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Reading fan group make hidden dig at the EFL over latest punishment

Reading fan group make a hidden dig at the EFL over the latest punishment handed to the club, a third points deduction of the season.

The Royals had already faced a four point deduction this season due to delayed wage payments on multiple occasions in the past year.

But now they will be deducted another two points, plus a further two suspended, meaning they are will be three points above the relegation zone with Yongge also fined £100k.

This comes after the club failed to meet their financial obligations to HMRC within the 80-day limit set by the EFL, with a further two-point deduction suspended.

A statement from “Sell Before We Dai”, a Reading protest group against the club’s owner Dai Yongge, was issued a the points deduction was confirmed.

They aimed a dig at the EFL, hidden in the first letter of each line in the fourth, fifth and sixth paragraphs, which spelled out “f**k the EFL”.

Ruben Selles’ side are now only three points above the relegation zone, with 11 matches left to play.

They have dropped three places in the league table and currently sit in 19th position, with a three-point lead over Cheltenham in 21st and a five-point lead over Port Vale in 22nd.

It is worth noting that both Cheltenham and Port Vale have two games in hand over Reading.


“It is clear that Reading’s issues are entirely down to Dai Yongge, so obviously it makes complete sense to punish the fans, staff and players of Reading Football Club with further sporting sanctions – especially for an infringement that provides no sporting advantage.

“Given the ongoing sales talks at Reading, the timing of today’s punishment is spectacular. Imposing a points penalty which increases our chances of relegation and therefore decreases the prospect of our club being sold is completely misguided. The EFL claims to be on the side of the fans, instead – yet again – they disproportionately punish those who care the most over those who care the least.

“To quote EFL Chairman Ricky Parry in The Athletic last month “Fining Dai Yongge is of no use at all”, so the EFL’s decision to fine Dai Yongge £100,000 is another example of the league’s clear and coherent leadership.

“They will not receive a penny from Dai Yongge, they have already taken our points and they wanted to take more. The fans, players and employees of Reading Football Club deserve better.

“For Reading Football Club this will be the 18th point deducted by the EFL. While we understand that the league has a responsibility to its members and Dai Yongge is clearly running the club with impunity, no club in the EFL is asking for another club killed.

“The message being sent is that the league cares more about its rulebook than the health and history of the football clubs that play in it. It is increasingly clear that an effective, empowered and independent regulator is needed more than ever.

“Ending on a positive note, we must now adopt the siege mentality that so many football clubs have been forced to take. Our players will fight to keep us in this league. Our fans will roar them on. Our backroom staff will keep the lights on.

“There will be some chat about tennis balls and pitch invasions, but unlike the EFL, we don’t believe points deductions solve anything.

“The London protest planning is back on. Until then, our most effective form of protest will be filling the stadium, filling away ends and filling the players, coaches and staff with the belief that The Great Escape is on and every little thing is gonna be alright.”

Twitter users reacted as the Reading fan group make a hidden dig at the EFL over the latest punishment handed to the club…

@PeterJMacca: Absolutely disgusting the way the fans, players and staff of Reading are being treated. I don’t see the logic in continuously sticking the boot in on a club where clearly the owner is the issue. Football clubs are at the heart of communities & need to be protected. Good luck 🙏

@cribsie: Very well put. @EFL you are an utter disgrace for trying to force us out of existence by making a potential rescue even less likely.

@MarcRoyals1871: Can we not remove the @EFL logos/banners they set out before the game on the side of the pitch. These are just as corrupt as our owner. This is getting out of hand

@LangdalePete: Naughty naughty! I see what you did there…..!

@90minutesonline: Very hard to disagree with these sentiments. The @EFL appear more interested in acting as an enforcer for @HMRCgovuk rather than helping to save #football clubs… We will keep on saying it, clubs should be protected community assets and dodgy owners fully liable.

@collingwood2112: Absolutely awful. As a Charlton fan we’ve very nearly been there, and a couple of people have said that this helps us. It helps NO ONE to punish the club and fans in this way! Good luck in your battle, but wouldn’t it be nice if the EFL actually tried to sort this out?

@longlaneroyal: They just pretend to listen. In a different spectrum they’re as guilty as Dai Yongge is trying to kill us.

@Bunting1871: We are at a point now where very little will have effect without causing us to get relegated, making a sale even more less likely. The @efl are just as culpable as Yongge. Maybe a focus needs to be towards EFL sponsors and boycott and make sponsors social media full of it etc

@PortlandToffee: And we think we have been treated horribly Reading fans have been kicked everywhere through no fault of them or the teams. Disgusting. Other teams should protest on their behalf.

@GeorgeAtkins00: Docking points for failing to pay HMRC and their own staff is disgraceful. Further punishing the staff, players and fans for doing nothing wrong and getting no sporting advantage. The EFL should never have allowed Dai to purchase the club in the first place!

@Markclaret1: Every single football club could end up in this situation.

@PatricRidge: Why are the #EFL, chaired by the incompetent Rick Parry, deducting #ReadingFC further points? The charlatans running the game have to have it taken out of their hands. Enough is enough.

@arnie_rfc: Well done, putting the nail in the coffin for our club. Hope people from clubs like Bury, Derby, Wigan sue you for letting these shambolic owners take over our beloved clubs.

@Tatum1871: “The EFL continues to acknowledge the negative impact sporting sanctions are having on the Football Club and remain extremely disappointed and frustrated at the Club’s ownership to meet its ongoing obligations under EFL Regulations.” That lasted long didn’t it

@randallsroyals: Deducting points achieves what exactly? @EFL_Comms 🤷‍♂️😢🔵⚪️🔵⚪️

@smujjii87: You’re as much to blame. You let this man in and now you’re punishing us fans. That fine is pocket change for Dai but 6 points this season is massive for the team. Fans mean absolutely nothing to your organisation. NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!

@ByChrisMatthews: ‘The League urges Mr Dai to provide his Club with the appropriate resources needed…’ Well, that’ll work. Honestly… smh

@hrryjnes: Class lads punish the fans and staff for something a man who doesn’t care about the club is doing, brilliant👍🏻

@James59399359: EFL – we know that the deductions don’t impact the owner and only the fans. Also EFL – deducts 18 points from us, leading to our relegation from the championship and now at threat for successive relegation out of league one.

@claredoc76: How is deducting points helpful to saving the club? 🤔 It is Dai Yongge at fault! But then, he’s not going to pay your fines either; you already know this @EFL. So they are pointless. This will also not help us get a new buyer 😡 But hey, you carry on killing our club.

@1871_GS: Why should the club be punished when it’s one man ? Joke of an organisation if you can’t overpower the owners you let in

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