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Relegated Championship club consider legal action to relegate Derby County

Relegated Championship club Wycombe Wanderers are said to consider legal action to relegate Derby County, reports state on Monday morning.

Wayne Rooney’s Rams avoided the drop by a single point on Saturday afternoon, but are still fighting the EFL over alleged breaches of spending rules, which is set to lead to a points deduction next season.

An independent tribunal is expected to deliver its verdict soon, however if this latest story is anything to go by, Wycombe plan to demand a points deduction applied to THIS SEASON’S league standings.

Wanderers owner Rob Couhig, an American lawyer, is reported to have said: “I don’t know that the season is over yet.

“To me, we have accumulated all the points we can and now we will see what happens.

“People tell me that Derby County has some issues out there.

“I don’t know whether we’re ready to go to lawyers yet.

“But the message is ‘watch this space’.”

An ‘independent disciplinary appeal’ is ready to go in favour of the EFL who want to charge the club for ‘overspending across three seasons’.

The East Midlands outfit are currently subject to a second takeover bid of this season with Erik Alonso now the man trying to take full control of Derby, who avoided the drop by just a point, but the current EFL dispute reportedly depends on the Spaniard reportedly looking to refinance Pride Park to ‘cover losses’, as well as ‘anomalies in the transfer values’ of some of their players.

One fan said: “The subject of a possible points penalty was raised, unprompted, by the BBC Radio Derby team yesterday – it felt as though they had an inkling. The appeal hearing started 7 weeks ago – a long time – which implies to me it’s complex.”

Football finance specialist and face of The Price of Football, Kieran Maguire, back this up on Saturday, stating the sanction was possible.

Sheffield Wednesday found themselves in a similar situation going into this season and Nixon adds that Derby County face the same type of punishment as they now prepare to find their soul and really push for a much better finish this time next year.

The Owls ended up getting deducted a total of 12 points, after breaching rules surrounding the sale of Hillsborough, before an independent panel halved it to 6.

Nixon states how this ongoing matter has been kept quiet until the season’ came to a conclusion on Saturday, as was the case with Sheffield Wednesday’s case.

There is a huge amount that remains uncertain for Derby, but big changes are needed if they want to improve on this season, something which could be severely affected should they get this points deduction anyway.

Aside from this potential points deduction, the club remains no closer to have new owners, and the future of Rooney will still be questioned.

Meanwhile, Derby County an issue apology to fans following the  final-day escape from relegation…

“The 2020/21 season has, thankfully, concluded with Derby County retaining its Championship status for next season.

“After seven successive years of finishing no lower than tenth in the Championship, we aspired to at least continue that trend despite the well-documented challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Over the course of this season our results have simply not been good enough, leaving us with just enough points to stave off relegation to League One.

“But whilst this season has undoubtedly been a difficult one, there is a steely determination and burning desire from everyone at the club to restore that vital connection with its supporters, and to collectively take the Rams forward with a renewed sense of resilience and togetherness.

“Evidence of that was clear yesterday as supporters gathered outside Pride Park Stadium to offer encouragement to the players and staff prior to the Sheffield Wednesday game and also could be heard from inside the ground during the 90 minutes.

“We will issue further communication in the near future regarding plans for next season, and address the subject of ownership, but for now our clear message to supporters is that we are sorry you have had to endure such a frustrating and disappointing season.

“We know that your dedication and love for the club is deserving of so much more and we will endeavour to restore your pride.”

Fans reacted after seeing reports relegated Championship club Wycombe are to consider legal action to relegate Derby County…

@GazzaWozza: Don’t blame them, they won’t win though. No chance EFL will relegate Wycombe. Too corrupt

@SteveRose1968: Wednesday got away with it last season by having their points deducted this season, thankfully justice was served when they were relegated but Derby will get the same punishment and well run smaller clubs like Wycombe will continue to pay the price.

@JordanRUFC96: Don’t blame em. But they probs won’t win

@fittall1987: There’s no way that the efl would punish Derby this season. The appeals process and subsequent delays would throw both sides transfer business and pre season into chaos. Any punishment will be for next season, like ours

@Fonzyy97: After celebrating like they’d won the league, this would be amazing.

@owls_4life: Good luck to Wycombe but they’ll need it

@PCGuru07: So if Wycombe take legal action and win over Derby’s second charge? That would mean Wednesday points deduction should have happened last season? So Wednesday should have the six points replaced this season? Confused

@Rob_saunders6: Fuck me they must be the worst most tinpot club ever to have existed. Absolute fucking embarrassment to the game

@RunGMC16: Horrible football club intent on cheating their way through divisions

@AL_SNR58: This doesn’t surprise me. @wwfcofficial will try anything and stuff the rest.

@s_redmist: #Wycombe considering legal action against the 🐑 then 👀👀 East Mids rivalries aside it really does feel like Derby have got away with one big time here. Will be interesting to see how this plays out, the #EFL are still gunning for them too. Was ‘the bounce’ premature? 😜

@TimRidge3: How many legal battles have there been over the EFL spending rules. I reckon a load more controversy next season too. It’s time the EFL just abandoned this and came up with something that actually prevents insolvency. This current system is just fueling impropriety.

@AndyisLive: Would be nice for Derby to be relegated, what would be very sweet is if we get back to back promotions and Derby are relegated next season. Rooney as a manager is rediculous.

@Dayr_Tdd: Come on get rid of derby @EFL make it happen they done bad they get done bad send the pig down

@AlastairAnkers: Imagine Wycombe going to court to relegate Wayne Rooney’s Derby County and then staying in Championship!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

@BenedwardsBen: Is this a joke or are they being serious. Everyone really hates us don’t they

@danowl16: Sounds very familiar once again …. This time Wycombe

@bancroft55: It just never ends. One normal week of football please

@MDrabble: Just one normal day as a Derby fan please

@Jamie_Probert1: @wwfcofficial are an embarrassment 😂

@Kyle_Irving1: So Wycombe could stay up if Derby are now deducted points 😳

@Lenzo357: Just imagine the scenes in Wycombe if Derby get a points deduction off of this seasons total and go down and Wycombe stay up in their place instead.

@Bleedingwhite: Technically the season only finishes after the play off final so plenty of time to deduct them 20 points

@anthonycockayne: 3 will do

@ianmckee58: So let me just get this right…Derby and Sheffield Wednesday could both be relegated from the Championship because of their actions which is not the responsibility of the fans. But the premier league ‘big six’ will avoid a points deduction because it isn’t fair on the fans?

@Adventu02457903: Mel Morris is a dodgy Del Boy.

@manlikemacey: This would be incredible

@TonywalkerTony: Whoaaaaa

@saywattharry: They won’t be given a points deduction. It’s not fair on the fans.

@Wrighti1: Wow – will be interesting to see how this plays out. Sheff Wed are down as a result of a points deduction, they will be watching with interest for sure.

@DAH1878: Could face a points deduction due to actions of their owners?

@tom_scott2: After they won the league just last week as well!

@clunn1989: Whilst this would be absolutely delightful, how would it be okay when the “Top 6” get fuck all after their shit show? Bent.

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