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Report claims Celtic’s Eddie Howe talks have become complicated after one demand

A report claims that Celtic‘s Eddie Howe talks on becoming their new manager have become complicated after one demand of his.

For a while now, the former Bournemouth manager has been the strong favourite to takeover at Parkhead, however his demand for Richard Hughes to be brought to the club is now preventing it from happening.

It’s understood that Howe has verbally agreed to become the next Celtic manager, and the hope is that he will have the deal signed, sealed and delivered this week but could potentially not start until the summer.

An official announcement is NOT expected in the next 24 hours with both parties reluctant to rush negotiations.

Howe has though asked for Bournemouth technical director Hughes to be brought in as director of football, and that has caused talks to become ‘complicated’.

Celtic have been wanting to land a new director of football, but Hughes wasn’t a name on their wish list, with plans for Manchester City’s Fergal Harkin to arrive. The Bhoys are still thought to be ‘confident’ that they will sort the issues.

41 year old Hughes was born and raised in Scotland but surprisingly started his career with Atalanta and Arsenal, before spending the majority of his career with Bournemouth and Portsmouth.

It remains to be seen if Hughes fancies a return to where he grew up, though working with Howe has to be appealing as Celtic attempt to chase down Rangers next season.

Credit: Daily Record

The job to rebuild Celtic is bound to be a tough one, though with Howe, he thinks by bringing in Hughes that they can do it.

Charlie Nicholas insists Howe MUST be given full autonomy over the club’s transfer business.

He said: “Eddie must also be given the final say on all transfers and the big footballing decisions.

“He shouldn’t be answerable to Dominic McKay and if there is a director of football then they should be working together, like Steven Gerrard and Ross Wilson at Rangers.

“I see some Celtic fans celebrating because Nicky Hammond has left Celtic.

“He only delivered options to the table. It was then up to the manager, Peter Lawwell and the transfer committee as to what players were signed. Nicky only previewed them and it was up to others to sign them.

“Eddie has to come in and take suggestions but the final decision should be his.

“If that isn’t the case then Celtic won’t get things right and if he looks at this Celtic team, most of them are not going to be there next season.

“He must be given the final say on all transfers.”

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He said: “If he joins, Eddie would have far more work to do now than he would have had six months ago. He faces a total rebuild of the team.

“Eddie might come in before the end of the season, but what is he going to do?

“He might give the players a lift and a better understanding of the game but he won’t be able to change anything dramatically until the summer.

“The new manager also has to bring some of his own people in that he knows.

“He has to look at his own staff and bring in his own No. 2 who he trusts and can confide in.

“That might include Richard Hughes, who did a lot of his recruitment at Bournemouth.

“There is also a suggestion he could still work with John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan.

“I have sympathy for Kennedy. He gets kicked from pillar to post about Celtic’s defensive frailties when the results are bad but he never gets any praise when things go well.

“I can understand why Celtic would want to keep Kennedy around and if Eddie wants to work with him and Strachan, then fine.

“If he doesn’t and just takes them anyway then that for me would be a negative start and would weaken his bargaining power right away.”

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Meanwhile, there have been some changes confirmed this week for Celtic, saying in a statement: “Further to our announcement on January 29 confirming that Dom McKay will be joining Celtic FC as our new Chief Executive Officer on July 1, 2021 following the retirement of Peter Lawwell on June 30, Scottish Rugby have confirmed today that their Chief Operating Officer and the Chairman of the Guinness Pro14, McKay, will be leaving Scottish Rugby on April 16 following a successful handover.

“Peter Lawwell continues in his role as Chief Executive Officer and board member until June 30. Dom will join the Club from April 19, working with Peter and the Executive team to ensure a smooth transition, until Dom takes on the role of Chief Executive Officer and board member on July 1.”

Fans reacted on that and that one report claims Celtic’s Eddie Howe talks have become complicated after that one demand…

@marcmcardle1: Overall I’m happy with Howe coming in, but I’ll be pretty unimpressed if we rip up our plans for DofF and give Richard Hughes the job at Howe’s insistence. The manager shouldn’t be making demands about a board appointment. It should be the other way round.

@Ciaranfleming67: Seems like howe wants Richard Hughes and Celtic want Harkin who wants full control of scouting/recruitment. From the outside looks like both partys are on wrong page

@BrianConway60: There’s no way Richard Hughes should be DOF, for the simple reason that if Howe becomes manager and further down the line returns to England then he’ll want Hughes to go with him and we’re back to square one..

@JanKubis: Then again they may work better together and get us winning quicker

@WillGlavin: Hearing positive stories about Eddie Howe going to Celtic with Richard Hughes. Perfect partnership and exactly what we need right now 👌🏻

@tpalmer77: Hi @CelticFC. Look after Eddie Howe. I see you’re interested in Hughes. He’ll be a great appointment for you. Blake will be class as well. Many thanks #afcb fans

@FilterShift: Crazy if true. No coach should be able to bring in his own dof. Celtic board need to do that not just to appease Howe. Also Strachan needs to go. Let Howe bring his own coaching staff.

@LaineyDonnel: John Kennedy’s going to be 95 years old, and still in that dugout 🤷‍♂️

@Richard_McKay_: Mistake allowing a manager to choose the Director of Football.

@65_celt: Big mistake from Howe if hes prepared to keep Kennedy and Strachan on . Both have to go. Performances under Kennedy since Lennon got sacked have been abysmal. Speaks volumes

@Goodguybarry: Hope he doesn’t keep the same coaching team of Kennedy & Strachan. The team has been badly coached & organised this season & this hasn’t improved even with Lennon’s departure. Not sure why we’d want to persist with them.

@Devi1sAdv0cate: If he sticks with Strachan and Kennedy then that’s a massive mistake before hes even walked in the door. Get rid of them both.

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