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Rape accused Man City player threatened to kidnap victim and claimed he slept with 10,000 women

Rape accused Man City player Benjamin Mendy threatened to kidnap a victim and claimed he slept with 10,000 women, court heard.

The 28 year old is standing trial accused of raping a young woman aged 24 at his £4million in Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire, in October 2020 then told her “it’s fine, I’ve had sex with 10,000 women”.

He is also on trial at Chester Crown Court accused of the attempted rape of another woman, aged 29 at the time, who said he also attacked her at his home two years before. The footballer denies both allegations.

The jury of six females and six males have been told by trial Judge Stephen Everett, the Recorder of Chester, that the French international was found not guilty of sexual offences alleged by other females after a trial that ended in January earlier in 2023.

He told jurors that the jury last time couldn’t reach verdicts on the two charges they are hearing, that of rape and attempted rape, which explains his re-trial on those two charges.

The judge issued a warning for those to not to look at any details relating to any previous trial or keep an eye on coverage in the media, and only decide the case based on the evidence given in court in the current trial.

Benjamin Aina KC, opening the trial to the jury, said: “Benjamin Mendy is a footballer who was under contract to Manchester City FC. He would have parties and social gatherings at his home, The Spinney, in Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire.

“He would have both male and female guests at his social gatherings.

“It is the prosecution case that on two occasions Mr Mendy took advantage of two of his female guests.

“On one occasion he tried to have forced sex with a female guest, woman A.

“On another occasion he raped a female guest in one of his bedrooms, woman B.”

Benjamin Aina KC said Benjamn Mendy first met with woman A, a UK student, at a Barcelona-based nightclub back in late 2017 and she became intimate with one of his pals.

They remained in contact and a year later she set up a visit with Mendy’s friend at the footballer’s house, where they stayed after they all went with other girls for a night-out.

The morning after, when she had a shower in the en-suite bathroom, Mendy took it upon himself to appeared uninvited, in just boxers, and holding himself, and he was “aroused”, the court heard.

Mendy is then alleged to have grabbed the female and attempted to rape her on the bed as she tried to struggle herself free, despite her repeatedly telling him to stop.

Two years later, woman B was out with mates at a bar in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, nearby Mendy’s home, when they were invited back to his house.

She claims that Mendy took her phone from her, which contained “intimate” photos, then led her to his locked bedroom, as she asked to have her phone back.

Aina said Mendy told her “I just wanna have a look at you” and wanted her to take her clothes off.

Woman B complied, but left her underwear on, and Mendy then threw her phone on the bed.

As she tried to get it back, Mendy is then alleged to have taken hold of her from behind and raped her despite her telling him she didn’t want to have sex.

Aina told the jury: “At this stage Mr Mendy took a step back and said ‘you’re too shy’.

“Mr Mendy said, ‘It’s fine. I’ve had sex with 10,000 women’.”

Mendy told police on both occasions any sexual contact was consensual and denies any wrongdoing.

The trial continues.

Rape and sexual abuse helplines

For Women (See below for Rape, Sexual Abuse & Personal Safety Abroad) 


Help after rape and sexual assault

Sexual Abuse Referral Centres – Find a SARC

Sexual violence is a crime, no matter who commits it or where it happens.  Don’t be afraid to get help.

SARCs are specialist medical and forensic services for anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted.  They aim to be one-stop service, providing the following under one roof: medical care and forensic examination following assault/rape and, in some locations, sexual health services. Medical Services are free of charge and provided to women, men, young people and children.

Rape Crisis (England and Wales)

Helpline:  0808 500 2222 (24/7)


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Support outside England and Wales

Rape Crisis England & Wales is the charity working to end sexual violence and abuse.  We provide specialist information and support to all those affected by rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and all other forms of sexual violence and abuse in England and Wales.  We are also the membership organisation for 39 Rape Crisis centres.  Together, we aim to educate, influence and make change.

Rape Crisis Scotland

Helpline:  08088 01 03 02


Rape Crisis Scotland is Scotland’s leading organisation working to transform attitudes, improve responses and ultimately to end rape and sexual violence in all its forms.  All of us deserve to live free from the fear and threat of sexual violence.  We work to raise awareness of the prevalence and impact of rape, sexual assault and abuse, advocate for better health, justice and community responses, and work to make sure that no matter what happened or when, survivors can access specialist support.

Victim Support

Supportline:   08 08 16 89 111

Rape and sexual assault

Our services are confidential, free and available to anyone who’s been raped or sexually assaulted, now or in the past. We can help, regardless of whether you have told the police or anyone else about the attack.  Our volunteers can visit you at home (if you want us to, and if doing so will not put you at further risk) or somewhere else if you prefer. If you don’t want to see anyone face-to-face, you can also talk to us on the ‘phone, either at one of our local offices or at the national Victim Supportline.

The Survivors Trust

Helpline:  0808 801 0818

Text:  07860 022956


Find support

Rape and sexual abuse can happen to anyone regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, culture or social status.  Living with the consequences of rape and sexual abuse can be devastating. We believe that all survivors are entitled to receive the best possible response to their needs whether or not they choose to report.

Women’s Aid Federation


Chat to usWomen’s Aid is the national domestic violence charity that helps up to 250,000 women and children every year.  We work to end violence against women and children.

For Men

Survivors UK – Male Rape and Sexual Abuse Support


National online helpline

We are here for any man, boy or non-binary person who has ever experienced unwanted sexual activity (such as words, images or touch).  We can chat with you here through webchat, or by texting.

There’s no pressure or judgement when you contact us – you get to stay in control.  You can reach out as little or often as you like.  You may not be sure if we’re the right service for you. No problem, contact us anyway, and we’ll do our best to help or point you in the right direction.

Rape Crisis (England and Wales)

Helpline:  0808 500 2222 (24/7)


Want to talk?

Rape Crisis England & Wales is the charity working to end sexual violence and abuse.  We provide specialist information and support to all those affected by rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and all other forms of sexual violence and abuse in England and Wales.  We are also the membership organisation for 39 Rape Crisis centres. Together, we aim to educate, influence and make change.

Rape, Sexual Abuse & Personal Safety Abroad 

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Rape & Sexual Assault Abroad – Returning to the UK

Support for British Nationals Abroad

Rape and sexual assault can happen to women and men of all ages and backgrounds. While most visits abroad are trouble-free, we are becoming more aware of people being sexually assaulted whilst they are overseas.  Sexual assault is a very traumatic experience whenever and wherever it happens, but the trauma can be made even more difficult to deal with when it happens abroad.  We will be as helpful as we can to anyone who tells us they have had sex against their wishes or been attacked by someone wanting sex.

Rape Crisis Network Europe


RCNE is the network of European rape crisis centres.  We aim to make sure that anyone who experiences sexual violence can get the help they need.  We are active in influencing policy, standards and legislation through European governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

All member centres share a ‘survivor-centred’ and anti-discriminatory approach.

Personal Safety Advice Abroad

When travelling abroad, most people are keen to relax and unwind. Travellers, tourists and foreign businessmen and women can be prime targets for criminals, however. In order to minimise stress on your holiday or trip, take time to plan your personal safety strategy in advance. From keeping your valuables safe to avoiding violence, a little forethought may save you from becoming a victim of crime.

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