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Ravel Morrison responds to reports of fraud conviction after using dead person’s blue badge

Ravel Morrison responds to reports of being handed a fraud conviction after using dead person’s blue badge to park his Audi.

A local council state that the 30 year old footballer, who has played for a number of Premier League and EFL clubs, has been ordered to pay nearly £2,000 after admitting to buying the badge ‘off someone in Old Trafford’ for £50.

The scam became apparent when a council parking warden discovered a white Audi A3 parked on Bridgewater Street in Castlefield displaying a blue badge, given to those who have disabilities or health conditions to allow them to park closer to their desired location, in May 2022.

But it was later learned that the badge’s owner had passed away the year before.

A ticket was placed on the vehicle and then taken to a parking impound before he went to go collected it later that day, according to a statement from Manchester City Council.

Reports add that Morrison, from Westbrook, Warrington, had been charged with one count of fraud, and admitted guilt at Manchester Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

He was handed a £1,000 fine, made to pay costs of £508 and a victim surcharge of £400.

When the badge was checked over, it was found to be no longer valid, having belonged to someone who died in February 2022.

A Manchester City Council spokesman said: “This ruling shows that the law is applicable to everyone, with no exceptions.

“I am grateful for the diligent work of our investigating officers as well as legal counsel who were able to successfully prosecute this case.

“Our officers patrol the streets daily to ensure that blue badges are used legitimately and we will not hesitate to take action if we discover people trying to circumvent the law.”

Ravel Morrison however has since taken to social media, tweeting on Saturday (2nd December) morning: “Fake news 🤣”

Local councils state that you can report blue badge abuse if you know someone that is using –

– a deceased person’s blue badge
– a genuine holder’s blue badge with or without permission for their own use
– false information when applying
– a false or forged blue badge that has not been issued by us
– a stolen blue badge
– an expired blue badge

Here’s what Twitter users are saying as Ravel Morrison responds to reports of his fraud conviction after using a dead person’s blue badge…

@Kev1Lfc: You can take the man out of United….

@billhrpr: How he chose a life like this over what he could of had is beyond me 🤯

@ebeneezer1979: Well he is always injured

@ColinVClayton: This lad never ceases to amaze me.

@ShankillGAWA: If ever there was a story that didn’t surprise me this is it, what a fucking waste

@joemarshall_: You really start to worry he might waste his career at this rate

@rayverma: As a son of a mother whose #BlueBadge was stolen after her car was broken into, I’m glad Ravel Morrison has been made an example of. Blue Badge thefts are on the rise and I hope legislation is brought in to protect genuine disabled persons #BlueBadge holders.

@PatBuckingham: Convicted of fraud and it not being about his footballing career. I am shocked.

@ThreeBluebirds_: Got to be the biggest waste of talent I’ve ever seen. Was different gravy in the few cameos he made under Slade. Proper wrong’un like 😅

@MainStandView: Ravel is the gift that keeps on giving

@whistlingspy: Hugely talented at youth level. Such a shame he’s allowed himself to slide the slippery slope.

@brian3man: All that talent and ability, what a frustrating waste!

@oahu2024: How much does he earn? And he tried to get out of a parking charge! Unbelievable

@JossStarkie: The most Ravel Morrison thing of all time 😂😂😂

@Neil1889: The most amazing bizarre footballer

@Kieranbcfc2: Just gutted to see what he’s become. Always felt like he could go at any minute but when he was at Blues it really did feel like he’d found his home both in terms of football and squad. Proper waste of talent. #bcfc

@benballcv: Ravel Morrison, dear oh dear. Now prosecuted for using a dead man’s blue badge. So much talent, so little delivery. #twitterblades

@frankum_ian: Ravel Morrison convicted of using a dead person’s disabled badge to park , WTF 😲

@petewhu1966: Talk about throwing it all away Ian….that boy could of had everything!

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