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Rangers ‘sectarian’ video probed as police investigate clip of footballers singing

Rangers ‘sectarian’ video probed as police investigate clip of footballers singing after going the full Scottish Premiership season unbeaten.

Gers players are being probed by cops over a video apparently showing them using “sectarian language” during their league title win party.

Police confirmed an investigation has been launched into the clip which with some Twitter users saying that it shows squad members chant “f**k the Pope” while singing Sweet Caroline.

Video footage has gone viral on social media

The video, which is understood to have been filmed on Saturday afternoon, emerged on social media and has been shared numerous times.

In a statement, Police Scotland said: “We are aware of a video circulating on social media apparently showing Rangers players using sectarian language while celebrating on Saturday.

“We are assessing its contents and will liaise with the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service as part of our enquiries.”

We told how police chiefs and politicians blasted Rangers hooligans after the league title win celebrations rampage in Glasgow.

@HumzaYousaf (SNP MSP for Glasgow Pollok, Scotland’s Justice Secretary): “I have also been made aware of this clip, if (and I stress if) this clip is genuine then any player or staff member found to be guilty of anti-Catholic hatred should be shown the door by the Club”.

“It is right Police Scot investigate & determine the facts around it.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon took aim at “selfish, bigoted” fans for their “violence and vile anti-Catholic prejudice” during the lockdown-flouting celebrations.

Police arrested 28 people and five officers were injured during the shameful scenes.

An SPFL spokesperson said: “Rangers players, officials and fans rightly celebrated their dominant title win on Saturday and we offer our congratulations for what was a thoroughly-deserved trophy.

“However, the behaviour of many fans at Ibrox during and immediately after the game, and the subsequent major disorder in Glasgow city centre, was utterly shameful. 

“As the club themselves have said, this behaviour was unacceptable, and especially so given the repeated advance warnings regarding social distancing. 

“At a time when everyone in the game is working hard to enable long-suffering fans to get back into stadia, it is simply the last thing that Scottish football needs.

“The police, emergency services and ordinary members of the public did not deserve to be caught up in this melee. We fully support the actions of the courts, the SFA and the club in dealing severely with those who have so badly let the game down.”


We are aware of a video circulating on social media. It is evident that this video was shared with an adjoining narrative which attempts to discredit our players and the reputation of Rangers Football Club. This highlights the dangers of ‘trial by social media.’

It is deeply concerning that this video has been taken as genuine and has been shared widely including by some political representatives who should be mindful of their influence and legal processes.

Our squad is richly diverse. Sectarianism is unacceptable and has no place in our club which is underlined by our Everyone Anyone campaign.

We are confident that no criminality took place, we have sought legal advice and look forward to cooperating with Police Scotland.


WINNING our 55th league title in our 150th year was a historic day for Rangers Football Club. The support from millions of our fans across the world has been incredible.

The achievement by Steven Gerrard and his team has received plaudits from across the football family, including recognition by sports writers, opposition players and managers.

We are grateful to Scottish Government officials, Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland for the constructive engagement in the lead up to the weekend’s game. We worked closely with the authorities for two weeks before Saturday’s match to ensure a consistency of message.

Sadly, a small minority of people behaved inappropriately and in a manner not reflective of our support. Some of the scenes were unacceptable and have besmirched the good name of Rangers Football Club. These so called “fans” should reflect upon the values and ethos of our club, and consider the damage this does to the reputation of the club.

We will continue to engage with authorities as required.

As the Rangers ‘sectarian’ video gets probed as police investigate the clip of footballers singing, see what fans said about it below…

@Ryan___THFC: Glen Kamara seems to have got over the abuse malarkey pretty quickly

@Tedii69: 55 has utterly broken Scotland

@IsMisePaddy: Surely that’s not Glenn Kamara & the rest of the rangers team jumping about singing sectarian songs just weeks after all those interviews about how bigotry has no place in football

@seamus35642841: @ClydeSSB will this feature tonight in the programme, or does it not matter that its hatred against catholics and not against the black community?

@ChrisJa16499135: There should be stronger penalties for this type of behaviour. Dock em a some points for next season see who’s laughing then ? Vile behaviour

@Dag_1986: I’d like to say this surprises me but it doesn’t! Fuelled by Celtic fans reduced to tagging police Scotland and Neil diamond as they have fuck all else left this season! ex Celtic players and so called MSPs! This is an absolute embarrassment!

@IBoyd1966:But surely the police being stupid enough to fall for it is the scariest bit . Unbelievable.

@RyaRFC: Hahaha you better arrest Brendon Rodgers team to cos they clearly sang the same thing too!

@SarahJ1703: No appears to about it!! They are and the sickening thing is some of them are Catholic. Absolutely shamefully. I hope none of them cross themselves with belief again.

@Sy081286: Am I the only one who hears something else

@Pena_Cartel: And when it’s shown that you’re promoting a badly dubbed video that’s already been rubbished, you should be shown the door

@squire67: If the audio is not genuine then what words were they singing for a player to twice extend his middle finger during the add-on?

@hoopster_88: It comes from within. They help spread the hatred and violence

@pselbs: I’d imagine #policescotland will be interested in this

@Brian88Downey: Most of the squad are catholic, surely not? what a rancid bunch

@StephenColin: I’m sure the police will show no tolerance towards this kind of behaviour. It must be very easy to identify them. Some even have their names on their shirts!!!

@carty1888: @NicolaSturgeon one of the men in this video demanded support for racist comments which was correctly given, however it seems ok him & his colleagues to sing anti-catholic songs all night indoors in a group whilst drinking at a bar? Action to be taken or the carpet to be lifted?

@AaronRo85: Stronger please rangers, this is becoming a joke

@FacelessRanger: Not strong enough Rangers. Damage has been done, regardless of the truth.

@glasgowgolfer77: @HumzaYousaf @glasgowcathcart sometimes blind allegiance can lead to acts of impropriety #apologise

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