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Referee slammed as Jarrad Branthwaite’s boot catches Dael Fry’s face

Referee Dean Whitestone has been slammed by viewers for his decision as Jarrad Branthwaite’s boot catches Dael Fry’s face.

The incident, which forced the 23 year old Boro player off for the remainder of the game, saw no penalty given nor was a card handed out.

Fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing on their TV set, before a huge number took to Twitter to vent their reaction.

The Boro defender ended up getting a nasty cut under his eye and couldn’t play the rest of the game, leaving manager Neil Warnock reeling.

‘How hasn’t he seen that? Ref, do you want to come over and watch the TV? They’re saying it’s a penalty on Sky, what f****** use is that?’.

The deadlock was finally broken on the 64th minute, Harvey Elliott and Adam Armstrong played a one-two on the edge, with the former then teeing up Joe Rothwell to fire home and seal the win.

Middlesbrough went into the game knowing that a win would put them level on points with sixth-place Bournemouth who occupy the final play-off position in the Championship table.

The result meant that Tony Mowbray’s side go level on points with 9th place Bristol City and 10th place Preston North End, who drew 0-0 against Reading on Sunday.


Middlesbrough boss Neil Warnock: “Absolutely [a penalty]. 100 per cent [a red card]. From that moment on I didn’t even want to be on the bench after seeing the horrific injury. I don’t think the lad meant to do it but it’s a red card and a penalty.

“The whole game has been decided by the officials today. It should be decided by people who know the laws and the rules. He’s in a good position, the linesman should give it if he doesn’t.

“The doctor says he’s within a quarter of an inch of losing his eye – that is how serious it is. I feel sick for the player and the result. We don’t get a penalty, don’t get a sending off and lose one of our best players. It’s just travesty.”

Blackburn boss Tony Mowbray: “We were playing against a team who go for man for man, ask questions of your ability to copy with the physicality today and it’s a young team – a really young team, so I’m delighted for them.

“It’s a tough place to come. I can’t stand here today and say I enjoy watching that football but we have to scrap. Today we rolled our sleeves up and came to the party. They did that today and there were performances who weren’t looking to play nice flicks and passes, but win some headers and win some headers.”

As mentioned, fans reacted, with the referee slammed after Jarrad Branthwaite’s boot catches Dael Fry’s face…

@WFreemanMusic: Jesus Christ the refs in the championship are fucking horrendous

@canwenotknockit: The standard of refereeing is genuinely abysmal

@WorldclassTimmo: That’s one of the worst decisions I’ve seen the ref deserves a fine or some kind accountability surely

@We_are_Boro: When will the EFL sort the shocking officiating in this league? It’s been a disgrace for years. People complain about VAR but in this league it would at least correct the many mistakes from the poor referees and linesmen we have to put up with.

@LAURAJANEJONES_: Absolutely shocking decision. High, dangerous and Fry is lucky to still have both his eyes. Something the ref is apparently missing

@harland94: Nearly had his head taken off, what’s the ref doing

@Richie_K143: If that’s not a penalty I don’t know what is. It wouldn’t be missed in the Prem due to VAR. shocking!!!

@paulsmudge73: That was a disgraceful challenge. Red card and penalty everyday.

@alexhardy1987: That was utterly appalling. How you cannot see that… Hope Fry is alright. Awful, dangerous play whether it’s accidental or not.

@mikeydennis7: Penalty and red card. Refs in this league are a joke

@stevefooty1986: The standard of officiating in this league is a fucking disgrace

@Georgewhelan200: Not a boro fan but that is a stone wall penalty! Fuck the efl shocking referees


@mattjohnson997: Is the referee blind?

@tom_murray456: about time referees were held to account for their decisions. how can he possibly miss that? they seem to be able to make mistake after mistake without any repercussions

@hetha2009: Omg thats dangerous he should have at least been sent off straight red! #shitref

@ConnorW88169291: How the fuck are these idiots referees I will never fucking know

@M_taylor1992: Why does it feel like any decision home or away is never given in our favour. Some of the decision that go against us are criminal at times. Level of referring in the championship is shockingly bad


@Antzharris10: Mother of God. 2 things have happened here:
1) That defender was watching #UFC257 last night & has produced a wonder move on the Boro attacker.
2) The referee & his assistants also had a drink-fuelled late one. How they missing that!? Ridiculous!

@Joseph_Devlin1: Gets worse every time i see it, ref needs sacking

@MasonStarboy: How tf is that not a pen bloody took his eye out ffs

@Comptinator: Surely that’s a blatant penalty and a red card? Wtf man? That’s so bad that the ref should be fined and suspended. If he’s totally cool with such dangerous play or won’t even pay attention to it then he cannot be allowed to referee these games right now. #MIDvROV #Championship

@EllisADay: The state of FA officials. Penalty and red card imo.

@SamThomas26: Hahahahaha how’s that not a pen he’s literally booted his head off

@LiiamHolmes: Sort your refs out you useless cunts @EFL

@LiamMDrake: Apoplectic. Referee needs dragging, totally inexcusable negligence. As for the coward who left the boot in I can’t believe he hasn’t been left a receipt from one of our experienced lads yet.

@Garysonfire: Anywhere else on the pitch and that’s a foul. Just cos it’s in the box, refs never give it.

@edensky_04: One of the best leagues in the world with the worst officials once again. Are we really surprised though?

@Benjmeister85: Good lord. A reminder that no matter how bad the refs in the premier league are they aren’t championship bad.

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