrong …

@fredbarney2014: This is what comes of continued lack of investment by owner, constant change of managers, twobob freebie players #cafc #SandgaardOut

@RussSopp: Pretty much sums it up completely…

@SteffanBow: this club has been in complete & utter turmoil since I became a full time sports photographer in 2015 & for @LouisMend to say this is saying something considering the chaos that has happened at the valley over the past 7 years ESI, Duchatalet, Paul Elliott etc bloody hell

@Ph1Pd: @SandgaardThomas Look at what you’ve done! Time to pack those bags my boy. You’ve got absolutely nothing to sell apart from a rental agreement. A £1 is what you’re likely to get! Not sure what you see in the mirror each morning, and tell yourself, but you’ve failed.

@switchon66: Well said @LouisMend. Very sad but also extremely worrying too 😒 These players couldn’t care less but that has to feed down from the top and it seems like the whole club is getting more rotten by the day. No idea how we turn this around #cafc

@cafcharry27: Scary times #cafc

@choppereaton1: You boys really were shocking. I feel sorry for the fans that made the effort to go to EP tonight. We thoroughly deserved to win that and watching the 2 teams you would say we were the team in the higher league. Best of luck for the rest of the season. I hope you turn it around.

@Cmchunk62: Any chance we can sell our season tickets for the second half of the season back to the club

@ConnorJfc: This was coming. Are you watching Sandgaard?

@OllieMover: Going out the Carabao In a couple of weeks too!

@probes77: Every player should pay all them supporters that traveled there. Embarrassing performance. No effort or passion

@Giants0078: We’ve had three owners promise us the world, and all three have talked utter bollocks. It makes everything worse.

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