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Real Betis fans clash with police at Man Utd, chairs thrown and spitting aimed at home crowd

Real Betis fans took to clash with police at Man Utd, with chairs thrown and spitting aimed at the home crowd on Thursday night.

At Old Trafford, supporters of the La Liga outfit clashed with officers and stewards. One reportedly threw a seat while another attempted to use his belt as a weapon.

GMP confirm four Real Betis fans were arrested at Old Trafford last night. Two still being questioned.

At the conclusion of Manchester United‘s 4-1 victory over Real Betis, the ugly scenes played out.

Fans present at the game said missiles were chucked from the away end as they tried to climb over a barrier that separated them from United supporters.

According to reports, one person tore out a chair before throwing it into the United Section.

In one clip, Betis fans in balaclavas could be seen trying to swing their belt across the gap to reach home supporters while another video saw away fans repeatedly spitting at the home end with stricken stewards stuck.

Rapid deployment of riot police is said to have reached the scene.

Photographs showed police trying to calm Spanish fans down with order quickly restored, as the relieved stewards continued to form a wall.

This is what social media users said as Real Betis fans clash with police at Man Utd, with chairs thrown and spitting aimed at the home crowd…

@dundeeBHOY: @Makes me laugh this stuff… if they wanted to jump the fence they could, pretend hard men

@tommygorman26: Coppers all over the ground but happy to watch this unfold? Guarantee if that’s United in Spain the batons are out immediately.

@united_online: I was on the other side behind the goal, and it was clear there wasn’t enough separation between the home and away fans. Fortunately, it was only a handful of away fans looking for trouble, but it could have turned much worse if there had been more involved.

@MJS4597: My man spitting on his on pals hahahaha #Manchester_United

@josh_wats09123: Feel sorry for the stewards here 🤣

@lukejjel: Ah you couldn’t pay me enough to be a steward at a footie ground yeno

@themightyrego: Mysterio looking goblins 🤣

@Jaypringg: Funny how the British police deal with British fans but don’t want to know when the Europeans turn up

@unitedforever97: What a disgrace 🥊

@What_TJD_Said: If this is English football fans abroad it’s front page news and we are being slated all over Europe.

@LukePorter6: Its absolutely absurd how the police just leave foreign teams too it, if that was an English club they’d be getting dragged out and nicked in seconds. Fucking bullshit

@markdel99: Love it when fans do this. Not being held back what so ever. Jump over pal what’s stopping you? The part time steward that just wants to get paid and go home? 😂

@AnonimoDelBetis: Thanks for the video, look how many faces we can see here… now it’s time to identify them and ban them forever @RealBetis. Do not let them do that with impunity.

@EfanTreharne1: Mad how scared the police are of European fans 😂

@heppell21: Hold me back 🤣🤣

@SFC_Copey: Coward police not helping when the going gets tough. As per. Only step in when it’s someone scrawny 18 year old they can bully

@CillianCullen: Seville will be fun next week

@D10SdelFurbo: They are the shame of our city ,on big nights the don’t know how to behave because they are not used to them, do not take a bad image of Seville

@DatGuyBinnsy: Just imagine this was English fans 🤣🤣

@Oleguer92: If you’re that hard surely you’d be jumping over instead of pushing n shoving each other 😂 dickheads #UNITED

@BeersnBlues: Watch what I’m gonna do to them, Hold me back

@NotShezDan: Hahahaha. Imagine this was united in Spain the batons would be atrocious.

@louisctoward: Foreign away fans get treated like royalty over here

@JFP68_99_08: If you push/kick a fence or shout glazers out at a protest though, they will boot your door in won’t you @gmpolice W⚓s

@Davidsmyth20: For me personally people who do this at football games are the biggest bunch of losers off all time 🤣🤣

@paulmarriott87: Look at that piece of shit top left taking his balaclava down to spit on people 🤡

@JayJayHaych: Could see this where I was sat. Stewards should not be put in that situation. Part time min wage job and having to hold back loads of Spanish Ultras just isn’t right. Where the fuck are the police. Set of cowards were stood in the disabled section filming it. @gmpolice @ManUtd

@Liam_Needham: Massive ‘hold me back’ vibes here

Marcus Rashford, Antony, Bruno Fernandes and Wout Weghorst all found the net as Manchester United thrash Betis 4-1 in the Europa League last-16 first leg at Old Trafford; Leicester loanee Ayoze Perez nets the visitors’ only goal.

Player ratings

Man Utd: De Gea (6), Dalot (6), Varane (7), Martinez (7), Shaw (7), Fred (7), Casemiro (6), Antony (7), Fernandes (8), Rashford (7), Weghorst (6).

Subs: Wan-Bissaka (7), Malacia (6), Sancho (6), Pellestri, McTominay (n/a).

Real Betis: Bravo (5), Sabaly (6), Pezzella (5), Felipe (6), Abner (6), Rodriguez (5), Carvalho (5), Henrique (6), Joaquin (6), Juanmi (6), Perez (7).

Subs: Ruibal (5), Canales (5), Iglesias (5), Guardado (5), Jose (6).

Player of the match: Bruno Fernandes

Man Utd manager Erik ten Hag told BT Sport:

We played a very good game in both halves and by half-time we should have been up 3-0. But then it’s 1-1, one mistake and we get punished for it. But I thought we played well, in the second half especially.

“[Overall] 4-1, good goals, good performance and give something to the fans. They give us something back as well because they are behind us and we are very grateful after Sunday.

“It was a good attitude from the start, we were on the front foot, we were good on the ball, finding spare men in midfield. They made good switches, they made good runs behind and created a lot of chances. I’m happy today.

“It’s always how a team reacts after a setback – you see it once again, this is not the first time this season. Already it’s been five or six times, we can reset and bounce back. This team has character so it is a compliment to the team.”

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