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Reading fan group reveal how they plan to protest for Charlton and Port Vale home games

Reading fan group ‘Sell Before We Dai’ reveal how they plan to protest for upcoming home games against Charlton and Port Vale.

On Saturday afternoon, the 16th minute of Reading’s game against Leyton Orient saw fans from both sides singing “F*** the EFL” with no tennis balls or invading of the pitch done this time around.

This comes a week after the EFL confirm that Reading were handed a suspended 3-point deduction until the end of the 2024/25 season “if any fixture played in any EFL competition is postponed or abandoned due to disruption after the Port Vale game.

That fixture is to be replayed in full on Tuesday the 20th of February.

Then on Sunday night, the protest group tweeted: “@SellBeforeWeDai We understand fans want protests that everyone, no matter how young or old, can get involved with – and the Charlton and #PVFC protests have been planned with that in mind, alongside the recent EFL punishment.

“These protests are designed to be effective, embarrassing and inclusive – aimed exclusively at the regime, not the team.

“As ever, we back Rubén, the players and the staff. We want to rally behind the team as we fight to remain in League One.

“Pressure will remain on Dai at the SCL, but we will continue to drive our wider activity forward too. We will continue with our political activity and EFL dialogue.

“Every lever will be pulled to make a difference.

“……oh, and the London protest is ON! #ReadingFC #SellBeforeWeDai”


Charlton (H) – Get That Clown Out Of Our Town [Saturday 10th February] Dai Yongge has turned the club into a circus, so let’s make him the chief clown. We’ll supply the Dai masks and a limited number of clown wigs. More details to follow in the coming days.

Port Vale (H) – Show Dai The Red Card [Tuesday 20th February] Don’t worry Vale fans, no pitch invasion this time! We invite both sets of fans to join us as we hold a red card display on the 16th minute. We will be giving out cards to all supporters on matchday. It’s a protest Port Vale fans have done before… and the colour red is said to ward off evil spirits in China!

London Protest – Make Dai Go (A) [Provisional Date: Sunday 25th February] The London protest is on! More details on locations and routes will be published in due course, but we are already planning and have been in contact with the police in preparation. Sunday 25th February is the provisional date, as we’d like to protest in the capital as quickly as possible, whilst also ensuring we’re giving ourselves enough time to plan properly.

A member of the ‘Sell Before We Dai’ group spoke with Rob Jones for Sky Sports:

Rob Jones: Well, it feels as though there’s been drama around every corner for Redding this season, perhaps encapsulated in the last couple of home games two weeks ago. One abandoned after a pitch invasion against Port Vale. A suspended three point penalty for the club handed out just hours before the last home game on Tuesday night, which saw Redding record a victory over inform Derby. Let’s speak to Caroline Parker from the supporters trust and the fan group sell before we die as well. I wanted to reflect, firstly, Caroline, on that pitch invasion, did that feel very much, from a supporter’s perspective, as the last straw?

Caroline Parker: Absolutely. What you saw there was a mass demonstration of desperation, frustration and anger and everything in-between. And they’re a patient bunch, Reading fans, and I think they’ve been pushed to their limits. And what’s played out this season is definitely the final straw. And that’s what you saw play out against Port Vale.

RJ: Do you feel like there has been tangible progress or you’ve got what you’ve wanted from that protest in the last couple of weeks?

Caroline: I think we’ve got some brilliant media coverage, so I think we’re really thankful for that. And thank you to Sky for keeping at it with us. It’s really important. And this is what we need. We need coverage, we need potential investors to step forward and we need the football world and the regulatory authorities to really hear our story. And we’ve had good engagement from the EFL. So I think, yeah, it’s not ideal to be abandoning games, but I think in some regard, the kind of end justified the means, for sure.

RJ: One of the key points, I guess, is this. Dai Yongge is not an owner who’s just not investing in the playing side, that it feels as though the club is being sort of gutted bit by bit academy staff, things happening at the training ground, that it’s almost dissolving in front of your eyes.

Caroline: It is. It’s really sad. We’ve always been historically quite a well run club and lived broadly within our means, and this is completely the opposite to what Redding fans ever used to know. We’re not clamouring for millions of pounds. That narrative is wrong. Reading fans have always been about the team being better than the individuals and finding bargains from somewhere. And the way we’ve been run over the last six years is just a travesty. And we all want the same thing. We want Dai to go and we want a sensible custodian that’s going to look after the club.

RJ: Obviously, a huge part of the frustration is directed towards the owner, but what about the EFL’s role in it and what more do you think they can do, is disqualifying him as a director the next best step, which is something they can do?

Caroline: Well, the EFL do have gaps in the regulations. The competition regulations do not allow them to force a sale. So whilst they can expel the owner, we still have to have someone to come in and carry on paying the bills. And we do have parties at the table. We just need Dai to listen. We need him to be realistic in terms of what his aspirations are. But the EFL are supportive. They are talking to the supporters trust regularly. They are on our side. So we do appreciate that dialogue. But this has shown that there are gaps in the regulations and they do need to be closed. There’s got to be some kind of carve out in company law whereby community assets like football clubs have different powers and they do have the means to force these owners out and force the sale.

RJ: I listened to an interview with your former chief executive the other day who said he felt there were seven or eight credible parties who would be interested in buying the club. At what point, as a fan, do you allow yourself to get even vaguely excited or until the Dai Yongge tenure is officially over? You won’t sort of believe it?

Caroline: No. We were told the club was up for sale in October before we did some of the other protests. And here we are four months later and we’re still hoping that he’s listening to parties. Fundamentally, until there’s a deal signed, sealed and delivered, we cannot stop campaigning. And we’ve got to keep the pressure up because it’s all down to him and his decision to sell. He’s got to have the appetite to want to sell.

RJ: You sort of forget amongst all of this that there is a job to do on the pitch as well. A very good victory over Derby in midweek. If Ruben Selles is able to keep you up, he deserves a medal, doesn’t he?

Caroline: Yeah, that guy. He must have aged considerably since June.

RJ: He’s probably not the only one.

Caroline: And fair play him. He’s always been really respectful of the campaign in his interviews. He’s always active with integrity. I think the team is starting to click now. I think they found a favoured formation. They seem to be a bit more settled and actually they do seem to have that team spirit. They really fought for that victory on Tuesday night. They were good against a top Derby side. So all credit to Ruben. Let’s just hope we have got enough to stay up. If we can keep hold of the players that we’ve got and have a peaceful-ish rest of the window. We definitely can stay up. And full credit to the guy, and I’m sure he’s going to get a lot of the fans back in again today.

RJ: In recent weeks, has thrown up some games against teams that can associate with Reading’s plight at the moment, the likes of Wigan and Derby, and today, Leyton Orient as well, who know all too well about having problems off the pitch.

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This is what Twitter users as the Reading fan group reveal how they plan to protest for Charlton and Port Vale home games…

@fey_jason: #cafc will supply a few 🤡 playing on the pitch!

@DiscoEnergy: Will they be available for away fans as well as I’ll show my support 👌

@ACW52: Great ideas

@MikePea73444529: I wasn’t planning to go to the Charlton game but now I will. Will await what the plans are.

@FFSKarz: Keeping the pressure on Dai. No rest until we’ve got the fucker out of #readingfc, along with his acolytes.

@RDG1871: Get on it, #readingfc fans. 10,000 clowns will make a hell of a news story and photo-opp…. #cafc #addicks

@ARJW78: Hugely admire the Reading fans. Clubs are not just a plaything for the rich and fortunate but are vital to communities. Given the EFL & EPL incompetence in ensuring that owners are fit and proper this will not be the last fierce revolt. Give him and them hell.

@RGray46: Loving all these (although shit scared of clowns so may not participate in that one!). Gutted I can’t do the London protest as working but hope it’s well supported 💙⚽️ #sellbeforewedai Xx

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