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Rangers probe player sent off for derogatory comment made in Scottish League Two playoff final

Rangers probe a 19 year old player who was sent off for a derogatory comment made during the weekend’s Scottish League Two playoff final.

Rangers youngster Chris McKee was given marching orders for “foul and abusive language of a homophobic nature” during the vital encounter for loan side Brechin City.

He was shown straight red card by referee Craig Napier 41 minutes into the League Two playoff final between Brechin and Kelty Hearts at Glebe Park.

McKee joined the third tier outfit back in March on loan from the Scottish Premiership champions, as he looks to force his way into Steven Gerrard’s future plans.

However on his time at Brechinm it has come to a sorry end, with the former Championship side condemned to the Highland Football League following his controversial sending off in the 1-0 defeat that sealed Brechin’s fate.

Eyebrows were raised when McKee was given the red card without being involved in any kind of challenge.

Then the BBC later confirmed the teenager was dismissed for “foul and abusive language of a homophobic nature”.

The SFA may launch their own probe into the incident, with match official Napier expected to include the details in his post-match report.

Rangers have spoken out about McKee, with a spokesperson for the Premiership winners stating: “Rangers are aware of an incident involving one of our on-loan academy players during a match this afternoon.

“We will investigate this incident thoroughly and it will be treated with the utmost seriousness.

“As a club, we oppose all forms of discrimination. We will handle this incident robustly.“

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Meanwhile, Brechin boss Michael Paton admitted that the incident must have been serious to warrant a sending off, and that McKee was distraught in the dressing room.

“I haven’t got the chance to speak to him as he is in a state, crying in the dressing room,” said Paton. “He can’t even get his words out.

“He is bubbling and he isn’t wanting to talk to anyone so I don’t know what he said.

“But for the referee to show him a straight red card then it must be something clear enough and something that shouldn’t have been said.”

Livingston skipper Bartley – who is an equalities advisor to the SFA, said that the SFA may “need to make an example” of the Gers kid to show that players “can’t get away with these things”.

He told BBC Sportsound: “It’s totally unacceptable. There’s no place for it and no excuse for it.

“What somebody’s sexuality has to do with a game of football I’m not quite sure.

“We can sit here and say ‘It’s a silly young man’, because yes he is a young boy, but he should know better. He should know a lot, lot better.

“I’m bitterly disappointed to hear that this has reared its head on our pitches.

“I’m extremely frustrated if I’m honest. This isn’t acceptable by any stretch of the imagination and whoever wins this game today, this is now going to grab the headlines, which it shouldn’t.

“We’re here to play football and watch football, there’s fans back in and we should be speaking about a team trying to get into the SPFL and Brechin trying to stay in the SPFL, and instead we’ve been speaking about this young man.

“The SFA need to do something about this once the referee’s report is in because we don’t want it in the game, we don’t want it in society.

“If we continue to let players get away with these sorts of things we’re going to get nowhere and someone’s got to be made an example of and unfortunately it’s maybe going to be this young man because nobody wants to hear this stuff.

“I want to say stronger words but I can’t and all I can say is I’m disappointed and it’s time for action.”

Fans reacted with Rangers choosing to probe the player sent off for derogatory comment made in Scottish League Two playoff final

@StuMcK7: He’ll be recalled & in the first team soon. Different breed.

@glenny_paula: Good to see the ref acting swiftly to ensure homophobic language is not confined on the pitch. However comments on social media show that homophobia is still seen as ‘banter’ in society generally and we’re all just easily offended.

@Murphy_the_Celt: Should be sacked if found guilty

@chr1sbett: Chris McKee. Silly boy.

@alantherogue: Chris McKee gets sent off for dishing out homophobic abuse and some sections of fans who were rightfully up in arms about Kudela’s racism are now trying to claim it’d ruin a young lad’s career if any punishment is dished out. Absolute joke.

@Jockster1972: That’s him finished at ibrox for sure. Silly boy

@irwalker89: Correct, if true he should be gone

@DeadlyMonster13: Stamp it out.

@craig_c83: Btw well done the ref. Zero tolerance

@ChrisMcL16: If true then I doubt Gerrad will keep him around after summer.

@PRodgersN: Sad day if true, young people still use that type of offensive language is very depressing

@caImcIe: I’m glad that Chris McKee was sent off today and that the assistant referee felt strongly enough to advise the ref to send him off. My cynical thoughts are though that had it not been directed and say, was another player, would he have gotten away with it.

@lombardi_bert: Managed to get his words out alright on the park.

@Sports_EmmaD: Another example of unacceptable language still used on football pitches. Credit to the officials for taking action, if proven correct Chris McKee must be punished.

@_hannahryan: it’s disgusting this kind of language is still being used by players but it’s great to see that referees are stepping in and actually sending the perpetrators off

@Sam_AEC: It’s gutting to see this happen again, but at least officials are consistently taking strong action against it now.

@derek_forbo1974: If proven to be correct his time at rangers is over.

@Tavernierisgoat: Chris McKee has fuck any chance of a future here

@Finnan67: My f**k are we supposed to feel sorry for him he’s not the victim ffs

@SteverulzSteven: No excuse!

@dandydunn: Tough shit. He’s a homophobic scumbag who should be thrown out of the game altogether.

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