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Reason Mourinho got sacked revealed in Jamie Redknapp WhatsApp audio

The reason as to why Jose Mourinho got sacked has been revealed in a Jamie Redknapp WhatsApp audio which is going viral this week.

As the week started with talk on the European Super League, Tottenham gave Mourinho the boot after just 17 months in charge.

At the time, they sat 7th in the table, having picked up two points from their past three league games, and were knocked out of the Europa League in March.

The Portuguese replaced Mauricio Pochettino as Spurs manager in November 2019 and guided the club to sixth in the Premier League table last season.

On Sunday, Tottenham were one of six Premier League clubs to announce they were joining a new European Super League, but it is not related to Mourinho’s sacking.

Mourinho’s coaching staff of Joao Sacramento, Nuno Santos, Carlos Lalin and Giovanni Cerra have also been let go.

“Jose and his coaching staff have been with us through some of our most challenging times as a club,” said Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy. “Jose is a true professional who showed enormous resilience during the pandemic.

“On a personal level I have enjoyed working with him and regret that things have not worked out as we both had envisaged.

“He will always be welcome here and we should like to thank him and his coaching staff for their contribution.”

For the 2020/21 campaign, Mourinho – who previously managed Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Porto – suffered 10 league defeats in a single campaign for the first time in his managerial career.

No Premier League side has lost more points from winning positions this season than Spurs, who have dropped 20. And Mourinho’s last game in charge was a 2-2 league draw at Everton on Friday.

Former Spurs midfielder Ryan Mason, who has been working with the club’s academy, took charge of first-team training on Monday and was in charge for their 2-1 win over Southampton on Tuesday.

As many are still left questioning why Mourinho was sacked before having the chance to give Tottenham their first trophy since 2008, Jamie Redknapp has seemingly revealed the real reason why he’s no longer in charge.

He says in the 29 second voice clip: “I heard it was based on where they were in the league when they sacked him, so if Spurs sacked him when they were in the top four, I think he got 30.

“If they sacked him in the top six, he would get a different amount. And the fact they are sacking him when he’s not in the top six, takes that down to like 4 or 5, even less than that, million.

“So that’s why Daniel (Levy) has done that now rather than wait.

“I mean I don’t get why he’s done this before the cup final on Sunday, but they are fucking clowns though.”

Jose Mourinho has spoken out for the first time since his Tottenham sacking – by ranting at media outside his house.

Speaking during the clip – Mourinho says: “They don’t give me privacy. Even my friend Gary is disturbing me. That’s my life!”

When pushed by a reporter on the timing of his exit, the ex-Spurs boss simply said: “I’m not going to speak. You know me.”

The reporter then asks: “Will we see you again soon? Bit of a holiday, recharge the batteries?”

But Mourinho was not budging in his response as he said: “No need. No need for breaks and batteries.”

When asked if he would be back in football, the 58-year-old simply replied: “I”m always in football.”

Fans have since reacted after listening to the reason Mourinho got sacked which was revealed in that Jamie Redknapp WhatsApp audio…

@philstandish: Wow! Makes. Sense if true

@Caro__Iine: Doesn’t surprise me

@Craig1707: I wonder if it was Ant & Dec who recorded him

@Coinbullishish: If he spoke like that on TV I would like him a lot more.

@Dave_Edwards6: Heard this. Interesting if true

@Jdickinson108: Classic levy. Sack the manager to save yourself a couple million in compensation. Disgrace. Levy was relying on our failure to compensate a manager with less money before sacking him. GET. HIM. OUT #Levyout #ENICOut

@FatherNoade1992: Fucking clowns, strong words.

@SmithyMMA: “They are fkin clowns though” πŸ˜‚πŸ€‘

@CzarCule: I can 100% see Levy doing this.

@westham_mo: Totspurs, ladies and gents πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@JstAnotherDevil; No bloody way lmao

@DollingJ: All about saving money this club 😭🀣

@ScottMcC93: “Fucking clowns” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@Bunglebob66: Oops 😬

@SimonJLegg_: Loooool Levy is a mad mad geezer

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